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something important is said

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“ I can’t believe I just did that. I can’t believe I actually performed with you guys.” You said to them backstage while you all were wiping off your sweat with a towel. “You did great, I can’t believe you jumped into the crowd like that.” Gerard said putting his towel around his neck. “Yeah that was kick ass” Bob said. “Ha-ha, well it was heat of the moment, and it felt right. Besides, I do that all the time with the band I’m in.” you said. “That’s awesome. I want to see you guys perform some day.” Frank said. “You should.” “Hey guys we should go to the bus before the fans get outside.” Ray stated. So the six of you ran to the bus and got in just before the fans started coming out.

Hey guys, it’s been an hour and a half, plus it’s freezing out. I’m going to go say hi to the fans that stayed. You should too.” Frank said. “ I will when you come back.” Ray said. “Mikey and Bob are passed out already” Gerard said. “Ok. I’ll be back.” Frank said. Then the bus door opened and he stepped out, along with Worm. When Frank came back in Ray left. “They kept on asking me if Gerard and you were coming out.” Frank said to Carrie. “I don’t know, should we?” You asked Gerard. “Why not” The Frank re-opened the bus door and yelled out “yes” to the fans. Most of them cheered, some just stood up and smiled. Ray then came back inside. “That’s our cue” Gerard said. He then gave you a pair of his fingerless gloves. “Put theses on, you can’t see if you’re wearing a ring or not if you do.” “Ok” and then he grabbed your hand and the two you on went out to say hi.

“Hi, I just wanted to say congrats too you” a girl fan around the age of 14 said to you both.
“Thank you” you both said at the same time.
“How long have you two been married?” She then asked.
“We’re not, we’re engaged.” Gerard had said before you could reply.
“Oh cool, we still congrats, I think it’s awesome, and you two are really cute.” She said. You just smiled and then said thank you.
“Would you mind if I got a picture with you two?” she then asked.
“Oh course not.” You said and then she moved next to Gerard and another fan took a picture of the three of you. This scene and what was said and done went on for at least another half hour and then the two of you walked back to the bus still hand in hand.

It’s been two months and you are all ready to go home and relax.
“Can you believe we have one more show and then we get a 2 and a half month break before we go on the Projekt rev. tour with Linkin Park?” Gerard said to the rest of the guys. “No I can’t. I’m ready for the tour to be over. I don’t really feel like myself anymore when we are putting on our black parade outfits.” Frank said. “ I know what you mean. I feel the same way.” Gerard said. “Well guys, tonight is the last time you will have to wear them. Now come on, go get ready and put on a hell of a show. One more time as The Black Parade.” You said to them. “That’s the right attitude. Come on guys, and Carrie, lets go.” Ray said. So the five of you got up and went backstage to put on one last show for this tour.

You came out wearing all black waiting to go onstage since you didn’t fit Mikey’s uniform. Then the lights all went out and that was every one’s cue to head on stage. After the woman did her speech, you all started playing.

“Thank you and good night” Gerard said into the mic. Then you all ran off stage and went straight to your bus, did a few signings and headed home. Home, how you missed it. You couldn’t wait to hug Cosmo and see how big he got, to see Gerard be surprised and see the new colors you and Shawn painted it, and to take a real shower. You just went to your bunk and fell asleep thinking of all these things with a smile on your face.

“Wake up! We’re at the airport.” Gerard said while kissing your cheek. Once on the plane you saw him take the ring off his left hand. “I guess I don’t need this anymore.” He then said. You just smiled but you had a slight heartache. You were kind of hoping that whole thing was real even if you knew it wasn’t.

“Cosmo… Cosmo…” you said while walking through the front door. Then you heard a thump and a meow and saw him running down the stairs. You picked him up and gave him a huge hug and kiss on his little furry head. “Hey welcome home!” Shawn said walking down the stairs. “Thanks, it’s good to be home.” You said still hugging Cosmo with the front door wide open and your bags by your feet. “Hey Shawn. Whoa. What did you two do?” Gerard said while walking into the apartment. “We painted. You like?” You asked him. “Like? Like? I love it!” He replied. “Good, cause it took us a month and we picked the colors out together.” Shawn said walking behind you and closing the door.

“I’m going to go unpack, and the take a shower. Why? Because I smell, and I don’t feel human or even like a female.” You said while walking up the stairs after handing Gerard Cosmo. “Ok, I’m next though.” Gerard said. After your shower you walked down stairs in your pajamas. “Hey Carrie, your band manager called.” Shawn said. “And?” you asked. “He wants you to call him back. Oh and call Heather.” “Ok thanks. Will do.” You said while grabbing the phone.

An hour later you and Shawn were sitting on the couch waiting for Gerard to come down. You couldn’t wait to tell him the news. Then Gerard walked into the living room looking confused as to why you both were sitting there and looking at him. “Gerard, honey, sit down, I have some very important, and exciting new to tell you.” He didn’t say anything, he just looked at Shawn, who then gave him a look of don’t look at me, I’m just as confused as you, and then sat down. You waited a few more seconds for a dramatic effect. “You know how My Chemical Romance is going on Tour with Linkin Park, Him, and Taking Back Sunday, plus others on the Projekt Rev. 2007 tour?” you asked him. “Yeah.” “Well it looks like I will be joining you guys again.” “As our merch girl again? That’s great!” he said standing up with a smile on his face. “No, not as your merch girl… I’m going there, but not with My Chem. I’m going on the PR tour with… my band.”
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