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In the Woods, Part 2

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Ianto and Jack stumble across...

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A/N: Apologies that it's so short. I'm kinda making this chapter up as I go along. This is the final chapter guys, so please review!

The two men started walking down the dirt path which Gwen and Owen took only 15 minutes previously, before Ianto suddenly came to a halt. This caused Jack to crash into the man before him.

"Ow. Yan, what was that for? You could have warned me you know," Jack said, rubbing his forehead where it made contact with Ianto's hard shoulder.

"Sorry, another odd feeling. It's like there is something that we don't know, something that they know, but we don't."

"Who are 'they' Ianto?"

"Hmm, what was that Jack?" Ianto snapped out of the trance like state he was in. Jack just shook his head, took hold of Ianto's hand once more, and continued walking down the dirt track. They walked for maybe another 50 meters or so, when Ianto stopped, giving Jack a warning this time.

"Do you hear that sir?" Ianto asked as he held one hand up, the other going to the waistband of his jeans, clasping round the gun he put there that morning. Truth be told, there was a rustling sound coming from the trees before them. Jack knew that it wasn't animals, as this part of the Brecon Beacons didn't hospitalise them. Jack's hand also moved to his gun, and both he and Ianto drew them out at the same time. They slowly, and quietly, walked forwards, and Jack took a sharp intake of breath when he saw what it truly was.

A naked Owen had an equally naked Gwen pressed up against one of the trees, slowly thrusting in and out of her, as she held her head back in ecstasy. Jack cleared his throat, which caught Ianto's attention, and pointed the younger man to the activities before them. Ianto nodded, put his gun away, and walked slowly towards them. Once he was a couple of feet away, and he could be heard over Gwen's screams of pleasure, and Owen's heavy breathing, he cleared his throat. It was safe to say that he scared the crap out of both of them!

Jack approached from the other side, and said in a clear voice, "Now you don't want me to suspend either of you for this lark now, do you? Hmm, I'm finally getting my chance to see Gwen naked, and I have to say Miss Cooper, I'm not dissapointed." And with Jack's comments, Owen and Gwen quickly dressed themselves. Jack kept tutting at them as they went, and they soon were heading back to the campsite, when Ianto exclaimed, "What is that god-awful smell?"

The four of them hauled themselves in the direction of the smell, and found a blanket covering something up. Flies were buzzing all around it, and the smell being emitted from it was like torture. Owen picked up a large stick, not wanting to get his hands dirty, and lifted the blanket off, to reveal a decomposing body, stripped of flesh and organs underneath.


Final A/N: Well, we're up to the bit where they discover the body, so my work here is done. If you want me to continue, and maybe explain Ianto's airiness, please tell in a ya next time folks!!!

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