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When you look into your heart it defines you

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Brendon know deep in his heart that her loves her. He just doesn't know how to get form A to B. Read Aaaaand Review. much apprechiated.

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Brendon’s POV

“I know you wanted me to go out…but I didn’t think now?” Ryan asked as he stood startled at the door of his apartment.

I smirked at his expression as I lent of the window frame.

“Dude chill…you sound like you’ve lost a hundred bucks.” I laughed.

“I haven’t have I?” He asked seriously, while raising a curious eyebrow.

“Nah don’t worry, is Elspeth even home?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head sadly while letting his fringe flop to the side of his face.

“Oh okay…well you will have to go when she gets back I got some stuff for tonight.” I said happily while waving a plastic bag in his face.

He smiled at me and let me into his apartment. I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I had a really strong feeling about this, my heart was all light and it felt like it could fly away…although I knew I gave it away years ago. Tonight would just be proof of this.

“So, what you got planned for tonight?” Ryan asked as we both sat down on the sofa.

“Well…I bought Elspeth’s favourite DVD ‘The wedding date’ and-“

“Dude you hate that film!” Ryan cried while looking at the case.

“I know but she likes it so I will sit through that crap…anyway, I also got beer cause beers good and I also bought her a present, but you’re not seeing that because well it’s special.” I said while feeling my cheeks starting to burn slightly.

“Aww, Brendon’s in love.” Ryan cooed while fling his arms around me.

“Get off me you big girl!” I laughed.

“Hey! I can see the bribe becoming a higher sum from where I’m standing.” He said while being a little overdramatic.

“What bribe?” I heard a quiet voice ask from the doorway.

“No bribes…just a little bet me and Brendon have got….” Ryan said while jumping up off the sofa.

Before I could say something I felt my iphone starting vibrate in my pocket. “Have you asked him then? Otherwise I’m just gonna hang up.” I said wearily down the phone.

“Yes I have…and he has agreed to the tour along with the rest of the band. So looks likes you have to get your ass down to the airport, you’ve got a show in New York tomorrow night.” The voice said happily while hanging up the phone leaving me bewildered and shocked.

I blinked several times before I noticed Ryan staring patiently at me.

“So?” He asked sarcastically.

“So you need to pack, we’re wanted down at the airport…don’t worry I’ll give you a ride all my stuff is in my trunk.” I said hastily. He rolled his eyes and darted upstairs, leaving me and Elspeth, who was stood looking very confused to the situation.

“Do you want to come?” I asked kindly, while walking over to her.

“Why? I mean I’m not exactly the person you want to be there with you…” She said while trailing off a little.

My heart sank as I stared at her shy expression. “Elspeth…you’re the only person I want there with me…if you weren’t then I wouldn’t have done what I did today.” I said honestly.

She stared confusedly at me.

“Just go pack your stuff I’ll explain everything on the ride over to New York.” I said while placing my hands on her shoulders.

She nodded her head slightly and then hurried upstairs.

A car ride and a plane wait later…

My eyes nervously traced over the dinner menu that I had in front of me, I gently tapped on the arm rest of my chair as I sucked on the mint that was in my mouth.

“Dude…what you having?” Ryan whispered from across the aisle.

“I dunno I’m not really hungry.” I muttered while placing another mint in my mouth.

I felt something wet dribble on my shoulder, I quickly turned my head to notice Jon snoozing on me.

“Uggh,” I mumbled while pushing him to the side.

I wiped the wet patch on my shoulder making sure I wouldn’t crease my shirt.

“Do you wanna swap seats?” Ryan asked.

“Why?” I said while turning round to face him.

“Well…I can see that J-Walk is drooling on you; anyway Elspeth’s asleep so she won’t mind.” He whispered, since most of the passengers were asleep me and Ryan had to talk quietly. I never slept on planes, I didn’t like riding on them, and so I didn’t see how I would be able to get to sleep on one of them.

“Alright then,” I sighed while grabbing my PSP and my iphone.

It didn’t take long for me to get comfy in Ryan’s old seat since it was already nice and warm. I switched on my PSP and carried on playing grand theft auto. I didn’t know whether I wanted Elspeth to wake up, I knew that I would end up making an idiot of myself and embarrass both of us.

We suddenly went over a huge path of turbulence and I practically threw my PSP out of my hands…luckily Ryan caught.

“Shit,” I muttered.

I felt my heart racing hard in my chest, but like a pill, it was all taken away from the soft touch of someone’s hand cupping into mine. I turned to face her; her heavy eyes were staring into mine.

“Thanks,” I mouthed to her.

She smiled softly at me and pulled out one of her earphones.

“I thought Ryan was sat there?” She asked curiously.

“Well yeah he was, but Jon was drooling on me so he offered to swap seats.” I explained.

“Gutted,” She laughed.

“It’s not funny!” I smirked, “This is one of my favourite hoody’s.”

“Aww poor Brendon,” She laughed while wrapping her arms around me. I hadn’t felt this freeness for a while and man did it feel good.

“Aww yeah Elspeth, you kiss all his worries better.” Ryan laughed.

I rolled my eyes and smirked at Elspeth as if Ryan was just a little echo in the background. She took her arms from around me and sat as she was before.

“So…what did you want to tell me?” She asked casually.

I suddenly felt very nervous; she and I both knew that I wasn’t a man of many words. I bit down on my lip and glanced into her eye.

“Hold on your eye patch…is-“ I stuttered while gently placing my hand onto her cheek and stroking down the tape that was holding the protection in place over her eye.

She shyly smiled at me as I moved my hand lower down to feel her warm cheek on my fingers.

“You are very beautiful,” I whispered softly.

She reached her hand up towards mine and moved it down towards the arm rest. I felt her intertwine her fingers in mine, I didn’t want to loose eye contact, I wanted this moment to last forever. She let that sweet smile leak from her lips; I slowly knelt closer towards her. I felt my pulse quicken as my lips gently brushed against hers. She then pressed her lips gently against mine; it felt like we were the only two people on the pane. I took my lips away and stared at her for a second, her beautiful ocean blue eye was staring at me.

“I want to see both of your eyes,” I said softly.

She bit her bottom lip and nervously moved her hand towards her face and started to peal the tape carefully off from around the bandage. She paused for a second and inhaled deeply before revealing the damage she had taken.

“I love you for you…your eyes are beautiful, you are beautiful and you shouldn’t be scared to show that.” I whispered while pulling up the arm rest.

“You do love me?” She asked while letting a hint of excitement creep into her tone of voice.

“Yes…I really do, and this time I mean it, you are my world…if we weren’t meant to be then we wouldn’t be sat here now, and I would have fallen out of love with you when we broke up in high school.” I said honestly.

She smiled softly at me while shifting closer towards me.

“I have wanted to know that for so long…my heart has been so tangled with cracks of doubt, it just makes it all worth while. And its kinda good that the feeling is mutual…heck, I love you Brendon Urie.” She said softly.

I smirked and wrapped my arm around her and for the first time in the last two years I could freely show my affection for her properly. She gently rested her head on my chest, while I rested my chin on top. For the first time ever I shut my eyes feeling her body close to mine, and I fell asleep, turns out I could sleep on aeroplanes…but not without Elspeth.

Okie well i think thats a very satisifying end to a chapter. And i have wanted to write this part of the story for a long time. Please review i like to know your thoughts on this one =]
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