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Life stand stills

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All my life I've wanted to be someone; I guess I should have been more specific.
- Jane Wagner/Lily Tomlin

I was late to class, and of course I had algebra 1, Math and I didn’t really like each other much. I opened the door and everybody looked at me. The teacher was young looking, tall, and lanky. His hair was red and had brown eyes, and freckles covered his face.
He smiled. “You’re the new student, correct?” his voice sounded funny like he was from Ireland of some sort. I nodded, handing him my schedule. He looked over it and signed his initials on the side. “Welcome Summer, I’m Mr. Dwelling.” I nodded again, feeling uncomfortable as people watched my every move. He pointed to the back corner of the room. “Your can sit there.” He smiled again. But I just walked to the back of the room feeling awkward as everybody stared at me as I walked by.
“Now, back to what I was saying.” He started, looking straight at me, feeling that awkward feeling again.

Every class was like the same, Boring, and lifeless. And so far every student watched me carefully as I walked in, and the teachers making me feel weird and uncomfortable, especially the guys. But there was lunch. My new peers were sitting in there cliques. Just like the school before me. As I can tell my brothers fit pretty nicely except me. I sat down on the table with my disgusting school lunch, and of course, by myself. I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I took a deep breath, getting ready for my torture to begin.
I turned around to see five boys looking around aimlessly except one. “Can I help you?” I questioned. He opened his mouth then closed it again. I was going to turn around again until he spoke. “Can we sit here?” I was shocked they wanted to sit with me. Maybe the good luck was starting to show. I nodded turning back to my food and poking it with a fork. “Are you going to eat that?”
I looked up to see a pair of honey colored eyes. “Excuse me?” He rolled his eyes. “Are you going to eat that?” I pushed the food away, and he gladly accepted it. “I’m Frank.” He said with a mouth full of food. “Nice to meet you, I’m Summer.” A smile tugged on the corner of his lips. I looked around until I felt another tap on m shoulder. “I’m Gerard.” He began. I smiled. “Summer.”
Frank Started laughing, food almost busting out of his mouth. Gerard had a confused look on his face. “What?” I finally asked.
He shook his head. ”Nothing.” Gerard just shook his head. “Anyways, this is my brother Mikey, Ray, And Bob.” They all nodded hey except Mikey which was nice enough to say hello.

Finally school ended, But I still couldn’t get why Frank was laughing at lunch. And why they wanted to sit with me at lunch. I heard laughing behind me, But I decided to ignore it until someone was calling my name. I turned around and it was Frank running towards me. “Hey.” He said out of breath. “Hey, so would you like to tell me why you were running after me?” He slightly pouted.
“No reason.” he said smiling. I just shook my head. “So” he began. “You live around here?” I nodded.
”Actually, I live right here.” I looked towards the house.
“So, can I come in?”
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