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Welcome home

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your finally home, for now...

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“Your band?” Gerard said confused/excited/shocked/happy and other emotions.
“Yes, my manger just called. It turns out Linkin Park called and asked if we were interested in joining this tour on the second stage”
His face just lit up as soon as he heard this.
“This is by far the most awesome news I have heard in a long time!” he said pulling you into a hug. You just hugged him back with a smile on your face.
“Awesome, now I get to see two great bands perform on this tour!” Shawn said
“Have you even heard her band before?” Gerard asked
“Probably, you never know.” He said
“Ok, well you can count on me to watch you perform too.” Gerard said
“Thanks guys” You said
“What time is it?” you asked them.
“Um, Oh wow, it’s 2:33 a.m” Shawn said looking at his watch.
“That explains why I’m falling asleep.” Gerard said heading towards the stairs.”
You watched him walk up the stairs. Then followed him saying good night to Shawn who just continued to watch TV.

The next ay you woke up before Gerard and decided to go for a walk. So you got dressed in black jeans, a navy blue tee shirt and a red unbutton shirt on top of that. That’s right, matching is overrated. You walked down stairs, made some coffee, put it in a to go cup, grabbed your ipod, and headed out the door. It was sunny, and semi warm, you were happy about that since it is New Jersey and only March 15th. On your walk you were just thinking about the tour, Gerard, the ring he wore, your band, and a birthday that was coming up.

Two hours later you went part to your place and saw the guys up.
“Welcome back, I’ve got to get going soon, the band and I have an interview about Projeckt Rev.” Gerard said after kissing you on your cheek.
“Alright, I’ll be here. What about you Shawn?”
“I’m actually going on another businesses trip, so I’ll be leaving tonight for 2 weeks.”
“So I’m going to be home alone with Cosmo, no problem, a day to relax sound kind of nice.”
“Are you okay? Gerard asked sensing you seemed kind of down.
“Yeah, I’m just fine, kind of tired, but glad to be home.”
“Ok, I’ll see you later, we should go out to dinner.”
“I’d like that.” You said with a smile. Then the guys left, Gerard to his live interview, which you plan on watching, and Shawn went upstairs to pack. You went to the kitchen, made yourself a sandwich, and found the channel that the guys who are on in a half hour.

“Hey guys, thanks for coming in.” Steven said
“Thanks for having us.” Gerard said
“So you just got done with a tour, how did it go?”
“Oh man, it was great, the u.k is such a nice place to be, we love it there. Thanks guy and girls who came to see us.” Gerard said
“Yeah, we had a blast, a lot of memories were made on that tour” Frank said
“Awesome. So what’s next?” Steven asked them
“Well, we get a two month break, and then we head back on tour.” Gerard said
“Another tour huh, mind going into that?” Steven asked
“No, not at all. Our good friends from Linkin Park has asked us to go on tour with them along with our very best friends Taking Back Sunday, also HIM, on the Projekt Revolution tour 2007.” Gerard stated
“Oh man, that sounds like a great line up. Are you excited?” Steven asked
“Were very excited. I can’t wait to hear who’s on the second stage.” Mikey said
“So there are two stages. How many bands?” Steven asked
“11” Gerard said
“Wicked.” Steven said
“Now, I just heard about your engagement Gerard, and I just want to say congrats dude.” Steven said
“Actually, I’m not engaged anymore. Things just happen.” Gerard said

When he said that you just couldn’t believe it, it sounded as if he didn’t even want to act like he was in the first place. Your heart tore a bit, but then remembered that it wasn’t even real in the first place. Silly Carrie, you thought to yourself. He loves you; don’t get yourself worked up over nothing.

“Awe, sorry to hear that dude.” Steven said.
“So what are the plans for this break, anything good?” He then asked the guys.
“I’m just going to be relaxing at home, taking a breather and get ready for the new tour.” Gerard then said
“I’m going to be hanging with friends and family, eating a lot of food, and enjoying home.” Frank said
“I’m going to be still settling in with my wife and our home.” Mikey said.
What about you two quite guys over there.” Steven asked Bob and Ray.
“Um, well, mostly just spending time with my girlfriend, parents and friends.” Ray said
“I just got new slippers, so I need to break them in while sitting on a couch eating… a lot.” Bob said.
“Nice guys, well have fun doing all of this, and thanks for coming in. Take care every one, and if you haven’t gotten tickets yet to see these incredibly nice guys live, do so now!” Steven said into the mic, then he hugged all of them good-bye and you watched them leave the studio and then a Linkin Park video came on.

