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Mr. Personality

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A late night chat with Gerard and cartoon watching

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During dinner Alicia and Mikey were the only people holding a conversation. Ava was distracted by her article and well she is just assuming Gerard was an ass.

“So Gerard you getting excited for the tour". Alicia asked. Ava looked over expecting him to shrug off the question but then his face changed and he lit up.

“Yeah, we have a lot planned. Were gonna even have fire, and maybe even some props. Were excited” He said and took a bite of food. Well she guessed touring turned his crank. He spoke a few more times throughout dinner but only about the band or the tour.

She excused herself immediately after dinner and began to work on her article again. Over the next few hours she heard some talking, she thought they watched a movie then things finally got quiet. She looked down at the clock on her computer to see that it was 2am. She stretched and opened the door to her room. She needed a glass of water. She walked past the couch and saw Gerard. She had almost forgotten he was there. She tried to be extra quiet in the kitchen. She turned and walked back through the living room but stopped, she felt like she was being stared at so she turned. When she turned she saw that Gerard was awake and looking at her.

“Did I wake you up” Ava asked.

“No” he answered, she looked and he was still staring at her funny.

“What” she asked feeling frustrated.

“You don’t have on any pants” He said gesturing towards her lower half.

Crap She had taken of her pants and didn’t think to put them back on. So here she stands in her t shirt and just a pair of Hello Kitty underwear.

“Sorry, I guess I forgot to pull my pants back on” She said trying to brush it off.

“You have a tattoo” She heard him say as she turned.

“Yes I do” She said feeling a bit embarrassed that he could see it.

“What is it of”He asked. Why was he so curious? She sighed

“It says ‘Storyteller' in chinese” She said hoping this was the end of the conversation.

“Storyteller” He asked.

“Yes, I am a writer” She said and turned and walked back into her room. That was weird. He spoke more than one word.

She finally got to sleep around 3am so waking up at noon the next day was no surprise. She walked out of her room, but made sure she had pants on this time. Gerard was reading the news paper and eating cereal on the couch.

“Where is Alicia and Mikey” She asked not seeing them.

“They went shopping” He responded not even looking up from his newspaper.

“Shopping” she repeated.

“Yep, at least that is what they said” he said yet again not looking up from the newspaper. Great she gets to be here on this fine Saturday with him. She poured herself a bowl of Lucky Charms and took a seat on the recliner and turned on some cartoons.

“What is so interesting in the news paper” She asked.

“They have some really good cartoons” He said looking up at the television.

“Oh keep it here” He said looking like a 5 year old.

“It’s X Men, I wanted to watch Looney Tunes” She said feeling irritated.

“Whatever” He said and went back to the news paper. After watching cartoons for and hour she shut off the Tv and stood up.

“Hey why did you turn it off” Gerard asked.

“Oh sorry forgot you were here” She said with an innocent look.

“So you think I am forgettable? Well that’s original” She heard him say as she headed towards the bathroom.

Why did he irritate her so much? She should be sticking with her new years resolution, she should attempt to be nicer to him.

Gerard turned the Tv back on and was happy to find X Men was still on. Now he knew why he had been avoiding meeting this girl, she was a complete bitch! He heard the shower switch on and knew he would have a few moments without her attitude. Though he must admit she is easy on the eyes. He figured she was about 5'4, she had dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a nice body, or at least what he saw of it last night was nice. To bad she had to go and open her mouth. He thought Alicia was great, how the hell did she befriend such an un friendly girl? He heard the shower shut off and prepared himself for another encounter. He heard the bathroom door open then looked up to see she was wearing only a towel. He gulped as she walked past him. She turned and he saw that she had caught him looking. She looked at him for another minute then shut the door to her room. Again why did she have to open up her mouth? He turned and focused all of his attention on the tv. She came out a good thirty minutes later dressed in Jeans and a black tank top, she looked nice. But that was besides the point. He took out his note book and started to draw. It would pass the time away. He felt bored and kinda wished they hadn’t taken any time off before the tour. Time off lately reminded him of not having anyone to go home to and that was depressing enough.

“You want a grilled cheese” He heard Ava ask from the kitchen.

“Um sure” He responded no knowing if he should trust her making his food.

“How many do you want” he heard her ask.

“One is okay” He yelled back and went back to his drawing. She emerged from the kitchen ten minutes later and handed him a plate. He looked down a noticed that his grilled cheese was as flat as a pancake.

“I smash them. My dad always did it to my grilled cheese’s so now that is how I fix them” She said taking a big bite of hers. He took and bite and well it was actually really good.

“I think it tastes better like this” She said looking content and leaning back onto the couch.

“So what is your article about” He asked her, he could at least make small talk.

“Just a review of some art exhibit down town. It isn’t a groundbreaking piece but I was just happy to get anything” She said finishing up her last bite.

“You draw” She asked him and picked up his note book.

“Yeah, that’s what I went to school for” He said and took the book from her hands.

“Nosy” He said.

“Well you left it on the table for anyone to pick up” She said evilly. Just then her cell phone rang.

“Hello” she answered.

“Yeah where are you and when are you coming home” She said, it must be Alicia, he thought.

“Why? What am I supposed to do with him” She said looking over at Gerard.

“Fine, you owe me” She said and shut the phone.

“What was that all about” He asked her.

“They are staying he night at the Hilton, I guess they want frikken alone time” She said picking up my plate and marching into the kitchen.

“You know I have lived near New York my whole life, so I wont be around the apartment 24/7. They have this great comic book store I want to check out” He said and stood up.

“I am sorry, I sounded harsh about you on the phone. It’s just I am not the type of person who just makes friends with people” She said standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

“Me neither, that is probably why we are not getting along” He said and took out a cigaret.

“Look why don’t you come with me so when Mikey and Alicia get back we can say we honestly tried to get along” he said.

“Okay, I guess that would be fine. Let me grab my purse” She said then headed into her room.

Great she gets to spend a whole day looking at comic books with Mr. Personality himself. She was gonna kill Alicia when she got home!

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