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Are We Trapped?

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After discovering yet further mysteries within themselves, our heroes find themselves instead of escaping the fans - now trying to escape these woods, somehow.

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LP In Joe's RPG

Description: Something happened when Joe installed a new RPG on the computer. Is it a curse or a blessing to our heroes? They soon discovered things they never knew they had and will use their gifts to do what they are meant to do for an imaginary world.

Comment: Hasn't it been quite a long time since I posted the last episode online? Well, it sure has. This time, I'm trying to do whatever I can and do as much homework as possible. Seriously, homeworks actually do come in handy by taking your mind off sad matters... I did it when nobody can irritate me and I feel awesome...
Plus - I wonder if my use of the language is somewhat strange... or artistic...

Disclaimer: I don't own Linkin Park or that RPG Joe played. I just cooked it up.

Chapter 2: Are We Trapped?

As the rest of them relaxed, Joe's laptop was brought there as well. "You'd never get tired of that, would you?" Phoenix asked. "I'd never leave civilization without it," Joe replied. "The question should be this; why are there weird happenings this early in the morning?" Brad spoke out. "Tell me about it," Mike muttered, busying himself with lyric ideas. It was one of the precious few times when he felt that he had somehow run out of words to write down. "Well, first Chester said that he's invisible; well, you told me you can't see him, but then I can see him in his undies. After that, Rob starts reading your mind and Joe said-" The guitarist ranted before having his mouth shut - "Things about an RPG he played. I know," Mike interrupted. "If you know, why do you ask me to tell you about it?" Brad questioned. "It was for the fun of the script, BBB," his friend replied while Chester tries to get closer to the rapper and away from the DJ.

He tries to get noticed. "Odd, though, I think. How did those rabid fangirls get past the security guards and system, anyway?" he delivered the question. "I don't want to find out," Brad told him. "We can't risk Mike, can we? I mean, he is somewhat important... or so..." Phoenix stated. Chester helped Mike with a few lines to be written down. "We're here," the driver announced. The greenery and fresh air made them feel better. "Are you sure we are supposed to be here? I mean, isn't the forest a preserved area?" Rob asked them. "At least there's no recluse spider anywhere here," Chester gladly remarked.

As the main writers for the songs, Mike, Brad and Chester took a short walk and discussed all about the songs, albums and sequences. "But I did say that we're going to do something different this time," Mike told the two. "Good going," Brad half-sarcastically replied. In the meantime, Joe stayed in the tour bus and continued playing his RPG. "Joe, I suggest that you come outside, play for a bit and take a walk in the forest, and smell the fresh air surrounding you," Phoenix suggested. "This is the best part!" Joe hushed. Phoenix shook his head, and then turned to Rob. "Hey Rob, why don't we go out and take a walk in the woods?" he asked. "With all those animals running around in there?" the drummer doubtfully questioned, "I'm definitely not going." "You sure, Rob?" He nodded at Phoenix's question, sitting down in the bus and in boredom.

Phoenix walked out of the bus. 'If they don't want to come out with me, I'll be here by myself,' he thought. From the clearing, he could see the denser parts of the forest where Rob may fear to tread. 'But it wouldn't be that dangerous, would it?' another voice within him asked. Without answering, he proceeded. He saw and heard a river. "I've never seen this river being here before," he remarked. Looking upstream, he saw a grizzly bear attempting to catch a fish. It suddenly lifted its big head and charged towards Phoenix. "Damn it!" he swore and ran far downstream, having no intentions of leading the bear to the bus. However, he is quite unfortunate this at this time of the episode. 'Did I just arrive at the edge of the cliff?' he thought as he stopped and stood up straight. The bear pounced; Phoenix jumped off the cliff and screamed.

Wings sprouted from his back. "What the -" he muttered, flapping them as though they had naturally grown over the years. The bear, now frustrated, gave up the chase and returned to its own part of the river. "I - I can fly... I can fly!" Phoenix exclaimed, taking a good look at his wings. He controlled them well and flew over to the cliffside where Chester, Brad and Mike are talking about their plans. "What the hell?" Chester asked, bewildered. "Dave?" Brad exclaimed in disbelief. "Phoenix! You're a - phoenix," Mike remarked as the winged man landed perfectly on the solid ground before them. "That's right; I have become a sort of noble, immortal bird with wings of the color of flames. Bow down to your Royal One," Dave humored. "Damn it, Phoenix, what happened?" Rob demanded, finally coming outside along with Joe. "I became a phoenix while escaping through an edgy route. These wings are real; they saved me," Phoenix replied, fluttering his wings like an eagle. "A reminder; when we head back to our Linkin Park performances, don't attempt to impress our fans with your /fiery wings of glory/, okay? You might scare them," Rob advised. "Just as long as Chester doesn't turn himself invisible at that same time," Phoenix countered. "Hey, I'm not the type to want everyone to lose sight of my strikingly good looks, okay?" Chester protested. He turned invisible right behind Mike. Phoenix's wings retracted, for he just knew the way of doing so.

No matter how absurd the situation is, Joe looked like he is most excited in this ordeal. "What's with you? Hadn't all of this been troublesome enough?" Brad question, annoyed by Joe's big, childish grin. "No - it was so cool! Chester can turn invisible, you had X-ray vision, Rob can read minds and Phoenix has wings to help him actually fly!" Joe exclaimed. "I suppose you and I have to wait, Joe," Mike told him. As room-mates in college, they would have done things to cheer each other up - by Chester's perception. He also thought that Mike is the kind of person to hang around with just everybody. "Our song arrangements are odd, somehow," he stated. "Getting papercut, coming one step closer with you, avoiding points of authority and ending up crawling is an odd pattern of events? Well, there's no doubt about that, except if you practically live in Hybrid Theory," Mike joked. Chester smirked.

Rob returned to the bus. "That's just about it/. We've done enough things outside of civilization. I don't want to end up camping in this forest," he told them with a shudder. As every member took steps toward the bus, Mike and Joe remained stationary. "What are your problems?" Chester asked. "I - lost my froggie," the DJ replied. The lead singer raised an eyebrow of uncertainty. "I just wanted to stay a little longer here. Can we please, Chester?" Joe requested. "Guys, come up here!" they suddenly heard Brad shout. However, it was no ordinary shout - he was panicking. "What could go on there?" Mike wondered. "Really, you idiots just come and see this - quick!" Rob added in a worried tone. Mike and Joe followed Chester into the bus. "Oh, damn," Chester exclaimed. There are single-filed bloody marks on the driver's seat, and now the driver himself is missing. The keys are also gone. "Who could've done this?" Joe asked. "The question is not /who did it. The question is what/," Chester corrected, "and /how/." "And so it looks like we had to camp in this bus overnight and start walking tomorrow morning. Good going, Joe," Phoenix sarcastically said. Mike shook his head. "It's time to put our camping skills together and see how we can all get along. After all, we /are Linkin Park, aren't we? After all, fans will like those who are sincerely and truly strong themselves," Mike told them.
"I just hope that we'll live, Mike," Chester said.

Note: So I had been working on this chapter for one whole night and tonight was the night before my Chinese New Year vacation, even though I'm not Chinese, so enjoy reading while I enjoy my holidays, okay?
Author ~ NFMZ.
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