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The Water Cooler Romance

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Bob talks to her.

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A/N: sorry this is short, and crap

A month a one week had gone by. Both bands were cautious around each other and Viola could never bring herself to look at Bob. She hated every inch of her and her depression was beginning to show in the performances, already five times she had to have her drum tech come on stage to play for her.

Viola stood at the water table slowly drinking, she felt a presence at her backside. She turned and Emerson stood with Spencer and Elliot, Carson was no where.

"Vi?" Emerson asked, "Do we need to drop out of 'WNO'?"

She glanced at Spencer and Elliot.

"We understand," Spencer said slowly, "It's not easy being in your position."

Elliot went to punch Spencer but Viola stopped him.

"We can't drop out, it’s bad for our rep. Look I've handled worse shit," she turned to Emerson, "Remember when the van broke down two kilometers from Moncton, and we all carried our own gear to the show, it was raining and I almost broke my foot."

"Yeah," Emerson chuckled.

"And remember Elliot got so sick, that the hospital wouldn't let him out. So we captured him and he played an hour set in a grown."

Elliot began to laugh, Spencer joined in and Emerson was already nearly in tears with Viola. Their manager seemed to be happy with the change in Viola's mood.

Carson entered the room and saw his band laughing like loons. He crossed the floor and quickly grabbed Viola's arm, pulling her into a whisper.

"Someone wants to see you, outside our tech bus."

Curiosity took the better of Viola and she ventured outside towards the buses. She tiptoed to the tech bus and saw a shadowed figure she barely recognized. The figure motioned her to come towards him, but she stood her ground.

"Vi," the voice said softly, "come here."

She took a shallow breath.

"Why…why are you here?"

She took another shallow breath; her throat was beginning to grow hot.

"I just wanna talk, I've been so worried."

Viola broke down again, her whole body shaking. She repeated a thousand times that she was sorry, but it wasn't enough for her.

Bob pulled back her hair from her face holding her stubborn body against his.

"Your friend Carson has a lot of faith," he paused and waited for her eyes, "in us."

"I'm so sorry," Viola hic-coughed, "I'm so sorry, about everything."

Bob slowly hushed her, placing a finger to her lips.

"Carson told me about Pete, how he seemed pretty keen to be with you," he paused as his tone changed, "I always thought I was practice or something, but when I heard the your band had dropped out of the Warp Tour, well I," he paused, thinking, "I didn't know what to think."

"I've missed you, I always hated to be alone, and I was weak for any man four months ago."

Bob kissed Viola's lips.

"I've missed you too," he looked away, "I, love you Viola."
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