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Benji’s Run

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Ch. 6
Benji’s Run

Benji ran to the park and into the play ground area

Children played on the monkey bars and swung on the swings but there was no Billy

Benji looked around and ran up to a girl and leaned down, “Little girl?”

She looked up at him

Benji sighed and held his hands out a ways, “Do you know where Billy Martin is?”

She watched him then looked at his hands. She looked back at him and shook her head slowly

Benji blinked disappointed like

She looked around then looked down

Benji looked down then at her, “What did happen… where is Billy?”

She looked up at him and leaned up close to his ear, “Billy Martin has died…”

Benji’s eyes went wide, he fell to his knees, “Billy… No!” He covered his head, “This is a nightmare!” he cried as he thought about Billy. He shook his head, “Why did he kill him! Shy! What did Billy do?” He covered his face tears streaming down his face

The little girl watched and turned around and started back to the playground without emotion to her face

Benji looked up at her and then looked down, “Billy… oh Billy…” He closed his eyes standing to his feet

Back at home

Benji stood looking at the door tears still stinging his eyes. He wanted to walk in, but he couldn’t drive himself to. He started forward then stopped looking down, “Why should I always come home where I will face nothing but my father’s wrath?” He looked up and sighed. He walked up the steps slowly and pushed open the door and looked around.

No one

He walked in and started towards the kitchen. He pushed the kitchen door open and walked into the kitchen

It was a disaster, everything was thrown around and broken.

Benji looked around and sighed. He closed his eyes, “I need to tell someone… Tell someone that my father killed Billy.”

The door slowly opened behind him

Benji looked up, “Maybe I should go to the cops…”

The door shut slowly behind him

Benji sighed and looked around the kitchen. He bent down and grabbed a broken plate and stood up

His shoulder got grabbed

Benji gasped and spun around

Dave stood there, “You came home?”

Benji shakily dropped the broken plate and nodded slowly

Dave smiled, his smile frightened Benji

Benji pulled away, “Why…”

“Why what?”

“Why did you kill Billy!”

Dave’s smile grew, more insane, “Because. You told… I told you not to tell.”

Benji shook his head, “I didn’t tell! I didn’t tell him!” Benji screamed tears flooding to his eyes

Dave shook his head, “I saw you tell him. He knew so he had to go!”

Benji screamed and grabbed his head, “No! Leave me alone! I wont tell! Just stop hurting me and everyone around me!” He screamed

Dave grabbed Benji’s wrist and twisted it, “No! I must get rid of you before you tell anymore!”

Benji screamed and fell to his knees trying to pull away but feeling a lot of pain from his wrist

Dave smiled, “Scream, scream all you want. It will be over yet…” He pulled out a pocket knife

Benji’s eyes widened, “Daddy…” He whispered, “Daddy please don’t hurt me… I don’t wanna die daddy! Please don’t kill me!” He screamed

Dave brought the knife down

Benji shifted, the knife slicing only his inner elbow, Benji cringed and managed to pull away as Dave got caught off guard. He stumbled to his feet trying to go for the door

Dave turned around, “Benjamin!”

Benji shoved through the door and fell in the living room. He looked back his mind racing. He stood up and started to the front door

Dave ran out and started after him

Benji grabbed the door and threw it open and ran out. He turned shutting the door behind him

Dave hit the door and started banging on it

Benji ran down the steps and ran out in the middle of the road in front of a car. He stumbled to a stop holding out his arms, “Stop!”

The car screeched to a stop

A guy peeked out, “What you crazy!”

Benji ran up and grabbed the passenger side door, “Please sir! Where are you going? Where are you heading to! Tell me!” He looked at the door

The man blinked, “I’m heading down to Florida why?”

Benji fell to his knees, “Let me in! Let me in and take me with you!”

The man blinked and shook his head, “No you are crazy!”

Benji looked at the house

Dave kicked the door open holding a shot gun, “Benjamin!”

Benji hit the car, “There he is! Get me out of here! Please!” He cried

The man looked over, “Holy!” He looked at Benji, “Get in!”

Benji opened the door and got in

Before Benji could shut the door the man took off as the first gun shot went off and just missed the car

Benji covered his head, “This is a dream… It’s all a dream.” He closed his eyes and put his hands together praying

The man looked at him, “You need to go to the police dude…”

Benji opened his eyes, “Do you have a cell phone?”

The man blinked and nodded, he handed it to him

Benji grabbed it his hands horribly shaking, he started dialing. He put the phone to his ear fiddling with a chain dangling from his pants. He looked at the guy, “What’s your name?”

“John…” The man looked at him

Benji nodded

On the other side Sarah picked up, “Hello?”

Benji sighed, “Sarah! Where are you?” He asked placing his hand to his forehead

“Home… why?”

Benji sat up, “Sarah no! Don’t go home! Get an apartment or something!”

Sarah sighed, “Benji, I’m sixteen years ol…”

“Doesn’t matter! Go to a friends and stay there!”

Sarah gasped and seemed to become angry, “Stop yelling at me!”

“Sarah, I am not kidding! Get to a friends… please baby sister..”

Sarah sighed, “Where are you?”

“Heading down to Florida…”

“What! Florida?”

“Yes, yes… Sarah, I am heading down here for a big reason. I will tell you but you shall not tell! Understand?”

Sarah paused and then spoke slowly, “Ok… I will… Tell me…”

Benji sighed and closed his eyes, “Our father… for the past eight years behind you and Josh’s back… anyone’s back for that matter… has been sexually abusing me.”

Sarah gasped

Benji shook his head, “Today I found out he is the one who murdered Billy because I wasn’t supposed to tell and he thought I told when I didn’t. He thought I told Billy. So he killed him.”


“Sh… now, it is no ones fault… then eight years ago Sarah, mommy didn’t die from a car accident.” He looked up tears in his eyes, “Mom and dad were having sex and while mom was absorbed in it Dave killed her with a knife in the back”

Sarah started crying softly on the other end

Benji looked down at his hands, “I saw it happen… but before I could run away, Dave took me into my room and that is where he first started.” Tears rolled down his cheeks, “And since… he thinks I told… he wanted to kill me!” He covered his face gasping for breath while talking, “Just today he tried to… kill me… in the kitchen with a knife and… I escaped… and ran in the middle… of the road where… a man stopped and is taking me to… Florida.” He just lost it and started crying

Sarah was quiet, listening to her brother cry. Finally she spoke, “Brother… I will not tell. Tell no one for that matter. I will hopefully find you and see you again.”

Benji nodded though Sarah couldn’t see, “Yes… but till that time… promise me something…”

Sarah blinked, “Yes?”

“Stay… with Joel…”
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