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The longest chapter I have ever written. lol

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It has been two months since Shawn had told you about the trip, and you two were leaving in three days. Waiting for your laundry to get done you decided to start a painting. As you were painting Cosmo just came in and started watching TV. ‘He’s turning into a human I swear’ you thought to yourself.

You looked up and saw Shawn.
“I couldn’t resist. It was the perfect family picture. You sitting on the ground and painting and your baby, Cosmo, laying next to you watching TV”
“Yeah, I figured.”
“I’m sending it to Gerard right now since I took it with my phone”
“No! I don’t want to spoil my new look! He hasn’t seen my shorter black hair yet!”
“Ok quick, put my hat on and I’ll re-take it”
“I can’t believe Cosmo likes TV that much that he doesn’t even realize all that just happen. He’s such a weird kitten,” you said.
Buzz buzz buzz
“He sent a picture of himself smiling saying how he misses his family like crazy and for me to give you a giant hug for him” Shawn said to you.
“Tell him we miss him too.”
“Already done… hey, are you all set for the U.K?”
“Yup, I’ve been ready, I just have to pack one more load of laundry. How long are we staying?”
“A week, but you never know, you could be staying with the guys on tour again. They may not let you go once they see you again”
“Ok, so I’ll just pack for two months.”
“Good idea, oh by the way… I got the day wrong, we leave for the plane at 4:30 a.m today and we will get there tomorrow afternoon.”
“Hey it’s not a bad thing, this way you will make it for all three shows in the u.k, not just one”
“True, and I guess now I have time to wait in the line” you said
“I don’t know why you’re doing that. I mean I’m sure their security guards know you by now, you could just go backstage.”
“Probably, but I want to surprise them, an I think I would be a bigger surprise if they saw me in the moshpit, not just on the side of the stage”
“Ah, I see, you want a grand entrance.” Shawn said somewhat laughing
“Defiantly” you said while laughing too.
“I would be happy to see my girlfriend at my concert, but to see her in the crowd would make it even better.”
“That’s the point of me doing it” you said with a smile. You then got up, put your painting and paints away and finished packing.

Famous last words playing on your phone
‘I love the song, but not at this moment’ you said to yourself taking your phone off your nightstand and turning off your phone alarm at 3:15 a.m. You got up, took a quick shower, got dressed and took your bags to your front door to make sure you were on time for your flight.
“Cosmo… Cosmo.” You said in your high pitch cat voice. Then you saw him running towards you. You took his traveling cage out of the closet, grabbed him, gave him a quick hug and then put him in it.
“I know, I know, you hate traveling” you said to him
“Ready?” Shawn said with entering the room with his bad in his hand.
“Almost, I’m just going to pack Cosmo’s bag really fast.” You said while headed to the kitchen and grabbing a large bag with the name Cosmo on it. You opened it up, put his food in it, his blanket, some toys, his food and water dish, and his clean litter box along with litter for when you got there.
“Now we’re ready.”
“Good, lets go!” He said

The plane was so small and only 15 other people on board they let you bring Cosmo aboard with you.
“Are you all sure it’s alright if I have him up here with us?” you asked the whole plane
“It’s not problem, besides it’s a very long flight, and he’s just a kitten” a lady replied.
“Well thank you every one.”
Cosmo was crying/meowing his lungs off so you took him out of his cage and gave him a long hug and let him sit in your lap, which calmed him down and actually put him to sleep. ‘He’s such a momma’s boy’ you thought to yourself.

After the flight the three of you went to the motel and Shawn made sure they let you have animals so Cosmo was not a problem. Once inside the room Shawn claimed the bed next to the window, but that didn’t bother you since your main priority was to get ready for the concert. So you unpacked Cosmo and his stuff, put food and water in his dishes, litter in his litter box and his blanket on your bed and jumped into the bathroom with your make up, concert clothes, hair stuff and shower stuff. Once done you look at the clock. 3:00 perfect timing. You looked at your outfit one more time. You were wearing your tight black slim jeans, a black belt with a silver buckle, and a white tank top with a black one on top. Your shoes were just your black and white chucks.
“Alright Shawn, I’m out, I’ll see you way later”
“Ha-ha I know, and have fun, give hugs from me, oh and the guards know your coming so you don’t have to worry about a ticket, your face is your ticket.”
“Really? Awesome, but I’m still going to buy one, I want to support my boys as much as I can”
He smiled and you kissed Cosmo good-bye then left and called a cab.

