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Don't talk to me

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“Tis strange, but true; for truth is always strange, Stranger then friction.”
- Lord Byron

I heard a knock on my window, and once again I jumped up. I took a deep breath. I opened up the window.
“You know, you could just use the door.” He laughed. “I really don’t want introductions.” He got though the window and closed it.
“So, missing school.” I said awkwardly. “Right.” He said sitting on the bed. “I had to do something for Frank, Actually all of us did.”
I was Confused. “What are you saying?” He took in another breath. “I can’t tell you now, only time will tell, but that’s what I’m afraid of.” I shook my head. “You make no fucking sense.” He smiled but got serious again.

“Summer, I like you a lot and I really don’t want to see you hurt.” I blushed and looked away. “Gerard you should leave now.” I said in almost a whisper. I heard a shuffle but I wanted to look away. Look away from him. Look away from his honey colored eyes. “Summer.” I heard a low whisper and turned my head which was a big mistake, he automatically swallowed me up in his eyes.
“Gerard.” I said in a low whisper. And without thinking my lips crashed against his. His lips were warm which sent shivers down my back. My heart started fluttering and started pounding in my ears. He finally broke the kiss leaving me and him completely breathless.
“I should leave.” He said kissing my forehead and going out the window. I sat there wondering if that was for real or I was just dreaming. I put my head out of the window. “Gerard. “ I said just above a Whisper. I heard a chuckle and it was gone.

In the past three weeks I have been getting these nightmares, I wouldn’t call the nightmares because it was the same dream, playing over and over again. My dad stopped checking on me, and made sure I wasn’t getting strangled to death. In my dream Gerard was walking with me by a pond and it was dark, like nothingness but only me and Gerard and the odd pond. But soon he talks and I can’t hear him, then he disappears and I scream over and over for him and Frank appears in his place but he doesn’t talk to me he only stares which seemed for hours. Frank turns white and crumbles into pieces. School was boring as always and Gerard has missed a lot of school, he hasn’t even talked to me since our last encounter. I tried hard not to think about it but the harsh rejection stabbed me. I tried talking to him but he only nods and ignores me. I tried asking the guys but they don’t even now what’s going on, not even his brother. Frank doesn’t even talk to me anymore. What did I do to them? Was it my very presence? Maybe that dream was coming true once in for all. Maybe it’s a sign, telling me to move on and try to forget. This made my stab wound even worse, it made it bigger.

I sat at my desk in the science room, waiting for the time to fly by but it was slow today. I didn’t even notice the teacher was calling my name. But that didn’t bother me at all, finally the bell rang and I grab my stuff. “Miss Green.” Mrs. Rundiski called. I took a deep breath. “Yes.” I said rather annoyed. She pushed up her glasses that were sliding down her nose and shuffled some papers.

“I been studying you lately and I want to no what is going on, your grades are dropping like crazy, you lose focus, what am I supposed to do with you?” She complained. I look towards the poster of the periodic table. “It’s just family don’t worry.” She let out a deep breath like she was holding it the whole time. “Oh okay, then.” I walked out of the classroom. And there waiting by the door was Gerard.

NOTE: okay I tried making it loger but i'm not having any luck, BUT i'm trying. And I have a new idea. I won't update on this story unless I get enough reviews. So, tell me what you think.

xoxo Kaitlyn [casual_fridays]
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