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From what I've heard...

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Opening Night.

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It was ten minutes till Pretty Boys Death was to grace the stage. Emerson singing quietly in the corner with Spencer using Emerson's arms to stretch his own. Elliot boxed the air a few times, paced and then repeated himself.

"Oh shit," Viola almost whispered clutching her hands tightly, "ok, just breath Vi."

Carson finally emerged holding a green tea; Viola hardly gave a second before dashing towards him. She yanked roughly from his hands the cold can and clicked the top.

"Your welcome Vi," Carson spoke before mimicking her "Oh no prob Carse, your the greatest!"

Viola punched his side while still drinking, she finished shortly and threw the can behind her. A yell from Emerson was soon voiced.

"Sorry," Viola responded.

Emerson mouthed something and stormed to another part of the backstage.

The screaming fans grew louder with each cord My Chemical Romance played. Viola clutched her arms and looked towards the ceiling.

"Listen to them," Viola mused.

"That happens to us too Vi."

Viola smiled from the side of her mouth bring her jaw down. Carson rubbed his head roughly.

Suddenly Gerard was heard again, and a goodbye was issued. There was no second, not even a split of one, Bob had come through the backstage curtain. Viola's heart skipped and she turned quickly moving away from My chem's path. Carson followed her, but he knew she couldn't avoid Bob like this all 3 month tour.



"Yeah Carse?"

"So you are still awake."

Viola shifted in her bunk. The silence settled again, only soft breathing from the other band mates was heard.

"Yeah," she whispered.

"Wanna talk?"

Viola sighed.

"I don't know what to say Carse...."

The numbers of the digital clock flicked to 3:33am.

"Did you make a wish?" Carson spoke softly.

"Yeah," Viola's voice slightly cracked, "but it wont come true."

There was a longer silence and together they heard the wind blow against the hotel windows. It shuttered the glass softly before ceasing again.

"Why's that Vi," there was choke in Carson's voice, he knew how she felt about the gig.

"Cause I'm gonna tell you what i wished for," Viola half laughed before swallowing a sob and letting a hot tear stain her check.

Then it came; sobbing, wailing and then a hug from Carson. Viola let go and let it all out, very much like verbal diarrhea.

"I wished I could make everything better with me and Bob, the worst part about screwing up with someone you love is the pain," Viola buried herself deeper into Carson, "The pain you'll never get them back, the scarred feeling you wake up to ever day the feeling 'Holey shit, I've screwed myself over sideways and back to front'."

Carson laughed softly,

"Nice analogy."

"I can't believe I went with Pete, i didn't even like him Carson. Why , that's what i go over ever second of every day, Why?"

"I don't know Vi."

"I hate myself, kill me Carson... i don't deserve to live."

Carson squeezed tightly,

"I'll say it again, I'm not doing that."

"How will i even get Bob to look at me?"

There was a long silence.

"Well," Carson started, "you could look at him for a start."

Okay i know it's not that much but my mom's being the biggest whore on the planet, i hate her so much right now! Anyhoo, i'll try to update tomorrow, but she may be a bitch again and deny me that too.
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