As soon as you got to the concert and started walking to the line fans already started recognizing you… but they were calling you Mrs. Way!
“Can we take a picture with you please Mrs. Way.”
“Sure” you said really confused.
They then handed you a poster they just bought and saw that it was a recent photo of the guys. You smiled when you saw it, and then saw that Gerard had a gold ring on his left hand. You gasped signed it, took a picture with them, smiled to them and them continued to the line with the ring on your mind.

After you have been waiting for 3 hours, you signed and took a few more photos and then the doors opened. The guard started letting fans in, then he saw you and smile. He pushed the fans to the side and grabbed your arm pulling you into a hug.
“Welcome back Carrie” you smiled
“Thanks Andrew, it’s nice to see you”
“Same, it’s weird not having some one to look over.” He said and then let you through then continued to let the fans through. (If you don’t know who Andrew is read the beginning of chapter 13)

You started walking towards the stage and saw there was already 3 “lines” of people waiting at the front barricades (the bars in front of the stage to stop fans from going onstage). So you just walked up to the back of the “lines” and stood in the middle waiting for the concert to start. A few fans noticed you, well the ones around you. You just smiled and they smiled and you turned back to the stage. All of a sudden the lights turned off and a ladies voice came on saying “I’m sorry but My Chemical Romance will not be able to perform tonight, but they have asked their close friends The Black Parade to give you a show” You smiled to yourself knowing the truth and just listened to the boo’s from the crowd until a familiar voice came on the speakers and the boo’s turned into cheering. As soon as the lights were about to come on you covered your ears knowing that the teenagers around you would be going crazy in about 2 seconds. Then the lights came on full blast and then you saw him. The man of your dreams. He came prancing downing towards the audience and they went crazy, screaming and singing along. You just smiled so big you thought your face was going to fall off. As the concert went on they still didn’t see you, but you didn’t mind, you were too busy moshing and having a blast. Then the song Famous Last Words was up and Gerard started talking. “I want to thank every single one of you for coming out tonight. We love you. This song is dedicated to a very special person to me. I wish she was here.” As he was saying that he held up his left hand and you saw the ring again. Your smiled kind of faded because you started thinking maybe he found some one new on tour. Then you heard him finish talking. “Carrie, just two more months” and your smile grew even bigger then before. Most of the people around you turned to you smiling, some were giving you the death glare, which just meant they were jealous, and the song started. You just started to sing along jumping up and down with the rest of the moshers. The slow part of the song was about to start when you felt a whole bunch of hand on your ankles, legs, hips, and back and they lifted you up into their shoulders. “I see you lying next to me. You sing” Gerard said into the mic, then looked out into the crowd and saw a woman a top of a whole bunch a shoulders.

He kept the mic out towards the audience, closed his eyes, then re-opening them looking right at your again. You just continued to smile and sing the song. He had the biggest look of shock any one could have, then his face turned into the biggest smile of all time and he jumped down off the stage. The crowd started to surf you to the front. Once you got there, he pulled you out of their hands, and behind the barricades giving you the biggest kiss you swear you have ever felt. You just heard a bunch of cheering, screaming, and awes from behind you. As soon as you two pulled apart he climbed back onto the stage, and Frank came rushing to the front to help Gerard help you up. You just noticed that the band had stopped playing the song and once you were on the stage, you grabbed the mic off the stage floor and said, “What are we waiting for? Lets get rocking again” into the mic. The fans went crazy. You handed the mic back to Gerard, grabbed his left hand kissed his cheek and he gave you an I’ll tell you later look. You then smiled hugged Frank, smiled at the rest of the guys and then headed to your original spot sitting on top of one of the speaker next to worm enjoying the rest of Famous Last Words and the concert.
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