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The Call With Dream

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Ch. 5
The Call With Dream

Benji opened his eyes and jumped

Dave stood over him

Benji closed his eyes tiredly then opened them again and blinked, his eyes widened

Blood covered Dave’s entire body. But.. it wasn’t his blood

Benji sat up slowly watching him

Dave held the razor up watching Benji, “Try to leave so soon?”

Benji’s eyes widened looking at the razor

Dave grabbed Benji’s bandaged wrist and held it out. He glared at Benji and dropped the razor. He ripped the wrappings off

Benji screamed and tried to pull away, “Why are you covered in blood!” He screamed

Dave smiled, “Funny, funny, funny story really! I found out your friends name while our session that one night!”

Benji blinked

“What’s his name!” Dave’s screamed echoed his head

“I don’t know!” Benji gasped, breathing hard

Dave grabbed Benji’s face and kissed him lightly and moved his hand up Benji’s side, “What’s your friends name.” He kissed him lightly again

Benji’s mouth opened as Dave’s light kisses drove him crazy. He looked up at Dave

“Benji, tell me…” He kissed Benji lightly again

Benji tried to return it but Dave’s lip went away from his



“Billy Martin!” Benji cried

Dave smiled and stood up running his hand across Benji’s stomach, “Thank you…” He walked out

Benji opened his eyes looking up at Dave, “No! You didn’t! You fucker!” He grabbed Dave’s shirt, “No!”

Dave smacked Benji, “You’re lucky you little bitch! I’m not going to kill you… yet…” He smiled and walked out of the room

Benji covered his face sobbing

That night

Thunder roared outside

Benji jumped and looked at the door

The phone was ringing

Two rings

Five rings

No one was answering

Benji stood up and peeked out the door and up and down the hall

The phone stopped ringing

Benji blinked and started down the hall. He stopped at the top looking down

Another phone rang

Benji jumped and looked back

It was his cell phone

He started back to the room. He pushed the door open looking at his cell on the floor. He walked up and picked it up.

Billy’s number

Benji covered his mouth and quickly pushed talk putting it to his ear, “Billy!”


The phone was crackling badly

Benji looked back at the open door and then at the window, “Billy where are you!”

“B… he… family! Meet… park!”

Benji blinked, “Meet you at the park?”

“Ben..i… und…sta…d? Meet me… pa…”

Benji nodded, “I will meet you there! Hold on Billy!”

The other end died

Benji turned off his cell

He looked up at the window

Lighting struck

Benji jumped

Dave stood in the doorway behind him

Lighting struck again

Dave was gone

Benji spun around shaking


He walked forward and walked out of the room. He looked around

Thunder roared

Benji jumped and held his phone closely

Lighting flashed and the electricity went out

Benji gasped and started running down the hall. He ran down the steps and got to the door


Benji froze and looked back

Dave’s dark shape stood in the dark watching Benji, “Where are you going Benjamin?”

Benji tightened his grip on the door knob, “Out…”

“In a thunder and rainy day as this?” Dave said walking forward

Benji slowly started turning the door knob, “Yes… I need to go… see someone…” He said

Dave smiled

Lighting shown through the room

A knife was in Dave’s hand

Benji gasped and started to pull the door open

Dave tossed the knife and the knife went beside Benji’s head

Benji screamed and bent down leaning on the door covering his head

Dave smiled, “The funny thing is, tonight you die and no one will hear you cry through the thunder and rain!” He reached down grabbing Benji’s shirt

Benji continued to scream

Dave started to pull him

Benji snatched the door and held on to the doorknob tightly

Dave looked at him, “Let go Benji…”

Benji shook his head

Dave brought his fist back and punched him in the back

Benji screamed and closed his eyes tightly

Dave reached up and grabbed the knife, “If you wont come you die here…”

He brought the knife down

Benji screamed and sat up in bed looking around

Outside it was sunny and nice out.

Benji looked at his hand

The cell phone rested in his hand

His eyes went wide and he took off running out of his room
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