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My Favorite Mistake

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Ava had avoided meeting Gerard since her best friend started dating his brother, but the time has finally come. She knows from the moment they say hi that she dislikes him but somehow even through ...

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“Ava” She heard her name yelled throughout her apartment in NY that she shared with her best friend.

“Ava” She liked to annoy so she thought she would wait until her roommate made it to the bedroom door.

“Okay you could have answered” She looked up at her best friend and smiled.

“Al you know I live to annoy” Ava smiled at Alicia who rolled her eyes.

“I know but they are gonna be here in a few and I thought you could maybe come out and be social” Alicia said throwing her newly pink hair over her shoulder.

“I will think about it. Mikey already knows me” She said as she began to type on her computer.

“Yes but you have yet to meet Gerard. He is important too you know, I mean I think Mikey is the one and well that means you need to get along with his brother” Alicia said with her arms crossed.

Ava hated when she got whiney. It was the beginning of January ‘07 and the beginning of a new year and one of her resolutions was to be nicer.

“Okay but I have a deadline so I cannot stay up all night. Don’t they live in Jersey? Why doesn’t Gerard stay at his own place” Ava asked.

“Because it is bad enough that he had to move back in with his parents, they get a week break before they have to start getting prepared for the tour and Mikey offered that he stay here. We have the fold out couch for him to sleep on” She said looking annoyed at her question.

“Okay I guess it would suck to be in your late twenties and still live at home. See this is why you can’t become so dependent on a person” Ava said gaining an eye roll from Alicia.

“Though I would love to hear your cynical view of relationships, I need to go start dinner. They will be here within in the hour so try to be in a good mood by then” Then she turned and headed off to the kitchen.

Ava sighed and looked back towards my computer screen. She finally catches a break and gets the chance to actually write something for the paper and now her concentration is going to be interrupted by some stupid guy. She and Alicia had been friends since high school so when Alicia moved to New York Ava had missed her, that was until Alicia asked her to move out here with her. It had taken some convincing but since Ava wanted to be a writer and New York seemed like a great place to get noticed she decided to move. She got a job as a assistant at the New York times and for the past few years has tried to work her way up. Then over a year ago Alicia met Mikey. The second Alicia introduced Mikey to her she knew that he wouldn’t be just another guy for Alicia to have fun with. Now they have been together ever since, he basically shared the apartment with them both. Ava was fine with this, he wasn’t there a lot and he was a great guy. But somehow in the span of the year Ava had managed to escape any encounters with his brother. Not that she disliked him, because well she didn’t know him. It is just they were always coming and going at different times and she didn’t get why if Alicia and Mikey were getting married, she would have to be best friends with Mikey’s brother. Just then she heard the front door open and Alicia squealed. They were here, great.

“Ava their here” she heard Alicia yell from the living room. ‘Remember your New Years Resolution’ she chanted to herself as she stepped out of her room.

“Gerard I want you to finally meet my best friend Ava, Ava this is Mikey’s brother Gerard” I gave him a look over, looked like he did on all the album covers, accept maybe a little older.

“Hi” she said and shook his hand. He just gave her a head nod and walked over to the couch. She gave Alicia an evil look before taking a seat on the other couch.

“You guys just catch up I am gonna finish dinner” she said and walked off into the kitchen.

“How’s it going at the Times” Mikey asked as he sat back on the couch.

“Decent, they are finally letting me write something, though it is very small” She said giving him a smile.

“Congrats” He said looking happy to hear her news.

He was such a nice guy but she wasn’t beginning to think it didn’t run in the family. She looked over at Gerard, she wasn’t gonna like him. Not at all.

*Let me know what you guys think. I know it is short but if it gets good reviews I will keep updating!
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