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“When will you be back?” Gerard asked you.
“I don’t know, I’ll call you.”
You then closed your car door and drove down the street looking into your review mirror at Gerard.

“Hey Carrie, nice to see you again. It’s been awhile. Helen’s in room 134”
“Thanks Natalie.” You said to the receptionist.
Crystal falls is a small town, every one knows every one.

You looked across the hallway. 134’
You walked in and saw this old lady who looked like she was in her late 60’s, but was really turning 85. Her eyes were closed and she looked like an angel.
“I’m sorry it’s been so long Grams. I love you…Please open your eyes.”
You kept looking at her. Nothing changed. Knock knock a nurse was standing at the door.
“Sorry, I came to give her her meds.”
“Not a problem. I need to make a call.”

You got up and left, searching for Gerard’s number. After your half hour call with Gerard telling him you wouldn’t be seeing him until the tour starts. You walked back in kissed your grandmother on her forehead, told Natalie to call you if anything happens and went to your grandmother’s house to try to get some sleep.

Two months later

“Hey grams.”
“Carrie! Nice to see you!”
“You just saw me yesterday.” You said with a smile.
“I know, I just missed you.” She said
You laughed.
“How are you feeling today?” you asked her
“Better, but they have me on so many drugs I’m too high to feel anything.” You said and then laughed. You also started laughing, then felt a buzz from a text message.
“What was that?” Helen asked you
“Oh my phone, I just got a text message. Probably from Gerard.”

“Gerard, Who’s that?”
“My boyfriend”
“You have been here for 2 months and your just telling me you have a boyfriend now?”
“Well yeah, I’m here for you, not me.”
“I’m your grandmother! I’m locked up in this awful hospital, eating this “food”, getting no real conversations until you get here. The least you can do is keep me in the loop.”
“Ha-ha alright, alright. Well he’s 30; he just turned that in April. He a musician, and I’m in love. Oh and it’s May 28th 2007.” You said while laughing.
“Hunny, I’m in the hospital for my hip, not my head, I know what day it is. So you are in love huh. How does he feel about you?”
“I don’t know, I know he likes me, but I don’t know he true feelings yet. We’ve been through a lot though, and we are both going on tour in a week and a half.”
“I’m sure you will figure it out. You always do. So… tour huh, what band this time?”
“Yeah, we’re doing the project Rev tour. If you ever feel up for it, you should come check us out, then you can meet Gerard.”
“I just might have to do that. Now go. You only have a week to pack, and knowing you, you’re going to need it.”
“Thanks Grandma, call me if you need to talk. I love you.”
“I love you too. “

The next day walking into your house

“Gerard? Shawn?”
“Shawn? Gerard?”
You then saw Shawn poke his head out from behind a wall upstairs.
“Hey Carrie, your home.”
“Yeah, just in time to pack.”
“Awesome, yell if you need help”
“Will do.”
“Oh, Gerard’s already on tour, he and the band left about three days ago, since they are a main band they have to get ready ahead of time apparently.”
“Oh, ok, thanks.” You said sad knowing you missed seeing him.

You walked up stairs to yours and Gerard room, and starting packing.

Heading to the tour bus

“Bye Shawn, see you when were back in town. Please don’t forget about Cosmo!”
“See yeah, and I wont. Have fun, give Gerard a hug for me”
“I will. Bye!”

You opened the bus door, and walked in.
“Hey! I missed you guys and girl.” You said
“I missed you too.” She said with a chuckle.
“Ready for a kick ass tour?” The bigger man said
“Oh yeah, I’ve been ready.” You said
“How’s grams doing?” the tall skinny man said
“She’s doing a lot better. Wants to go on tour with us.”
“She’s always welcome.” The girl said.

The whole way to the first show in California you were thinking about Gerard and the tour. How was it going to affect your relationship? What does he really feel? You closed your eyes, and tried to picture how seeing him again would be like.
“Yo, Care, were here. Wake up, time to see hello to the other bands.” The bigger man said shoving your shoulder.
“Thanks, I’m up.” You sat up, got up off the couch, and headed out the door. The sun was shinning brightly down on you and you knew you were in Cali. As you were walking to see the stages you heard some one shout your name.
“Carrie!” You looked and saw Frank running towards you.
“Frank!” you said opening your arms to wrapped him in a big hug.
“I missed you!” he said picking you up in his bear hug.
“I missed you too.” You said smiling into him
Still hugging each other you heard a cough, then let go looked up and saw Mikey, Ray, and Bob standing there.
“Guys!” You said while letting go of Frank and going to Mikey to give him a hug, then Ray, and finally Bob.
“It’s been too long.” You said with a smile.
They were smiling back.
“Yes it has.” Ray said
“Before you asked, my grandmother is doing just fine. She might even come watch me play when we get back into town.”
“Awesome. I’m glad to hear it.” Frank said

You all walked to the stage to check it out.

“Nice.” Bob said
“It’s huge!” You said
“This is incredible!” Mikey said
The other guys were in shock too much to say anything. You looked back to the stage and your eyes went huge and your mouth went into the biggest smile. There was Gerard, talking to Chester walking across the stage. His hair grew longer, and he lost some weight, but he looked better then ever. He hadn’t seen you yet, but you couldn’t blame him, you were standing with his band mates.
“Hey Gerard.” Mikey yelled. He could see the excitement of seeing him on your face. Gerard looked over to them and he eyes fell on yours. He stopped walking and turned to face you. Chester noticed and said, “I’ll talk to you later man”. Gerard nodded still staring at you. Your smile never fading, his face still in shock. He then starting walking towards you guys, and you walked towards him.
“Oh just run already.” Bob said
You laughed and Gerard came jogging to you picking you up in a suffocating kiss and turning in circles hug. With you in his arms. Both of your smiles never left your faces.

“Well that takes care of that. We wont be seeing them for the rest of the night.” Mikey said
Turning around walking back to his bus, the guys following him. All of them but one, Frank was still standing there, watching you two, holding back the tear of jealousy.
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