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Chapter Three

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Sum It Up!
Chapter 3
By: Sesshomaru15
typed on Febuary 20, 2008
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“Arigato Lord Sesshomaru, how may I ever repay you for What
you’ve done?” I asked.

‘I remember you from when you were young, your father and I
were friends, I made a promise to him to protect you. There is no
protecting to be made,” he said brushng off the possibility of repaying

“SHUT UP!!!”


“SHUT UP!!!” Inuyasha yelled.”Why are you talking to him
Kagome? He’s been our enemy for years now. Why are you two so
friendly now?”

I gasped covering my mouth.

Sesshomaru had Inuyasha slammed into a tree withen seconds
holding him up by his throat.

“Inuyasha, just because you think you’re god, that doesn’t give
you the right to run people’s lives by telling them what to do or who
to like, like they are mindless zombies. You know what? You are just
a worthless hanyou in everyone’s eyes,” Sesshomaru growled out his
eyes tinting red.

“Let me go you freak,” Inuyasha gasped out turning blue from
the lack of oxygen to his lungs.

“Sesshomaru! Please let him down, he’s your half-brother! Also
what would the elders say if they found out that you killed a royal?!
Don’t forget, Inuyasha’s second in line for the title. Remember, if
you die(insert glare from Sesshomaru here)someone else could claim
the lands you own,” I hurried trying to get him to put Inuyasha down.

“Fine, but only because you are right, though one day, the day I
die it will have been, hundreds of years after Inuyasha has
been killed and disposed of,” Sesshomaru said dropping Inuyasha
where he lay gasping for some much needed air.

“What the hell was that for you asshole?”Inuyasha glared while
still gasping for air harshly.

“Oh get off it! You were the ass and you had no reason to insult
Lord Sesshomaru. Just because you can’t be polite to safe your life
doesn’t mean you can take it out on people who did nothing to you,”
I fumed angrily.

“Kagome, that bastard is the reason my mom was killed,”
Inuyasha whined loudly.

“Inuyasha! From what I’ve heard over the years from these two
over here, HE was the one to lose his mother when he was young and
for her to get replaced by a mortal. HE was the one to lose his father
to you and have to be the one to take over the western lands all by
himself. No one believed he could do it. But he did! I’m suprized he
hasen’t killed himeself yet!” I said the tears flowing freely that I
didn’t even know were there until I reached up to my eyes and wiped
them clean.”You still have a brother yet you treat him like shit. That’s
family yet you’re never grateful for it!”

“Kagome! I had no idea you were that interested in
Sesshomaru-Sama! My my, does thy have an interest in him?”Miroku

“Gah! Do you think I would have stayed sane if I didn’t do
something here besides studying, fighting, and jewal hunting? I’m
hurt! I did learn some things from my gossiping friends after all,” I
said pretending to be wounded deeply at his words.

“It is getting late Lady Kagome and a lady needs her sleep. I
suggest you retire soon. I will be going but first I need to know if you
will be atending the corination or not,” Sesshomaru asked.

“I’ll go but I get to wear clothes from my own home, and don’t
worry! They’re elegant!” agreed makignSesshomaru smirk.

“Good! The elders will be pleased. They’ve been trying to find
something to celebrate but with Naraku it’s been all gloom and no
fun. It’s quite depressing actually. Thank you Lady Kagome and good
night,” Sesshomaru said dissapearing after I nodded my head

“Well, that was...eventful,” Sango gaped still shocked.

“Yes, why don’t we just skip dinner and retire to our beds like
Sesshomaru suggested and dwell on everything tommarrow?”I
suggested and everybody nodded”Good well good night then.”

I got the fire to let down so it would die out soon and got into
the sleeping bag since we hadden’t went anywhere since I got up.

I lay down and sighed. Shippo snuggled up to me. I said
good-night to everyone and closed my eyes. I was soon sound asleep.
Soft golden eyes watched form a distance...............

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