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Chapter 3

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Her legs were long and thin and her hips were small. Her hands slid up her thighs to her flat stomach, she turned to her side and looked at the mirror. She saw her breast as small. She frowned at it and turned again to face the full length mirror. Her brown hair reached to her mid-back. Her eyes were green and as she looked closely there were specks of yellow around her pupil. She sighed. She did change a lot, but she expected herself to be beautiful like how her mother use to describe her when she couldn’t see. She sat on her soft king single bed and absent mindedly looked around her room. It was pretty plain with no posters or pictures, her bed had a plain white cover and her table was spotless except for a hairbrush.

“This room needs a makeover” she muttered to herself.

She breathed in and pulled a newspaper from her draw and read the article that was on the front page. She knows she hasn’t missed a lot but she regretted the day where she lost her eyesight. The images appeared in her head and quickly she shook her head as the images faded away. She focused on thinking about something else.

“Miranda!” her mother called out.

“Come in” Miranda called out and stood up.

“Miranda, I just realized” her mother rushed in, “That there is a week left for school!”

The girl’s gaze went to the floor as she nodded.

“Honey, you ok?” her mother looked worried.

“I’m fine” she looked back at her mother, “Just the nerve of starting a new school” she gave a nervous laugh.

Gabrielle patted her daughter’s back, “Its fine” then she abruptly stood up, “Let’s go shopping then”

Miranda smiled at her mum. It was what she needed.

Gerard gawked up at the ceiling with his arms under his head. It wasn’t difficult to know that he was thinking about Miranda. Mikey, who felt very sneaky, slipped into his brother’s room without his realization. His aim was to get his comic book back which was lying next to Gerard on his bed. He quickly made his way and grabbed his book and expected Gerard to snatch it off him but he didn’t. Mikey was about to bolt out of the room but didn’t. He looked at his brother’s facial expression and wondered what was on his mind. A moment later a smirk appeared on Mikey’s face.

“Gerard and Miranda sitting in the tree” Mikey began singing as he watched his brother’s reaction.

Gerard blinked a couple of times and turned to see Mikey. He realized what he was saying and sat up with a frown.

“F-U-C-K-I-N-G!” Mikey continued
unaware of what was coming to him.

“Mikey!” Gerard tackled Mikey to the ground.

“Argh!” Mikey cried out for his life.

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