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Chapter 1

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok...just so you know, again. I have Seel'vor's permission to use his work as a prologue. I mention this in my disclaimer in the prologue. I also give him credit for the idea. Seel'vor even says I have permission at the bottom of the original copy called “All Because of Hermione Granger”. If you're going to accuse me of plagiarism then first check that I'm actually committing it before you accuse me of it. Otherwise you just look like a ignorant idiot. But here's a kicker for everyone, the two guys so far who have accused me of plagiarism, “BenRG” and “azureguy” are acting upset because I'm “steeling Seel'vor's story” , the kicker is that they didn't even leave reviews on Seel'vor's Story! Isn't that funny...they're accusing me of plagiarism but never even reviewed Seel'vor's original work. Ok is one of the most insulting things to a writer to be accused of plagiarism, so if you are going to accuse somebody of it, make sure they are actually doing it. If those two brilliant young men, as I hope they're young because that would explain their stupidity, had bothered to read that whole intro at the top that included an author's note and disclaimer where I mention seel'vor's ownership of the contents in the prologue, then they wouldn't look stupid. But they do. To those who bother to read disclaimers and not accuse me of plagiarism without thinking, please enjoy the rest of this story. Unless the ffnet admins don't actually look into this and simply boot the story or myself, then know who to blame. “BenRG” and “azureguy”. Hope the admins prove they are good admins and look into it. I have emailed support about it, hope I hear back. I've read a lot of complaints about the admins...I hope I never have to join in those complaints. I've had nothing but good experiences on ffnet so far. Lets all hope it stays that way and stupid people like BenRG and azureguy don't ruin it because they're too dumb to read a disclaimer.

Chapter 1: Journey Back

Hermione rushed through the woods of Ireland like a bat out of hell. Her self-made shield spell wrapping her in a cocoon of protection as she rushed through the forest without worrying about stray branches.

With the entire world literally after her head for one reason or another, Hermione was never able to stock up on spell books. She'd been forced to make her own and rely on whatever magical items she could scavenge. Creating her own spells had come as an unusually natural talent for her, but that's not saying it was easy. She was only able to make a grand total of thirteen spells in all of her fifteen years of fighting, but those thirteen spells were all the spells she really needed. They kept her alive with the world at her heels. Well, the spells and The Voice.

“They're gaining you know. They're damn fast on those brooms.” The bodiless voice commented as the bushy haired brunette ran.

“Yes I can see them too thank you very much. They wouldn't be after me if you hadn't made noises and attracted their attention. You know I'm public enemy number one for every bloody person on the planet.” Hermione ground out as she dodged a falling tree.

Her shield was able to deflect, absorb, or stop spells and solid objects, but it wouldn't do much good for her to run straight into a giant tree trunk. If only she could learn to fly without objects, like Voldemort. That lucky bastard developed a way to fly without any fancy magical objects and she couldn't afford for anyone to see her animagus form.

“Hey now Hermione, I can't help it if I sneeze in a dusty storage room.” The innocent tone did nothing to hide the voice's amusement.

“That's shit and you know it. You're incorporeal, dust doesn't bother you. You were just mad because I said you'd never be able to perform well in the bedroom.” Hermione shot back as she sent a spear of blue fire behind her and grinned when she heard pained yells accompany the explosion.

That was an odd thing with Hermione's do-it-yourself spells. They all came out blue. Even her shield was clear with a light blue tint. To this day she's never been able to figure out why.

“I can perform perfectly well in the bedroom thank you very much! Turn left!” the voice ground out in a flustered voice.

Hermione sharply turned left and chuckled when she saw two of the Order members slam into trees as they tried to turn after her.

“You an incorporeal being. I've never seen your actual form, but you are without a doubt, incorporeal. Therefore you could not adequately perform in the bedroom. It's a simple fact that incorporeal beings have to accept.”

“Yeah yeah whatever. Our shifting point is up ahead. At least we have the equipment now. You can do your little spell and send yourself back in time to fix all this. How do you plan to do that anyways?” The voice asked as the brunette came to a stop in front of an unusually large tree.

“I'm going to befriend Harry earlier...and tell him the truth when he does confess to me again. I can't afford to be bitter about him not noticing me sooner this time around.” Hermione said as she touched several different pieces of bark which glowed in the wake of her touch.

“And what if Harry doesn't develop feelings for you this time around? What If things aren't the same?” The voice asked in an odd tone.

“Why wouldn't he develop feelings for me? We're meant to be together, I just ruined it in an act of bitterness. I'm not going to do that this time. And I'm not going to alter anything other than getting to know Harry earlier so things shouldn't be any different at all.” Hermione reasoned as the bark fell away to reveal a chamber.

