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Chapter 2

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Kagome has traveled with the Inuyasha group for three years. What would happen if Kagome doesn't need anyone's help anymore? And who's S? Rated for cursing.

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Chapter 2
Sum It Up!
By:Sesshomaru15, and kandierain15 and Rakuya and Emma, and Creya!!!! ^_^
Writen on August 11, 2007
Typed on January 8, 2008
Sorry for the long wait!!!!!
I don’t own Inuyasha
Nor will I ever
I will be trying to write a Christmas story but there’s a 55% chanse it won’t come out.
Besides, it’s a Miroku/Kagome anyway
This is a Sess/Kag story.
No likey the couple, no read
LOTS of Inu bashing.
Inu fans beware!
Emma has been gone so I’m having a person called Creya doing my beta.
Thank you Creya
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I’ve finished chapter 3 by the way.
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So happy b-days to me! It's Jan. 20th!
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On to the story! @__@ (LOL)

“I know the guy that has this mark!!!! It all started one day about a year ago when we visited
a village about Naraku. A local priest came up to me wavin Sutras saying something about me
being a evil spirit that was back from the dead for revenge. He then told me he was ashamed of
me and threw us out of the village. About a month after that I got seperated from the group on
day and a demon man called me his mate and took me to his house. They were SOOOOOO
many kids there! And they looked like me and him! Mixed together. Some looked like I do
now. Plus they had this exact symbol on their forehead!”I explained shocked!

I know this may sound weird but what if your ancestors didn’t approve of demons and you
look-alike fell in love with one and they disowned her?! OH NO! If that family had any enimes,
they would mistake you for a member of that family and try to kill you?” Sango said scaring
herself for her friend.

“If that is so then I ask that you Lady Kagome to please put this piece of cloth around
your forehead so that you won’t be in danger in this era,” Miroku asked ripping a piece of cloth
from his robes and handed it to me.

“Oh wow! Thanks Miroku. But when I go to my time I won’t have to wear it will I?” I
asked while putting it on.”Because it would look kinda weird.” I added doubting I could even
go to my time now.

“Hell no! You are not going to your era until we collect more shards, you got that
wench?!”Inuyasha protested rudely crossing his arms across his chest.

“I can’t go home huh Inuyasha? Well that’s just what you think. So why don’t you just
shut up or you can SIT down and have a normal conversation,” I said smugly as he got cozyly
aquainted with the earth. “Ground meet Inuyasha, Inuyasha meet ground.” I giggled.

“Actually, that’d be fine just for the simple fact you’re in your own home and your
ancestors arn’t there. So you’re not danger,” he said smiling.

“Great! Well, we should at least get away from Kikyo, she smells like she was rotting
for fifty years...OH WAIT! She was!” I smirked looking at Inuyasha.

“Oi wench, she smells better than you do,and she’s prettier too,” Inuyasha grumbled
while glaring at me.

“Really?! It is?! I could of sworn that cherry blossoms was nice...okay! How about
fresh spring breeze,” I said changing my scent so that I smelled as though I was standing in a
field of flowers.

“Oh my! Lady Kagome how did you learn to do that?! It smells so wonderful, and is a
good hiding teqnique!” Miroku complemented reaching for my ass but before he could Sango
smacked him upside the head.

Shut up Hentai! Oh don’t mind him Kagome. He’s just perverted...but you smell so
great! And the houshi is right. It is a good hiding skill!” Sango said rolling her eyes as Miroku

“Lady Sango, you hurt me. I was nearly making sure Lady Kagome wasen’t hiding
flowers in her pocket,” Miroku tried to say but Sango hit him again...and again...and again.

“Guys! Can we please just go already?! I really want to get away fromt he smell of
dead, graves, and...Lord Sesshomaru?” I finished saying confused.

(Time for a break! Arn’t you guys mad!)

