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One visitor, another dozen intruders

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When Joe downloaded a role-playing program onto his comp, a side-effect occurs to reality. They now try to do what is right, if they can figure out what really is right...

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Chapter 1: One visitor, another dozen intruders.

"What to write..." Mike thought to himself while writing down rough lyrics for a new song. It's autumn turning winter now and most of his projects are complete. Now is his time to work on new songs for their next Linkin Park album. Brad walked in, yawning. "'Sup?" he asked. "I'm out of ideas," Mike confessed, putting his pen down. "You can't be out of ideas. Why don't you look around? We've got a load of ideas waiting for us to pick them up," Brad told him, trying to cheer him up. Mike still looked slightly strained. Brad then looked as gloomy as he did. "What do you think of a song which explains one's second self, or an imaginary friend?" Mike asked, an idea crossing his mind. "Let's imagine how many people out there would make one of us their imaginary friend," Chester came in. "I'll pass," Brad exclaimed. "Where are the others?" Mike asked him. "Phi and Rob are already in bed. Joe went to the Net for stuff and took up a new hobby; RP-ing," Chester answered in disapproval. "No way," Brad exclaimed. "How the hell can he understand the magical concepts anyways?" Chester remarked. "I'm going to turn in now," Mike told them. "See you next morning."

He kept tossing and turning in his bed. It was not because the hotel was not comfortable enough. 'I had to look for ideas,' he thought to himself. Climbing out of his bed, he put on his pants and T-shirt, and brought a jacket along as well. He was careful not to wake any of his band mates up. Even as he walked out of the bedrooms, he can hear a singing voice in his head;
'I walk my hidden path,
I stay from those I knew...'

Mike wished he had brought along his notepad and pen as he opened the door, just before he heard the door of the room refrigerator moving. He approached the figure near the door cautiously, just in case someone was trying to trick him. In the dim light of the hotel room, he can see that it was a young girl, clutching a wrapped loaf of bread and a bottle of water in her hands. "Who are you?" Mike asked. She gasped, said nothing and disappeared. 'Weird,' Mike thought to himself.

Mike said nothing about what he saw the last night to his band mates. "I just installed a new program on our PC," Joe told him as they sat next to each other at the table during breakfast. "Does it help with our stuff?" Mike asked. "No," Joe quickly replied. Rob rolled his eyes. "We have to think of a new tune, some new lyrics and a good new song for the album," Mike said again. "Calm down, man. You don't have to push yourself too hard," Chester's voice said. Rob and Mike looked up from their table, searching for a visible Chester. "Um, Chaz?" "Where are you?" they asked. "I'm right here, you moron," said the voice. Mike felt his nose being poked by a transparent human finger.

Phoenix walked in and felt his shoulder bumping into another person, but the person was nowhere in sight. "Watch where you're going, Phi," Chester's voice told him. "Chaz? Is that you, man?" Phoenix asked. He was probably unaware that Mike and Rob already knew they couldn't see Chester. "Chester, you are invisible," Joe knowledgably concluded. "But how?" Chester asked, looking at himself. "It couldn't have been a food reaction. I mean, you did not eat anything strange lately, did you?" Rob questioned. "Otherwise it's you who spent too much time with your eyes on the computer screen," Chester stated, ignoring the query. "Oh my god!" Brad screamed from behind Chester.

Chester turned back. Brad was looking at him, one hand trying to cover his eyes. "For goodness' sake, put your pants on!" Brad told him. "You can - see me? The others told me I'm invisible," Chester said in a half-smug way. "Of course I can! Now - just go!" he replied. 'So Brad can see me. The others can't. Why?' Chester asked himself as he returned to his room. Brad can see him in his boxers... He returned to the dining room in his sleeveless shirt and black pants. Now he noticed that they could see him. "What's with all of you?" he asked. Brad is now eating his breakfast without a word. Joe filled his bowl with milk and cereal. Phoenix looked at Mike and Chester intently, listening to their conversation. "No idea. There has to be a solution to this. I don't know when or how, but I know we can solve it," Mike replied.

He now noticed that Rob was staring at him all along. "What?" Mike questioned. "Care to share your late-night thoughts with the rest of us?" he casually asked. "I don't know what you're talking about," said Mike. "Oh, but you do," Rob said, not before Chester thought Mike is not lying. "Nothing happened last night and you know it," Mike continued. "I knew it. You surely don't want me to be the one telling the others," Rob pressed on. Chester did not really know what they were talking about, until he realized that Rob was reading Mike's mind. He can see the way Rob looked at Mike. "/Fine/. Last night, I walked outside our bedrooms and saw someone taking stuff out of our fridge but she disappeared so I don't think you'd be interested in what I'm telling you," Mike told his story so fast, Chester could not get most of the words he said. "How did you know Mike was outside last night?" Phoenix inquired. "No idea," Rob spontaneously answered. Joe, however, became interested. "How does this girl you saw last night look like?" he asked Mike. "She had long dark red hair and she's dressed in an ancient costume of a culture I don't know," Mike explained, again very quickly.

Joe dropped his spoon. It fell with a plunk into his milk-filled cereal bowl. "No way," he exclaimed. "What do you mean by 'no way'?" Phoenix asked. "She looks exactly like the main character in the RPG I played last night," Joe commented. "She does?" Mike asked. "Here we go again," Chester said with exasperation. "Yeah. And her friend has incredible speed, so he must have taken her out of your sight before she can talk to you," Joe continued, apparently ignoring Chester's remark. The doorbell rang. "No, don't," Brad told them. "What's wrong?" Mike asked him. "Brad's right. Don't open that door," Rob added, standing up as he glanced at their hotel door. "What could go wrong at this time of the day?" Phoenix asked, going to the door. Brad and Rob made their way quickly to their overly large room closet. "In here!" Brad told the rest; careful enough not to let whatever he might have seen out there hear his words. "Can't you tell us about it?" Chester asked.

The door opened with a loud Bang! right after Phoenix unlocks the door. "Oh my god! Rabid fangirls!" he shouted. Mike, Joe and Chester left their seats. The four ran to the large closet where Brad and Rob now stood. Chester is the closest to the door. They all held their breath. "Hmm, not in here," one of the girls said when she opened and closed the closet door. "How didn't she see us?" Brad asked in a whisper. The girls outside are still screaming for Linkin Park. "I think your power of invisibility has worked to make us all transparent like you, Chaz," Joe exclaimed. "Well, thank goodness," he muttered. "They're out of our room," Brad said without opening the closet door. "But they're still looking for us. When they see us, we're goners," Rob told him. "That's /it/. We need to get away from the city," Brad finally suggested. "Why?" Mike asked. "We all need some peace here, okay? As long as we're on our own, we won't be chased by fangirls or annoyed by the sound of the city," Rob told them. "I had to agree," Phoenix remarked. "Good. Now quietly, follow my lead and take our bags to the tour bus," Chester told them. "The girls are waiting at our bus. Let's go to the lobby first," Brad said to them, opening the closet door.

They all packed their bags. Chester led them to the lobby of the hotel, checked out and discreetly led them to the tour bus using a longer route, as the girls might have used a shortcut instead. "Unbelievable. That was totally unbelievable/," Joe remarked. "Where to?" their driver asked. "Somewhere far from civilization," Chester replied. "You got it," the driver answered without a question. At least /he seems to understand. The rest sighed with relief as the bus made its way through the outskirts of the city.
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