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Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.
- Unknown

First period wasn’t fun, we have some stupid assignment due next Wednesday, and I really don’t want to do it. Every other class went like a breeze but Lunch finally arrived and I sat at the lunch table by myself like yesterday before and the guys were nowhere to be seen. So I just gave up on looking for them, it was probably a one time thing. I was about to get up and throw my stuff away.
“Are you going to eat that?” Frank sat next to me and smiled. “Well, are you?” I laughed. “No.” I was quiet for awhile. “I had fun at your house yesterday.” I blushed alittle. “Me too.” The rest of the school day was like a blur, Frank and I where the only one’s sitting at the table and the rest of the guys were not to be seen. I asked Frank if he knew where they were but He just said they wag and had to do something. I was confused but I didn’t ask anymore questions.

I walked home with Matthew and James. But Matthew was acting really weird lately and I wanted to know why, and that just added more to my confused self. We walked inside and I grabbed James. “James, I need to ask you something.” He looked confused
“What about, is it that guy Frank?” I shook my head. “No, but it’s about Matthew, what’s wrong?” James looked at the stairs and back at me. “Go ask him yourself, He’ll tell you.” He walked away leaving me in the hall in a daze.

I walked up the stairs and knocked on Matthew’s door. “Mattie, Can I talk to you?” I heard a low grunt and a couple of noises, and the door finally opened. “What do you need to ask me?” he said leaning on the doorway. “What’s been up with you?” He moved out of the way and gestured me in. I walked in and he closed the door. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately” he began, “but I don’t know for sure.” I sat on his bed. “What do you mean?” He sat next to me. “I think I’m…’” he got quiet for a few seconds. “I think I’m gay.” I looked at him wide eyed.
“Why didn’t you just tell me?’ I said almost yelling but staying calm. “I wasn’t sure, I would have told you, but I needed to think.” He said.
I hugged him. “I don’t care Mattie.” I said hugging him tighter and he did the same.

There was no school today, so I was happy. But I didn’t even get to see Gerard or talk to him. So, I walked outside and I began to walk to the nearest payphone. I finally spotted one at a gas station, but I stopped in my tracks and went behind a bush, and popped my head just enough to see. I saw a car and frank was getting gas, I didn’t even know Frank owned a car. I continued to watch as Gerard came out of the Gas place. He got in the car and so did Frank after he put in the gas. They drove off. I got away from the bush and walked up to the pay phone. But I keep wondering what they were doing. Was it just a day out to get so gas and hangout, or was it more. But I pushed that out of my mind. I grabbed the phonebook and looked under the W’s. I skimmed down and found a Donna, Way so I wrote down the number and prayed to god it was Gerard’s.

I got home running straight to the Phone. I dialed in the numbers and the phone began to ring. /Answer, Answer, Answer/. I chanted in my head.
/ “Hello.” answered a woman. “Hello, Is Gerard there?”
“Yeah, hang on dear.” She said. I mentally kicked myself, I got the right number.
“Hello.” answered a raspy voice.
“Gerard?” I said cautiously. “Yeah, who is this?”
“It’s me, Summer.” He let out a Deep breath. “Hey.”
“Why weren’t you at school yesterday?” I asked getting straight to the point.
He took another deep breath. “I’ll come over.” Before I got to object, he hung up. /
He was coming over. Great.

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