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A Friend In Need

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Disclaimer: I don’t own My Chemical Romance and all of the members in the band or Wimpy’s restaurant

Next morning

Gerard stood over the mirror. “I don’t really hate myself anymore…It’s just the fucking thoughts and memories, why have they returned! WHY?!” Gerard cried in pain. Everyone was downstairs watching Monster Truck Meltdown so they didn’t hear. Greeting his friend again, he let the scars become alive and stain his hands once again. Even though he didn’t want this feeling to return, he had missed it somehow. Finally he brought himself to go downstairs after cleaning up. He had to make sure no-one knew this time.

“Morning Gee” They all chorused as he reached the living room. Anna came up to him, stroked his hair and gave him a warm kiss. Gerard brought his hand up to her waist and caressed her face with the other. When the kiss ended they both gazed into each other’s eyes and said “Good morning”.

After Monster Truck Meltdown, this was a TV show about trucks being thrown into volcanoes, ended, Frankie decided he was a bit peckish and everyone else agreed, including Gerard.

“Ooh I know why don’t we go to Wimpy’s Restaurant? They have great burgers!” Frankie suggested carelessly with Gerard sitting right next to him.

“Wimpy wimpy wimp wimps WIMP WIMP WIMPY Ooh look its a little wimpster” Brad’s voice echoed through Gerard’s head as he winced.

“Yeah sounds great! I love their chips, oh my gosh, and DEFINITELY their cheese burgers ye-” Anna stopped when she saw tears fall down Gerard’s face and as he got up and ran up the stairs, crying discreetly.

“What happened?” Anna asked with worry building up in her eyes.

“Oh no, Ger- I’ll be right back” Frankie said as he dashed off to comfort his troubled friend.

Frankie found Gerard pacing in his room shaking his head violently.

“Gerard?? What’s happened? Why did you-” asked Frankie when he was cut short

“They’re back! They’re fucking back! They’re haunting me again!” Gerard shouted.

“Who-what’s haunting you again? Wai- wait, the bullying? Is that what it is??” Frankie asked, deep with worry and concern.

Gerard nodded and shed a small, but sad tear.

“Why? Wha-How did they come back? I thought you’d let go of them, you even told me you’-” started Frankie.

“Wimp” said Gerard

“Huh? I’m not a wimp! H-”

“No, you guys said “wimp”, and “Wimpy’s” the restaurant, that brought it all back, everything” explained Gerard, letting out more tears.

“Oh no!, Gee, we didn’t mean to, we- we” Frankie was cut short when he took Gerard’s left hand, Frankie felt something thin and sharp dig into his palm. He was horrified when he saw what it was. Tears built up in his eyes.

“Gee…No, you haven’t…had you?” Frankie asked Gee.

“I-I had to I-” Gerard mumbled. Why did I let him find out? How could I have been so careless? Now I-I have to stop I- thought Gerard.

“No Gee why?! Please, promise me that you’ll stop, or at least try, for me, PLEASE Gerard fucking please!” Frankie pleaded. Gerard nodded solemnly and sighed.

“Ok thank you.” Frankie smiled sadly. “Listen, if at any time you feel it’s too hard, please, talk to someone, and even if there’s no-one you can find to talk to, just know, that I will ALWAYS be here for you.” Frankie said with a warm, sad smile. They then hugged each other.
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