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Who Put The Words in Your Head?

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Disclaimer: I don’t own My Chemical Romance and all of the members in the band.


Gerard yawned as he made his way downstairs after a relaxing shower. He flipped on the light in the hall and saw Frankie getting a cup of tea.

“Hey Frankie” said Gerard.

“Hello Mr. I’m So Smart I’ll Just Put Your Underwear Over Your Head” Frankie snapped.

“Well hey! You hung me upside down!” Gerard cried.

“Yeah well yo-“ Frankie stopped and they both laughed at their childishness. “Tea?”

“Nah, Yeuch, coffee please” Gerard said. “Still, something I don’t get, how you got me out of bed, and tied me upside down?” asked Gerard with a grin.

“Well, you are a VERY heavy sleeper, and well, me and Mikes were bored, so we decided to prank you, you heavy-sleeping wimp” Frankie said playfully and punched Gerard lightly on the shoulder, but Gerard’s grin faded in a flash after hearing the word “wimp”. He felt like someone had sliced through his heart, cut it open and left it an open wound. A feeling he’d hoped wouldn’t return. All the nasty comments and sniggers and the bullying flashed through his mind once again. He’d thought he’d let go of them forever. Frankie saw something was wrong and put a hand on Gerard shoulder, looking very worried.

“Gerard? Gee what’s wrong?” Frankie asked with concern.

“Erm, nno-nothing, I just n-need to go upstairs, be right back. “rushed Gerard as he dashed up the stairs and into the bathroom.

“Why has it resulted to this? Why again?” Thoughts zipped in and out of Gerard’s mind. Thoughts he’d thought were gone forever. “You suck! Go away! Kill yourself EMO”, “No-one wants you, you’re just a wimp, wimpy wimpy wimp WIMP WIMP”

Then he remembered

“Hey Bob, have you thrown out the goddamn trash yet??!”

“Why is it my job to be the TrashDude?”

“It’s been 6 fucking months! Have some hygiene dude!”

Gerard looked into the trash and there it was. Just sitting there, waiting to devour. He grabbed it and took it out.

“No, but I can’t, I’ve come so far i-” Gerard whispered sadly.

“Oh, but I have to.”

Once again he let the crimson stain his hand and drip into the basin and made sure no-one saw.

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