“Just know that if Fate does allow this, and believe me when I say it is up to that bitch whether this works or not, She doesn't give things for free. She may let you go back, but it will not be the same as it was. Fate never gives gifts, it is always an exchange. A balance is always kept. If you learned nothing from knowing Harry Potter you should have learned that.” The voice said.

“You're too pessimistic. It will be fine.” Hermione said with confidence.

An array of runes and markings appeared on the floor and glowed blue, filling the chamber with light. It built up in brightness until a white flash occurred canceling out the light and leaving the chamber empty.


“Are you done yet?” The voice asked in a bored voice.

Hermione grunted as she stepped carefully through candles and jars of plants, organs, and blood. The ground of the room she was in was covered in a large circle array with various markings where the candles and jars resided. At the center of the circle array was a circle of the twelve kinds of jewels. It was in the circle that Hermione stopped and sat cross legged.

“I'm ready. Wish me luck.” Hermione said with a shaky voice.

“Remember, not everything will be the same Hermione. There is always a price when Fate does something extremely good. There is always a balance.” The voice warned.

“Everything will be perfectly fine.” Hermione retorted with a frown.

The voice scoffed as Hermione closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Hermione's eyes snapped open and she began to chant in a mixture of languages. Some from modern languages like French and Spanish, and others in older languages like ancient Samarian and Latin. As she chanted her hair lifted out around her and the lines of the circle array began to glow blue. The longer she chanted the brighter the glow became. The jars of ingredients were each surrounded by a ball of light and rose several feet into the air as the room crackled with electricity. The balls of light began to spin clockwise, slow at first but gaining speed. As Hermione's chant came to an end the light blinked out and the world crumbled away.

In 1988 a recently turned nine Hermione Granger's eyes snapped open. She jumped out of her bed and ran to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Holy shit it worked.” She said with wide eyes staring back at her.


Hermione heard movement in the hall and ran back out to see who it was. She froze when she saw her parents in their night robes looking at her with concern. Tears filled her eyes when she saw them.

Hermione's parents had been executed by furious Order of The Phoenix members in place of her when she fell off the grid. It happened only a few weeks after Harry was killed.

“Mum, Dad.” Hermione whispered through quivering lips as tears fell down her face.

“Hermione sweetie what's wrong?” Her mother asked as she approached the distraught girl.

Hermione shook her head and threw herself into her Mother's arms as she was wracked with sobs. Her father quickly knelt down beside them and rubbed her back.

“Sweetie what's wrong? What happened?” Her father asked as tears wet his eyes at the sight of his distraught daughter.

There's nothing a father hates more than seeing his child distraught and having no idea what's causing it. It's one of the worst feelings of helplessness, even if it only lasts a few minutes.

Hermione shook her head fiercely and buried her face in her mother's shoulder. Her mother simply held her and rocked lightly as the bushy haired brunette cried her heart out.

“Come on sweetheart, tell us what happened.” Her mother ordered gently while brushing her fingers through her daughter's hair.

“N-Nightmare. T-T-Terrible Nightmare.” Hermione choked out though sobs.

“shhh sweetie. It's over. Whatever happened in the nightmare wasn't real. You're safe now. It'll be OK.” cooed her mother as she picked the girl up and brought her back to her and her husband's bedroom.

If only Mrs. Granger knew how wrong part of that statement was. Her nightmare was very real.

Mrs. Granger set Hermione down in her bed and got in next to her. She pulled her sobbing daughter close and continued to brush her fingers through her hair. She looked up as her husband came in and smiled when she saw a cup of tea.

She took it from him and lifted Hermione's face up.

“Here sweetie, drink. It'll make you feel better.” Mrs. Granger prodded.

Hermione took the cup and sipped at it while her parents comforted her. It was rare that her parents had ever let her sleep with them in the past so she appreciated it greatly.

Mrs. Granger continued to brush her fingers through her daughter's hair and watched as she slowly calmed down. She held her close as the young brunette drifted off to sleep.

The Grangers looked at each other with worry. The nightmare had to have been truly horrible if it shook their daughter up so badly. She wasn't one to be bothered by dreams.


It had been a week since she'd made it back. Hermione had managed to brush off her reaction to being back and her parents quickly dismissed it once they saw their daughter was fine again. Hermione was glad to note that she still maintained the ability to use the magic she knew of. Her animagus ability was available to her as was her ability to apparate. It was a Saturday and she decided to use her abilities to check up on how Harry was doing at his current age. It might be easier to develop a relationship with Harry if she'd known him longer.

She told her parents she was going to catch a bus to the library and after a quick goodbye she made her way towards the nearest bus stop. She made sure nobody was looking and then focused on the park that was near Harry's home on Privet Drive. She felt the lovely feeling of being squeezed through a tube and found herself next to a tree and facing a mostly empty park.

“Damn I hate that.” the brunette muttered with narrowed eyes as she shook her body a bit.

