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A big Secret

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You never told the guys this until they needed to know.

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“Thank you and Good Night Newcastle!” You watch as the band came off stage and you jumped up onto your feet.
I’ve missed you way to much Gee.” You said into his chest as you embraced each other on the side of the stage.
“I missed you too Care.”
“Hey sorry to bud in, but I missed my best friend too ya know.” Frank said with a grin.
“Awe Frank! Come here!” you said while giving him a hug too. Then you turned to the rest of the guys and gave them each a hug too.
“Good, I’m glad you’re giving us a hug too. I was beginning to feel left out.” Mikey said
“I would never let you guys feel left out! I missed you all so very much, you all are my family.” You said to the guys.
“We feel the same way” Ray said back to you.
“Alright guys, lets start headed back to the bus, Ray and Mikey first.” Worm said coming backstage again.
“Alright lets go. I’m tired and miss my bunk.” Mikey said
“I defiantly agree with you there Mikey” Frank said.

You turned to face Gerard again.
“So do you want to tell me about the ring?”
“I will tell you every thing, when the time is right. Just know I had to wear it for you and for my protection from fans.”
“Oh yeah, they started going crazy when they saw him and no you” bob stated.
“Ok, just don’t leave me hanging too long” you said with a smile.
Gerard smiled back at you and gave you a quick kiss.
“Frank and Bob, you turn.” Worm said
“See you in a few Care” Frank said headed out the door.
“For sure.” You said smiling
You and Gerard took advantage of being alone and started to embrace each other again when you saw a bunch of flashes go off along with shouting and guards saying “hey your not aloud back here”. You two then saw a bunch of reporters as they were being pushed out the door.
“Well the word is out, you’re back with us”
“I don’t mind”
“I didn’t think you would”
“Ready love birds?” Worm said coming back in.
“Yes.” You both said at the same time.

You step outside and saw a golf cart waiting for you both, so you went and sat down on the back and Gerard went and sat next to you. As you were on your way to the bus you saw a group of around 20 fans waiting and some were trying to take pictures of you two. “Hi Gerard” A lot of them scream. He just smiled and waved.
“Do you want to stop of pictures?” Worm asked from the front of the cart?
“Not tonight, I’m too tired”. As soon as you got off the cart you ran into the bus laughing. I missed this too. Your smile faded when you saw Mikey’s face.

“What’s wrong Mikey?” you asked running up and sitting down next to him.
“I just got off the phone with Sarah Dope.”
“And?” you asked
“Alicia is very sick. She got sick on her vacation to the Bahamas with her best friend Sarah Dope.”
“Oh no! What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know!” he said starting to cry.
“What do you mean? Go to your wife! She needs you! Matt Cortez will fill in for you.” “He can’t! He broke his hand two days ago unloading some things. He can still tune, but his hand can’t last long and he wouldn’t be able to make it for a whole concert.” Mikey said still with tears in his eyes.
“Bro, don’t worry about the band, go, we will be find.” Gerard said standing behind you.
“Gee, I can’t do that to the fans! They are expecting us to play!”
“And your wife is expecting you by her side. I know you don’t want to let the fans down, but do what your heart tells you to do man!” Bob said entering the room.
“Guys?” you said
“Yeah Mikey go to her” Ray said
“Guys?” you said a little louder.
“Are you sure?” Mikey asked
“Yeah dog” Gerard said.
“GUYS!” you yelled
“WHAT?” they yelled back.
“I’ve been keeping a secret from you.” You said looking at Mikey
“Spill already” He said looking back at you.
“I can play bass”
“Are you joking?” Mikey said
“No, but it’s been a year since I last played, so if you want to quickly teach me the songs and give me a couple days I will re-teach myself. That is if you want.”
“Thank you so much Carrie!”
“Honey you are fucking incredible! Why didn’t you tell us this before?” Gerard said
“ I was just the merch girl, you didn’t need to know about my bass skills”
“You do know your going to be saying with us for the rest of the tour right?” Ray said
“I’d figured I might anyway, so I packed for two months, but… I have brought Cosmo along with me. He’s at the hotel with Shawn right now.”
“Well, lets go get your things, say hi to Shawn, get Cosmo and his things, and say bye to Shawn.” Mikey said.
“Who’s Cosmo?” Mikey asked right away.
“Gerard’s and mine baby.” You said with a serious face.
They all look at you with shocked, serious faces.
“Did you adopt or the first day you met decided that you both want a kid? I mean your not even married!” Bob semi yelled being shocked.
Then you and Gerard burst out laughing.
“Our baby as in our new baby kitten.” You said still laughing and barley being able to breath from laughing so hard.
“A cat?” Frank asked.
“Yes.” Gerard said
“YES! I LOVE CATS! BRING IT ON! LETS GO GET HIM! Bob yelled with happiness.
“Ok! Lets go!” you said as the bus pulled out from the arena parking lot and towards your hotel and Mikey called the airport and made a flight to New York in three days.
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