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He’s kinda weird and awkward late night greetings

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Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.
- Niels Bohr

“W-What?” I stuttered. He rolled his eyes. “You heard me.” He started. “Can I come in your house?” I looked back at the house. Mom won’t be home in awhile and dad wouldn’t mind. “Sure.” He grinned, and walked up the steps. I stood there not realized if he was serious, or not, but apparently he was. I caught up with him and opened the door. The last thing I saw when I closed the door, was Gerard standing on the sidewalk stunned. The sudden feel of guilt washed through me. I closed the door and frank let out a low whistle. “Nice place you got here.” I smiled. “Thanks.” One thing I knew was that I hardly knew this kid, and he’s in my house.
God, I’m going crazy. “Dad!” I yelled. I heard a low grunt and he came out of the kitchen. “The one and only, Dinner will be done in a couple minutes.” He looked at Frank and smiled. “Summer, you already have a boyfriend, didn’t take you that long.” I blushed and so did Frank. “Dad, he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my friend from school.” And I made sure I said friend clearly. His face fell.
“Oh.” He said then smiled again. “You want to stay from dinner, um, your name?” “My name is Frank and yeah I would like that.”
Dad disappeared and I went into the kitchen. The door burst open and my brothers came in. Frank’s face fell for a moment then noticed I was looking at him and he smiled. “Hey Sum.” James said. And for some odd reason Matthew ran up the stairs.
“So, who is this?” James asked. “James meet, Frank.” He nodded a hello and ran up the stairs after Matthew.
“I didn’t know our bother was a jock.” I shrugged. “How do you feel about it?” I grimaced. “What do you mean?” he rolled his eyes.
“About our bother being a jock and your other brother?” I never really thought about it.
”I don’t really now really, I never really thought about it and all. I get teased a lot about it and stuff but he always sticks up for me.” Frank just nodded and dad announced dinner was done. We sat at our big oak table me sitting by Frank and Matthew next to James, and dad beside me. We all looked at the disgusting looking food in front of us, except dad envying what he made and Frank digging straight in along with dad but the rest of us just stood there watching in astonishment. “Mr. Green your Macaroni and Cheese is amazing.” Frank exclaimed. “Thanks, at least somebody here likes it.” I looked back at the food is that supposed to be Macaroni and cheese, the cheese looked lumpy and sort of green, and the macaroni still looked hard.

It was 11 pm and Frank was long gone. I never met somebody so weird before. I was lying on my bed when I heard a knock on my window, I jumped alittle. Who would it be, and for some reason my thoughts lead towards Frank. I walked towards the window but all I could see was darkness. I opened it and put my head though it. “Hello, Is someone there?” I said in a whisper. Someone touched my hand and I jumped hitting my head on the window and falling backwards. “Sorry.” I heard somebody say, and it wasn’t Frank. “Gerard?” I heard a faint laugh and he popped his head though my window. “What are you doing here?” He came though the window. “To see you and I have to tell you something important.” I got up and pushed him back.
“Get out of here; you’re going to get me in trouble, out.” I said raising my voice alittle. He got serious grabbing my hands and pinning them down to my sides. “Listen to me first.” I rolled my eyes. “What is it?” He smiled. “Promise me, that you will stay away from Frank, he’s bad news.” I laughed. “Oh okay.” I said with some sarcasm. “No really, don’t.” He let go of my hands and went out of the window, I closed it when I made sure he was gone. I just wanted to know why he came and why the warning.
Tomorrow I’m going to find out why.

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