She looked around to make sure she wasn't being watched and then closed her eyes. She felt her body shift and bit her lip until it turned into a beak while her body shrunk and shifted. Soon she residing in the body of a raven. She flapped her wings a few times and lifted off to search for Harry. She didn't have to go far as he was standing on the other side of the park. She rested on a branch and watched him curiously.

Harry was dressed in his cousin's hand-me-downs and his hair was as messy as ever. The odd thing about him was that he was just standing in front of a sandbox staring at his hand. He closed his hand in a fist and then stretched his fingers out.

Hermione watched with interest, trying to figure out what he was doing. She had to restrain herself from rushing the boy and hugging him. She let a surprised squawk when she saw him clench his fist and saw it begin to glow green.

Harry stared at his hand with a grin as it glowed green. He pointed his fist at the sand box and released the pressure he was holding. The green magic glowing around his hand shot out in a pulse-like wave. It cratered the ground and blew the sandbox apart and in all directions. Harry chuckled as he looked at what he'd done.

“Hey freak!” a haughty toned voice called out.

Both Harry and Hermione turned to see a fat boy waddling towards Harry with a few boys following him.

“What are you doing you little freak?” The fat boy called out again.

“Ah Dudley. You disgusting little pig. I warned you yesterday to leave me be. You should have listened. There's a reason Uncle Vernon calls me a freak.” Harry said with a menacing grin.

His hand glowed green again which brought fear into the eyes of the boys facing him. Harry lifted his closed fist to Dudley and his gang. He rushed the fat boy until he was a few feet away and thrust his arm forward and opened his hand with the palm facing the boys. The magic pulsed out again and connected with the boys and launched them nearly ten feet through the air before they crashed into the ground and rolled several more feet.

Harry chuckled as he stood up straight. He walked over to the injured boys and spit on Dudley's fat face.

“Don't go telling Uncle Vernon now Dudley. We don't want any accidents happening do we? Uncle Vernon is a big man. If he were to fall down the stairs, well I just don't know if he'd survive the fall.” Harry stated with wide innocent eyes and a mockingly concerned voice.

“Good day gents.” The green haired boy said with a chuckle as he put his hands in his pockets and walked away whistling.

Hermione flew into a group of trees and transformed back. She was wide eyed and fearful. Her skin was pale and her breath came hard. She tried to figure out what happened, but she knew there was no way the Harry from the first time line would have done that. He would never have been able to focus his magic in such a way so early. She frowned when she recalled The Voice's warning.

“Remember, not everything will be the same Hermione. There is always a price when Fate does something extremely good. There is always a balance.”

She bit her lip as she slid to the ground. Was this her price for coming back? A dark Harry who could very well become an enemy.

“No. I wont let something like that happen. Besides The Dursleys aren't exactly nice people. There's nothing wrong with putting them and their little followers in their places. I'll make sure Harry doesn't become evil.” The brunette promised in a less than convincing voice.

With a shaky nod, she stood up and looked where Harry had gone, then to the injured and unconscious boys on the ground. She took a deep breath and apparated to the Library she had told her parents she was going to. It wouldn't do to come back empty handed. She'd worry more about Harry when school started.


That night Harry walked into the home and quickly dodged a meaty fist. He quickly rushed to to the sofa in the living room and turned to see his uncle purple faced.

“You attack my boy and have the nerve to return?!” The fat man shouted with spit coming out of his flapping lips.

“He fell. It wasn't my fault. Now you need to calm down Uncle Vernon. Accidents happen and we don't want something happening to you now do we?” Harry asked as his hand glowed green.

“None of that freakishness in my house boy!” His uncle shouted and rushed him.

Harry lifted his fist and opened it palm facing the charging man.

“I warned you Uncle.” Harry stated as he let the magic go.

A wave of green pulsed out and threw the fat man back into the wall making the wall shake and crack under the pressure.

Harry watched with a raised eyebrow as his uncle stood up on shaky legs and looked at him fearfully. The black haired boy's eyes flickered over to his petrified Aunt and smiled.

“I discovered this neat ability about a week ago. It's quite useful if I do say so myself. Now there is something I want and you're going to give it to me or accidents will happen.” Harry stated as he looked at his two guardians.

“What is it boy?” Vernon asked nervously.

“I want a bedroom. The guest one, not Dudley's small second room. I want clothes that fit and I want possessions I can use. Books, a bookshelf, just a few of my own basic needs. I'll continue doing the chores, but I'll do them at my rate because I don't want to spend the whole day working.” Harry ordered with a smirk and twinkle in his eyes.

“Fine. We'll get your things tomorrow. You can sleep in there tonight.” Vernon said as he brushed himself clean.
“Good. Oh and don't try anything while I'm asleep Uncle. It wont end well for you.” Harry warned as he walked up the stairs to his new room leaving a room of scared Dursleys behind.
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