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In the Woods, Part 1

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Owen and Gwen get a bit OTT in the Woods...

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Gwen was walking furiously fast through the woods, Owen trailing behind her, noting that she was most likely angry with him over something.

"Couldn't you have kept that to yourself?" She speaks, trying to get a little further ahead of him.

"What's the matter? You embarrassed?" He replied, closing the gap between them.

"You're such an arrogant shit sometimes Owen."

"See, in my mind that was a good kiss, borderline great. So good in fact you've been avoiding me ever since." He was walking right behind her by this point, moving deeper into the wood. Gwen let out an exasperated gasp.

"The country air is making you delusional."

"How long did it last? 10 seconds, and the things I could tell from that kiss." This statement caught Gwen's attention.

"Oh, like?" A simple question, Owen now a few steps behind as she picked up the pace a little.

"Like your sex life ain't up to much." Gwen grabbed Owen by the shoulders and slammed him against the nearest tree, pinning him back against it. She could tell he was enjoying this, as he shivered slightly at her touch.

"You WHAT!?" Gwen was really angry now. /And I thought she was bad earlier/, Owen thought.

"See old Rhys makes the Earth rumble but he doesn't make it move." He said, as Gwen's grip tightened on him.

"You'd better shut up before I amp you one!" She replied, as Owen grabbed hold of her and swung her round, so that she was the one pinned against the tree, and Owen moved in closer so that his face was mere millimetres from hers.

"When was the last time you screwed all night?" Gwen tried to escape from his grasp. One of her hands moved to the back of his neck, the other stayed holding his right shoulder. "When was the last time you came so hard and so long you forgot where you were?" They were both breathing heavily from the close proximity by this point, and Gwen could fell Owen's trousers starting to bulge a little around the crotch. Gwen made another feeble attempt to escape. A sly grin came onto Owen's face.

"It don't happen with him, does it? You're too familiar. Whereas you and me, we're not cozy at all. We'd be amazing, and that scares the shit out of you!" Their lips were now only a fraction apart, and Owen and Gwen were both breathing even heavier than before. Gwen looked in shock at the young man before her, not believing what he had just said, but something in her brain clicked saying, you know you want this Gweny, go for it.

So she did what her head was saying, and took the plunge. She pushed her mouth onto Owen's, hard, with complete lack of passion, and pulled her other hand up so it too was resting behind Owen's neck. He moved his hands so that they were buried in her hair, pulling her in closer, wanting to savor the moment as he knew too well that she would either break away, or they would have to return to the others. Gwen deepened the kiss, so that her tongue was brushing lightly against Owen's lips, as if asking to be invited in. He gave her the invitation, and she snaked in, at the same time moving her hands down from behind his neck to around his waist, pulling his hips in next to hers, feeling the full extent of his arousal.

He pulled themselves away from the tree, sliding his hands down her back, till they were looped around her waist, and he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and pulled her head back from his, as Owen started trailing little kisses down her neck. He backed them against another tree, and she let her arms go from around his neck, so she could slip her green jacket off. It fell to the forest floor, and she started on his jacket. A minute or two later, it had joined hers, and Owen's hands had moved from her waist up and under her thin t-shirt. She let her legs fall from his waist, and she started to lift the edges of his shirt, which he quickly disposed of. She bent her head down, and placed soft butterfly kisses down his chest, stopping every now and then to nip him slightly with her teeth, a thing she knew any guy would like. He loved it, and responded by moving his hands to the front of her chest, and slowly caressing her breasts. He must have found the spot, as she removed her head, and let out a groan of pleasure. Owen quickly lifed her shirt off over her head, and it fell to the ground, joining the ever growing pile of clothes. His hands then moved around to her back, and slowly unhooked her bra, and she shrugged it to the floor.

Feeling the cold get to her a little, Gwen pushed herself against Owen, so that their bare chests were pressed together. They went back to kissing each other passionatly on the mouth, running their hands everywhere, getting even more carried away.
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