Emma: Do you like tormenting them?
Rakuya: Sometimes, yeah I do!
Emma: Why though?
Rakuya: Because it’s fun?!
Emma: rolls her eyes you’re mean and cold-hearted
Kagome: Trust me, you don’t know the exstent of it!
Rakuya: Now that points up to Kagome’s comment is sooo not true ( not really) (It is) LOL
Sesshomaru: Does this Sesshomaru get to appear soon?
Rakuya: Shush! When you open your mouth you seem uglier! Stay quiet!
Emma: Phht! P.s: I’ve had my birthday two days ago. It was January 6th! I am now 16! Whey
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(Back to The beautiful STORY! YEAH!)

“Awesome! I need to let off some steam and that fucker is the perfect fight for me right
now,” Inuyasha said smiling but then the smile was replaced by a frown when he took out an
un-transfomed Tetsuaiga.

“Why don’t I explain to you that since I ahve become a full-demon and no longer am a
human, and you don’t care for a LIVING human, the sword won’t work for you,” I explained
grinning like the chesire cat motioning for him to hand the sword to me.

“Why should I habd the sword to you? you’re a youkai and it will do the same thing to
you it did to Sesshomaru,” he said scoffing.

“That’s wrong! Listion Inuyasha and listion good. I am the first EVER Youkai-Miko.
EVER!!! Becaus eI was Miko first, my purity is stronger than my demonic aura so it would
tame the blade allowing me to weild it, and besides, since you can’t use the blade and you’re
useless, who’s going to defend the group now?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

(And enter SeSsHoMaRu!!!!!!!!) (YAY!)

“The woman is right hanyou(his name’s not even worth capitalizing LOL!), now that she
is a full-youkai and your blade doesen’t work for you, she is the dominent of the group. Oddly
enough, the blade calls for her command,” Sesshomaru said coming into the clearing.

“Good morning Lord Sesshomaru, what do we have the pleasure of this morning?” I
asked bowing deeply as the group gaped like fishes at my attitude towards Sesshomaru.

“It’s nice to know thatat least one of my brother’s group members has respect for
royal...but royalty is part of the reason I’m here. You must realize that news of a youkai-miko
spread fast and reached the elders.(Check end of story for definition) Naturally we held an
urgent meeting and came up with the conclusion that you have powers as strong or stronger than
the lords and ladys and you are an important royal and since they knew that you were in my
half-brother’s group they insisted I give you the news and invite you to your corination to
royalty. It would be rude to say no since it is after all, for you. I also have to say that bowng so
deeply is not nessasary and a simple nodd in recodnition is fine. Also that your clothing
is......bad and you will be sent new ones shortly. I just ask you Inuyasha to refrain from killing
Lord Kouga when you meet because it would disgrace Lady Kagome,” he said nodding his
head at Inuyasha after he was finished with the long(looooonnnnnnggggg) explination.

“Uh...well wow...just wow!” I said trying to refrain from being speechless...”
you mean to say that I’m a ROYAL!?”

Sesshomaru nodded his head again.

“I’m a royal, you’re inviting me to a corination...for ME!?...Lord Kouga?! Kouga’s a
royal...Lord?!” I couldn’t help but whine.

“Yes Kagome. This is all true, the amusing thing is you acted the way the elders thought
you would,” he said smirking crossing his arms over his chest.

“Wow! I always thought that when I turned to youkai-miko, it would be like I was a
hanyou and be shuned from both humans and youkai alike,” I said with wide eyes.

“You are a youkai though, and that means youkai will respect you, some will try to
capture you, and some will shun you, so I have a present for you. Take this ring, it will protect
you. I cannot tell you how but it will. Keep it sefe,”he said handing me a ring with the charactors
for protect on the band.”And if you ever need a place to stay you are welecome at the castle

Arigato Lord Sesshomaru, how may I ever repay you for What you’ve done?” I asked.

‘I remember you from when you were young, your father and I were friends, I made a
promise to him to protect you. There is no protecting to be made,” he said brushng off the
possibility of repaying him.

“SHUT UP!!!”

Rakuya: Dun Dun Dun! It is the end of chapter 2! Finally!!! It took me forever to type this up
and it’s only 8 pages long. But don’t worry! Chapter three is done and it is a measly 5 pages.
It’s not very long and used to be part of chapter 2 but I had reasons for seperating them. i just
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