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Joel’s Awakening! Hurry to Miami, Florida!

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Ch. 7
Joel’s Awakening! Hurry to Miami, Florida!

3 months later

Sarah ran into the hospital and ran up to the counter, “Joel’s room?”

The nurse nodded

Sarah jogged down the hall a big smile on her face

She ran into his room and walked forward, “Joel…”

Joel sat up in bed looking down at his hands. He looked up at her and a big smile spread across his face

Sarah squealed and ran up hugging him

Joel hugged her and looked around, “Where… where is Benji?” He asked

Sarah froze and stood there

Joel blinked and pushed her back lightly, “What happened?”

Sarah sighed and smiled, “I’m happy you aren’t one that lost his memory while in the coma!”

Joel gave her a confused looked

Sarah watched him and sighed and looking down she shook her head, “Benji has been through a lot… You in a coma. Mom dead…”

Joel put his hand on her mouth, “Mother… dead?” He asked tears spreading through his eyes

Sarah grabbed his hand lightly and lowered it and nodded, “Yes… Benji knows how when we were all lied to.” She closed her eyes, “You’ve been out for awhile Joel.” She placed her hands on her lap, “Eight years. Man o man…”

Joel watched her shaking his head slowly, “Why do you keep switching Sarah…”

Sarah looked out the window not stopping, “I wonder if coma’s are like a big dream. A long sleep perhaps?”

Joel grabbed her hand and put his hand to her face and turned it, “Sarah… what happened to Benji?”

Sarah watched him and looked down, “Right now he has been down in Florida for three months…”

Joel nodded, “Tell me…”

Sarah sighed and looked at him, “Father killed out mother and after he did he started sexually abusing Benji… probably to make Benji keep his secret…” She looked down

Joel’s eyes went wide, “Where in Florida?”

Sarah looked at him, “Miami…”

Joel looked at her, “We must go to Miami!”

Sarah blinked and shook her head, “No! You cant! Not yet… wait till you recover…”

Joel watched her and nodded, “Ok…”

Sarah moved her hand down his face, “I’ve missed you brother…”

Joel smiled and grabbed her hand, “I missed you…”

Dave stood outside the door and smiled, “Miami, Florida… here I come.” He turned and dropped a card walking down the hall

Sarah smiled and kissed Joel’s cheek, “Well I need to go baby sit so I will see you tomorrow maybe?” She smiled

Joel smiled and nodded, “Yes! I will!”

Sarah smiled and walked up to the door and opened it. She stepped out and stepped on the card. She stopped and looked down. She bent down and picked it up opening it. She read out loud, “To Joel, my son, welcome back and soon to be welcome home… Love you, your father!” She looked back, “Joel! He heard us! He’s going to Florida to kill Benji!”

Joel blinked, “Kill?”

Sarah looked around and nodded. She ran up and grabbed Joel, “You need to come!”

Joel stood up as she pulled on him

She pulled him up to the door and looked out, “We need to sneak you out…”

Joel blinked, “Sneak!”

She nodded and started walking with him

Joel followed looking around, “How?”

Sarah shook her head, “Dunno.. hopefully it works!”


Sarah stopped and looked back

Joel’s doctor, Dr. Johnson, stood there

Sarah sighed and ran up, “Sir I need to take my brother! Please let me!”

He watched her then looked at Joel, “What for?”

She sighed and looked down then looked at him, “His brother Benji, he is in Florida, and wants to see Joel before he goes to…” She paused thinking

Joel looked at her then Dr. Johnson, “California!”

Sarah smiled, “Yes! California! I couldn’t think if it was California or Colorado!” She laughed

Dr. Johnson watched her curiously

Joel walked up, “He is going to Las Vegas and I want to see him before then. We were going to find you to ask…”

Sarah smiled and nodded

Dr. Johnson rubbed his temple, “Ok, ok.. you can go… just change out of the outfit…”

Joel nodded

Sarah nodded and looked at Joel, “Come on..” She started walking him off

Dr. Johnson watched them curiously then turned walking off
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