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Countrycide Revised

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Torchwood. What if Gwen never saw the villager in the woods when she was with Owen? Or what if there never was a villager in the woods in the first place? And what if Ianto told the real truth abou...

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“So who was the last person you snogged?” Piped up Gwen from the table where she was setting up stuff for dinner.

“You even sound like an eight year old. Who the hell says snogged?” Pointed out a very tense and frustrated Owen, who had just about had it with the tent he was ‘supposed’ to be putting up.

“Mine was Rhys.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a surprise.” Owen’s mood wasn’t exactly improving. Tosh started to help Gwen at the table, and Ianto started bringing over some canvas benches for the team to sit on, and placed them around the table.

“Tosh, your go.” Gwen was beginning to sound a little too enthusiastic.

“It’s easy for you.” Tosh was beginning to sound a little self-conscious about the subject.

“Oh, come on. Spill the beans.”

“Owen.” Gwen looked at Tosh in surprise, and Owen looked almost equally shocked.

“What?” Owen’s reply came quick.

“Really?” Gwen couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Tosh love, in your dreams.” Owen drawled as Gwen descended into the nearest seat.

“3am, Christmas Eve, outside the Millennium Centre, waiting for a cab. I had mistletoe.” Owen sat down on a couple of crates that had been stacked up to make a chair.

“Christmas? You haven’t had a snog since –“

“No.” Tost was a little too quick to reply. She sat herself down next to Gwen, and Ianto sat himself next to Tosh.

“Oh, lucky me eh?” Owen was getting bored of this conversation fast.

“So who was yours?” Tosh just had to ask. Owen picked up a spoon and started fiddling with it. A huge smirk came across his face.

“Gwen, actually.” An ‘oh no, don’t you dare’ look came on Gwen’s face, which made Owen’s smirk grow wider.

“Where was this?” Tosh felt the need to dig deeper. Owen raised his eyebrows at Gwen as if to say ‘you take this one’.

“It was complicated.” She replied. Tosh started muttering something under her breath.

“So was it a kiss or –“ Tosh just kept coming with the questions.

“Tosh, leave it.” Considering Gwen was the newest member of the Torchwood team, she took on the role as second-in-command an awful lot. Jack came wandering over from the SUV and joined the rest of the team, and sat himself opposite Gwen.

“Jack?” Owen asked, hoping he could relieve the tension between Gwen and Tosh.

“Are we including non-human life forms?” Jack asked with a snicker.

“Oh you haven’t!” Gwen exclaimed with disgust.

“You’re a sick man Harkness!” Owen continued, giving Jack a look of horror. This just made Jack laugh out loud.

“I never know when he’s joking,” Gwen commented, deducing that Jack’s laughter was more of one that gets used after a huge joke has been made, compared to his usual laugh which makes her spirits lift, and for an odd reason, stomach flutter.

“It’s my turn, is it?” Ianto asked, looking down at his hands, afraid of what he was going to say next.

“It was…Jack.” Everyone looked over in surprise at Ianto, and he looked up to meet the gaze of Jack, who was slowly nodding, a smile beginning to form.

“Wow! I mean, wow. I’m sorry Yant, I don’t really know how to react to this.” Gwen replied modestly, sounding as surprised as everyone looked.

“Well, we knew Jack was gay, but we sure as hell never thought you would be the one to prove it to us!” Owen said, sounding very pissed off.

“Owen, not now. Be nice to Ianto. It must have been hard for him to come clean.” Gwen said, sending a look of pure hatred to Owen. Tosh just remained silent, but gave Ianto a look as if to say ‘go for it’.

“I’m going to get some firewood.” Owen announced, completely annoyed with the rest of the team.

“I’ll come with you,” Gwen added, as both she and Owen jumped to their feet. Jack gave Ianto a meaningful look at which Ianto blushed at and turned his head away.

“You know what guys? I’m happy for you. You’re so cute together, and I’m glad Ianto’s found someone after the whole Lisa incident. Jack, just please, for god’s sake, don’t go round putting the moves on Ianto whilst Owen is in the room.” Tosh spoke with such confidence and happiness. Jack nodded a reply, stood up and walked over to Ianto, and dropped into the seat next to him.

“Do you want to continue with this, or shall we drop it and go back to the way things were?” Jack whispered into Ianto’s ear. Tosh took this as a cue to leave, and went into one of the tents to do some paperwork on her laptop.

“If I were to do this, I think you’ll get an answer,” Ianto said a moment before placing his lips delicately on Jack’s in a passion filled kiss.

“Uuhh, I’m not quite sure I got that Yant,” Jack said after pulling back from Ianto, a flirtatious smile playing on his lips.

Ianto reached up to the nape of Jack’s neck, and pulled him in for another, equally passionate, kiss, before letting go and saying in a clear voice, “Yes Captain, I would like to continue,” a huge grin came across Jack’s face, “but once we get back home. Not here. Owen was right about the countryside you know. It is dirty and un-hygienic, well, for what we’d probably be doing anyway.” A chuckle could be heard from the closest tent, and it was obvious that Tosh had overheard everything that had just happened.

“Okay Yant. Fair deal. Just as long as I can sit next to you, hug you and hold your hand.” Ianto answered Jack by taking his right hand into his left, and intertwining their fingers. Jack looked up and smiled at Ianto, before Ianto rested his head on Jack’s shoulder.
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