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An Unhealthy Obsession

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Summer Green is new in town. And all she wants is to fit in, but her new friends aren't on top of the list as she thinks. And will love form or a love triangle?

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Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.
-Mark Twain

I woke up to the annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock which woke me up everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. at the same time, 6:30 A.M. I groaned as I aimlessly searched for the clock until I heard a thud. I heard the door creak suddenly and I closed my eyes.
“Wake up. All you do is sleep, get ready!” That’s all I needed in the morning, hearing my mother’s nasally voice. Like always, she was on me, about sleeping, and other stuff about me needing to be more girly-girl, preppy, pageant queen kinda girl, and how she relies that on me because I am the only girl in the house other than herself. But I ended up being the mosh-pitting, physco freak that I am today. My father is quite different from my mother, he tells me I can be whatever I want to be, he wouldn’t care if I come home with tattoos and piercings, which mom would totally freak about. I grabbed my books and what-not and walked out the door saying good-bye to dad on the way. My brother’s in tow. We each run in different circles. James had always been the jock, the superstar quarterback down in Florida. Matthew a nerd who got the straight “A’s”, and made a mother gush and gossip about. And there’s "me" an outcast, an anti-social people called it, people really didn’t talk to me or even get to know me. People really thought I was to snobby, and thought I was to good then everybody else, but that really wasn’t it, It was my shyness.
Oddly we watch out for one other.

Today was our first day of high school. Which the other’s already started. We moved from Florida to a little town Bellville, New Jersey, which is really different from Florida, it was hot and here it was cold, which didn’t bother me on bit. I really missed the Palm Tree’s, the Beaches, and how every Friday we picked oranges from our backyard. Here, there were no Palm Tree’s, Beaches, and no oranges.
The school was big and kinda looked like a prison which freighted me alittle. The school yard was already filled with students, and I could feel the Claustrophobia coming on. I could no longer see my brother’s in the mash of teenager’s. I walked around until I saw a sign FRONT OFFICE was in white letters. I took a deep breath before opening the door. Inside, it was brightly lit, it was small; A little waiting area with green wooden chairs, a tan Carpet which I almost tripped over, notices and awards were cluttering the walls. The room was cut in half by a counter, they was space able for you to walk though which only lead through more corridors which I really didn’t care for now. The desk was cluttered by wire baskets full of papers and brightly colored flyers taped to its front. Behind the desk sat a large, Blonde-haired woman wearing glasses. She looked up.
“Can I help you?” “I’m Summer Green.” She suddenly smiled, with a certain spark to her.
She grabbed a bunch of papers. “Your brother’s already came in so don’t worry.” She informed me, but I just nodded. She sowed me the easiest way to my classes and handed me my schedule and the map. She wished me good luck, which just meant bad luck is going to happen sometime.
Outside, it was colder and the sky was starting to blacken, I didn’t think it as an omen, just unavoidable.

Today was going to be a long day.
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