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Your big moment

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It’s been three days, Mikey’s taught you the songs that you need to know for the concert. You were practicing when Frank came in.
“You know, I still can’t believe you can play bass”
“Yeah, I’m also in a band, but we are taking a very long break.”
“Another surprise, what band?”
“Yeah, I’m full of those. The name doesn’t madder”
You started playing again.
“Shit! I did it again!”
“I keep on messing up this one part!”
“Oh, yeah, I heard that. Don’t worry though; Mikey never plays it the same anyways. He said while coming over to you. “If you want I can show you some of the other things he plays”
“Yes please”
With that Frank came right behind you and put his arms around you, with his hands on yours. You could feel his body heat on yours and you could smell his cologne and cigarettes.
“How did you learn these?” you asked him in a slight whisper
“I watch Mikey play, plus he stand right next to me during the concerts.”
‘Am I making her nervous being this close to her?’ ‘Why has her breathing changed? Why is she whispering? I love the way my arms fit perfectly around her’ Frank thought to himself.
“Oh right, he does. Well thanks Frankster” you said with a slight laugh while getting up. “I should probably start getting ready for the show in three hours.”
“Your welcome, and I should too.” He replied back while walking to the door. “Oh and Carrie?” You turned to face him. “You’ll do great. I know it.” You smiled at him and nodded saying, “thanks” back to him.

You walked into the kitchen, got a glass of water, then went to the back of the bus, grabbed your make up bag and headed to the mirrors. You took out your foundations and put it on making your face a little paler. Then took out your Black eyeliner and put a think line on your upper lid and a thin line on your lower. Added a whole lot of mascara to make your eye lashes look fake and with the finishing touch you added red lipstick to your lips.

You looked at your shorter black hair and couldn’t decide how you wanted to style it. Then you thought of how you would get hot and sweaty on the stage. So you combed your bangs over to the side, and then put your air up into two pigtails. Gerard then came in and smiled at you.
“Just about, I just have to put on my outfit. What about you?”
“I just have to touch up my face.”
“Alright, I’ll let you do that then.” You smiled, gave his a quick kiss on the cheek and laughed when you saw your lips on him.
“Nice, maybe I should leave them on my cheek.” He said while looking at the lips stick on his cheek in the mirror.
“Now that my dear is totally up to you.” You said with another quick laugh, while leaving to go get changed.

Waiting backstage is probably one of the hardest things you should ever do. Your so nervous you heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, and you just can’t stand still. ‘What if they don’t like me? What if I mess up?’ That’s all you could think about just shaking there, waiting for the band to go on. Then the lights came on and the piano started playing. You felt a pair of arms go around your waist and you smiled knowing it was Gerard.
“Now your ready” he whispered into your ear.
You shook your head yes. Just his arms around you made all the doubts go away. You hugged him back and watched him as we went on stage followed by the rest of the guys, followed by a lot of screams coming from the crowd. Once the crowd’s screaming faded a little you heard a few of the fans yelling “where’s Mikey?” and that was your sign to walk on stage holding your back bass in your hands.
“Belfast, we only have one hour to save the earth… are you with us?” The crowd screamed applying yes. “We have a very special person with us today and her name is Carrie.” They screamed again. You waved at them and smiled. “Mikey had to go home fro a family emergency.” The crowd awed. “So with that said are you fucking ready?” and then the screaming and cheering continued.

You then heard Ray start with This Is How I Disappear, and the show started. You were jumping around while playing, moving your hips while playing, just putting everything you got into the performance. Your heart, mind, body, and soul. Three songs before the concert was over you were having so much fun you decided to have just a little bit more. So during Ray’s solos in I’m Not Okay, I Promise, you took off you bass, and went up to the front of the stage. The crowd was going nuts. You just held out your arms and motioned for them to get tighter together. Once they did you jumped off the stage and landed into their arms and hands crowd surfing again. They were going nuts, and loved that you did that. You became a part of the crowd again. Once Ray’s solo was over you motioned for the security guard to help you out; which they did, and then Frank helped you back into the stage with a smile on her face. For the next couple of songs you just watched the crowd and watched the Ferard moment in Prison laughing and continuing to play with a smile on your face.
“This is our last song, so what I need you to do is put your hands together. Can you do that for me Belfast?” Gerard asked the fans. Of course they screamed at the top of their lungs. Gerard then went up to you and pulled you close to him wrapping his arm around your waist. You just smiled and continued to play. When Helena went into the slow part he let go of you and went up to the fans and asked them to sing.
“You sing”
Then it was over.
“Thank you! We are My Chemical Romance!” Bob did his drum taps. “Ow!” Gerard did his sexy scream into the microphone. “Goodnight!” was all he then said and you all ran off the stage.
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