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New Deal

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3 Months have Past. The band gets signed to a new Tour.

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"Well that's settled then, Pretty Boys Death with be on 'Wallflower's Night Out' tour, yes for 5 000 a piece...," The manger's voice dropped, "Yes I understand what happened last time."

Viola looked down as Carson gave her hand a tight squeeze. Emerson placed a hand to her back,

"It's okay Viola," He whispered, "We won't have FOB or MCR."

"Yeah," Spencer piped up, "No Pete."

The band instantly pretended to vomit. The manger hung up and looked to him.

"Okay, ground rules."

Elliot jetted quickly,

"You can stop taking out your anger on Viola, it won't be another Warp Tour we promise."

The manger opened his mouth in anger, closed it slightly before continueing again,

"We lost half our pay, your pay! I tried for two other tours before 'WNO' would let you on. Not because you weren't getting publicity but because they were afraid they might lose Boys like Girls to or Paramore to another," he took a large breath , " all because Viola couldn't decide whether she wanted Bassist or Percussion for a nice tour snack!"

Viola lunged forward as Carson caught her shoulders, the group pulled her back to the couch.

"Derek!" Emerson cried, "She's had to live with hurting people and causing a band to drop out from a tour for Three months now!" his hands shook, "Can't you just leave her alone, she feels bad enough!"

"Yeah!" Spencer barked, "She's cries herself to sleep!"

Elliot landed a punch in Spencer's face, and he stumbled backwards.

"Shut up dude!"

Viola yelled loudly and everyone seemed to hush.

"I'm not a fragile being, okay! I don't care anymore, I want to complete a tour," Her chest rose quickly, "I'm living with what i've done, I'll fucking make it, FUCK!"

She stormed from the room moving to the studio's lounge. Sheepishly the bad joined her and Viola appologized, but the band wouldn't hear it.

"Your in the right again Viola," Emerson smiled.

There was a silence and the band felt somewhat like normal human beings. Spencer was the first to cry out.


He furiously grabbed the remote increasing the volume.

"Next up we have the Fall Tour Report with Tours like 'Boy's Night Out!' 'All the Wild things' and ' Wallflower's night out' and a special report to Which tour MCR will be joining!"

There was quick break to promote
"This Providence"'s new CD and the report was back.

"After a Short one month Break MCR has decided to Join an indie Tour for a break from the large scale Major label Tours. Earlier today there was a brief press conference where Front Man Gerard Way discussed his interest in the Indie scene and his confirmation with signing to the "WNO" tour."

After the news was broken to Viola, she stared hard at the TV like it was lying. It wasn't long till she began shaking her head. Carson pulled her into a forced hug. There was no turning back, she was going to half to face Bob...
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