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Tents are Man's Greatest Invention

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Jack and

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A/N: This chapter takes place at the same time as the previous chapter. Apologies that it's so short.

"Is my shoulder comfortable?" Jack whispered to Ianto, thinking that the younger man had fallen asleep. He had been right though, because he didn't get a reply. A lock of hair fell across Ianto's eyes, and Jack couldn't help brushing it away, the skin contact waking Ianto.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall-" Ianto never finished his sentence as Jack cupped his cheek and brushed his lips lightly against Ianto's.

"It's okay Ianto. I forgive you," Jack replied, his lips still pressed against Ianto's.

Ianto pulled his head away from Jack's and said in a very husky voice, "How about we worry about the un-hygienic nature of the countryside in a little while?"

"Are you going to let me have my way with you, Mr. Jones?" Jack asked, standing up, taking Ianto's hand in his.

"To a cetain extent, yes. But not all the way." He replied, standing up also, letting Jack lead him to one of the tents, hoping that it wasn't the one Tosh was occupying. They walked inside, and Ianto sat himself down on one of the sleeping mats rolled out, and pulled Jack down next to him. Immediately after sitting down, Jack took Ianto's face in his hands, and began to kiss him sweetly at first, before Ianto let out a short groan, and Jack started placing firey hot kisses on Ianto's lips, parting them with his tongue.

Ianto's hands moved up to the other mans shoulders, sliding off the military great-coat he always wore. Jack shrugged it off, and laid down on the mat. Ianto shifted slightly so that he was now straddling the Captain, and resumed kissing him. Jack's hands reached up and started removing Ianto's jacket, and then got to work on Ianto's shirt, unbuttoning the top layer.

Something cliked in Ianto's mind, as he suddenly pulled away from Jack warm and welcoming embrace.

"Yant, what's wrong?"

"I just have this odd feeling of something...Forget it, I'm probably going crazy." He replied, getting up off Jack and pulling his jacket back on. Jack sat up, and gave Ianto a questioning look.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He really did look worried. It was odd for the younger man to get sick, but for him to admit that something was wrong to another person was completely off.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I wonder what's taking Owen and Gwen so long to get some wood. I saw a huge pile of the stuff about 20 metres down the track into the forest."

"They probably didn't notice it, seeing Gwen was so angry with Owen over something." Jack got up fully, walked over to his partner, took him by the hand and walked out of the tent.

"They've been gone for almost 15 minutes. I have to say that I'm a little worried." Ianto even looked slightly worried, which was another odd thing about the man.

"How about we go take a walk into the woods, see if we can find them and tell them to hurry their arses up." Jack said, walking with Ianto into the woods.
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