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Just ask the question,come untie the knot

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How can you ask a question that your entirely sure if you'll get an answer?

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Sorry bout the delay its almost done enjoy :)

Brendon’s POV

I slowly paced the floor as I patiently waited for the words to come to mind…but yet still there was no sign of them coming anytime soon.

I noticed Ryan dart between the dressing room doors, “Dude are you in or are you out?” I asked curiously.

“Haha, that sounds so wrong from where I’m standing.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked towards him and playfully punched him in the arm.

“Dude, I’m only joking.” He smirked while rubbing his arm.

“I know…but you don’t have to turn things dirty all the time.” I sighed.

“Well anyway…I’m gonna go do my makeup and stuff before we go, especially since we only have an hour.” He said casually while strolling towards the door.

I pulled back his arm, “Wait Rye I need your advice.” I said quietly since I wasn’t sure if there was anyone about listening.

“You actually want advice off me?” He asked sounded shocked.

“Yeah…” I said softly, “How do you ask someone a question…that…well your not even sure if there gonna wanna here right now?” I asked nervously.

“Huh? Bren…could you kind of give me an insight into what you’re planning on doing here?” He said while sitting down next to me.

“I don’t know…its not that I can’t trust you or anything, I would just rather not tell too many of the details that are spinning round my head right now.” I said while hanging my head in my hands.

“Okay…sometimes I really don’t get you Brendon.” Ryan said honestly.

“I know…sometimes I don’t get me,” I murmured, “Look can I just have five or ten minutes on stage tonight just to do something different?” I asked curiously.

He looked at me blankly, “Okay, if it means so much to you…just no nudity.” He laughed.

“Haha…yeah like I’d do a Wentz.” I smirked as he left the room.

Once the door was shut firm behind him I quickly stood up and stared at my complexion in the mirror. I never thought that this sort of thing would be so hard, I had asked this question upon impulse before…but doing it in front of so many people, and I was more worried about making her embarrassed than her saying no. I gently pulled the ring out of my pocket and stared at its diamond encrusted beauty.

“Today,” I murmured while quickly leaving the room.

Elspeth’s POV

I knelt up against the cold hard wall and closed my eye shut, anybody would have been happy in this situation. I wasn’t sure how I felt right now. I heard footsteps trailing up the corridor; they stopped cold in front of me.

I opened my eye and stared curiously at him, “Brendon shouldn’t you be on stage?” I asked.

“No ten minutes…still I’ve been waiting more than an hour.” He murmured while letting that sweet smile leak from his lips.

I raised my eyebrows and gently picked up his tie.

“Now that’s very unlike you Bren,” I raised my eyebrows while pulling him closer towards me; he smiled softly at me and rolled his fingers over my waist.

“I know…I’ve kind of got a lot on my mind right now,” He said nervously.

I glanced into his oaky brown eyes; I could tense the anxiety in his stare. I placed my hands gently on his shoulder blades and pulled him into a hug.

“There’s actually something I…well I need to ask you something.” He said while moving out of hug.

“Okay,” I awkwardly, I didn’t think there were any questions that needed asking…or answered.

I thought that everything had been cleared up this morning on the plane.

“Elspeth…I’ve said a lot of things to you in the past…and there’s one thing that I may have said recently but I’m not actually sure if you knew that I meant it.” He mumbled while thumbling round in his pocket. “There isn’t a bone of doubt in my body and I have never been so sure about this,” He paused and pulled his hand out of his pocket.

“Brendon we need to go on stage now!” Ryan called from up the hall. He nervously placed whatever it was in his hand back into his pocket.

“Sorry…I’ll ask you later,” He said while rolling his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said disappointedly.

He gently stroked my fingers and placed a kiss firmly on my lips.

“Wish me luck,” He smirked.

I grabbed onto his hand and we both walked up the corridor, following the noise of the crowd.

“I’ll be right beside the stage…best view in the house.” I smirked.


Brendon’s POV

I bent over and pointed the microphone over towards the crowd; all I could hear was the chant ‘you know it will always just be me.’ I smirked at the thousands of different faces and waited for Ryan to stop singing.

“So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?” I sang from deep inside my chest.

My heart thumped fast in my chest as I ran over to the piano to finish off the end of the song. “Let’s get these teens heart beating faster, faster, lets gets the teen’s hearts beating faster.” I sang while holding the last note on for a little longer.

“Thank you very much and goodnight!” Ryan and I called in unison.

It was only a short set tonight but still we were all dripping wet with sweat.

“Not bad,” Elspeth smirked as I met her at the foot of the stage.

“I made a few mistakes but it was okay,” I shrugged as I left the stage.

She stared at me with her blue eyes, those eyes that I always managed to get trapped in.

“Okay who are you and what have you done with my Brendon?”

I laughed and we both walked into the dressing room hand in hand.

Elspeth’s POV

I stared into the mirror, that pink splodge that engulfed my eye just didn’t seem to want to leave me alone. I stared at the cut the held my eye firm in place, still it seemed to let the memories poor out. I felt a tear scrape slowly down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away as I tried again to open my wounded eye. I tried as hard as I could but the pain was unbearable.

“It’s hopeless, all hopeless.” I muttered to myself.

I noticed another figure creep into the corner of the mirror.

"Its not hopeless…it’s hopeful.” He said softly while placing his hands gently on my shoulders.

I smiled in the mirror at him as he moved his arms down towards my waist.

“No, no I’m staying right here.” I laughed as he hoisted me up by the waist and carried me in his arms over towards the bed.

He carefully lowered me onto the bed as if I was a delicate petal. “I always had you down as a optimist not a pessimist.” He said while lying down next to me.

“I know,” I sighed, “I just don’t see the silver line to this though, if you do please could you point it out to me?” I asked doubtingly, I felt another tear role down my cheek as he stared at me.

He slowly wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards his firm chest.

“Elsie…I know things seem like there never gonna get better but to me…if you asked me, I would say things have already got better.” He said softly, his voice was so soothing and calm.

“I know…but I’m horrible, people will stare, I just can’t face anyone’s judging eyes. How can anyone look at me when I can hardly look at myself in the mirror?” I said while crying hard onto his chest.

He gently stroked my cheek with his hand and raised my head closer towards his.

“Elspeth…stop talking crap, you are beautiful, and I will always love you whether you can see out of your eye or not. If those ‘people’ can’t look at you it’s because they are shallow assholes.” He said while letting a tear escape from his eyelids himself.

“Oh Brendon…” I sniffled.

“I hate seeing you like this…you don’t need to be like this.” He said honestly.

I gently dried my eyes and wrapped my arms tight around him, he was so warm and gentle, I could feel his chest slowly rising and falling as I slowly shut my eye and inhaled his warm scent. His soft repetitive breathing slowly tranced me into a state. It was all so surreal, lay here with him holding me like a petal, he was perfect and he knew so little as to why.

I felt his lips roll softly through my hair as they met my ear, “Elspeth…” He murmured tenderly.

I loved the way he said my name he made it mean a whole number of different things, I could just imagine his chocolately brown eyes returning to my stare again with ever breath he made.

I felt my mind grow into half consciousness but my ear was alert just enough to hear him whisper, “I kiss you through the bars of a rhyme, and I love you nevertheless you own a dime, you own my heart, you own my smile, I’m just to scared to ask you to walk down the aisle,”

So was that a proposal...two chaps left big ending not promising any hapy endings but i dont know time will tell r and r?
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