You still had a smile on your face from Bob’s last comment; he hated getting into his personal life, and always just said something like that. Then you got up and decided to see if Shawn needed any help. As you walked up stairs you saw Shawn walking in and out of the bathroom, closet and his room. “Hey Shawn, need any help?”
“Nah, I’m good, thanks anyways though.” He said with a huge basket full of bathroom supplies. “Ok, then you have everything you need out of the bathroom? I’m going to take a bath.”
“Yeah, all set, enjoy.”
“Will do”.

Once out you headed to your room, got dressed, grabbed a loud of clothes from the tour, put them in the washers and started to cook a late lunch. ‘ I wonder what’s taking Gerard so long to get home.’ You thought to yourself. Just then the front door opened and he came walking in. “Sorry, we wanted a eat a quick lunch together.”
“No need to be sorry, did you have fun?” you asked while putting a piece of chopped carrot in your mouth.
“For the most part, did you watch the interview?”
“Good, and yes I did. Nice job.” You said.
“Welcome, I’m going to eat this really fast, then head the grocery store.”
“Mind if I join you? We never get alone time anymore.” Gerard asked
“That is what tonight is for.” You said with a smirk.
“And I can’t wait for that either.” He said with a devilish smile. You just started to giggle.
“No, I don’t mind if you come, I would love the company.” You said getting a fork out and eating your salad as fast as you could.

Then the two of you got his Gerard’s car, and headed to the store.
“Let’s see, eggs, milk, juice, apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, chicken, soups, cereal,”
“Did Shawn not shop at all while we were gone?” Gerard asked while looking at the list.
“I guess not.”
“then lets get started. I’ll get the fruits and veggies, you worry about the meats, soups, and liquids.” Gerard said.
“Deal. Meet back here in 10” you said with a slight laugh since he was treating this like a game.
“Alright.” He said then grabbed a cart and bolted towards the fruits. You just stood there watching him for a second. ‘Damn he looked good behind that cart, pushing it, helping me out, and his ass, now that I could watch all day. I’ve got a good man.’ You thought to yourself. With a smile. You shook your head and headed to the soup rack.

“That will be 213.87 please.” The cashier said.
Gerard reached into his pocket and pulled out his credit card.
“What do you think your doing?” you asked him
“Paying for the food.”
“No, no your not, that’s my job, we are at the grocery store and I was going come alone but you insisted to help.”
“So this means I can help, can we split it?” he then asked with puppy dog’s eyes
“I guess so.” You said
“Good, but don’t expect to be paying for dinner tonight. That’s my treat to you.” He said
“We will see about that.” You said with a smile. He just chuckled and handed the lady his card, while you handed her yours. She looked at you two like you were crazy then mumbled “couples.” Under her breath. With the 22 bags of food, you two headed back to the apartment, unpacked the food, said good-bye to Shawn, got into fanciest clothes, and headed to dinner. Once their Gerard opened the door for you, helped you into your seat, and wouldn’t stop looking at you.
“What? Do I have something on my face?” you asked him
“No, you’re beautiful.” He said
You just smiled and said “thank you.”
“Tell me more about your band.” He asked
“Well, there’s me and then three other members. The band has been around for over ten years, and I joined them later on.”
“Cool, well I’m glad they picked you. I can’t wait to watch you from the side of the stage.”
“I can’t wait for you to do that, but I’m excited to be able to watch you guys again.”
“This really is going to be an awesome tour.” He said
“Oh yeah, defiantly,” you said
“I hope Shawn makes it to where he was going to ok.” You said
“He will, I believe he was going to L A.”
“I’m jealous, he always gets to go to these fun places.”
“You get to too.”
“Your right, I just don’t get to see the place, just the stage.” You said
“Yeah, I know how you feel, that’s all me and the guys see too.”
“Ya know, I think you and I should go sight seeing before every show in the state we are in on this tour coming up.” You said
“I think you just came up with an exelent idea.” Gerard said while taking your hand from across the table.
“Why thank you Mr. Way.” You said while putting your other hand on top of his.”

After dinner you two went home and you saw that there was message on the message machine. ‘Probably just Shawn telling us he made it half way so far’ you thought. So you pushed the blinking red button and heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Hello, this message is for the granddaughter of Helen. I’m sorry to say this, but she has fallen down, broken her pelvic, wrist, and has hit her head really hard. Right now she is in a coma at the Crystal falls hospital. If you could please come fill out some papers, it would help, the number here is _________, please call us and tell his when you will be coming. Again we are sorry. Beep

You put your hands to your mouth and felt tears start forming in your eyes.
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