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Sorry that this chapter is so short!

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Disclaimer: I don’t own My Chemical Romance and all of the members in the band.

Tomorrow Morning

Anna walked in the front door and then went outside to actually check this was where she lived and not a graveyard because everyone looked so depressed.

“Ok...who died?” Anna asked as he hung her coat and her bag up and headed for the kitchen where everyone else was. After hearing what Anna had said, Mikey burst into tears and into Ray’s arms. Everyone else looked as if they were going to burst out crying as well.

“Seriously, what the fuck happened?, oh wait hey have you seen Gerard? I didn’t catch him this morning, Gerard!” Anna said as she shouted his name. “I told him I’d get the paper for him, Gerard!, Seriously where is the guy? Ger-”

“We don’t know.” Frankie said solemnly and quietly.

“What?” Anna asked, confused.

“We haven’t seen him the whole fucking morning. He left last night I think.” Frankie asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Left? Wha-Where?” Anna asked, not getting the drift.

“He-he ran away, Ann.” Frankie responded, tears trickling down his face. “He left this, it’s written to you.” Frankie said as he handed Anna a note with Gerard’s handwriting on it.

Dear Anna

I’m sorry that I have left like this. I never meant to hurt you or do anything like that, it’s just everything is too much for me right now. Every day I feel as my hearts being beaten and I just can’t take it. Just know that I love you. So much. I’ll be back. But if I don’t, honey, bury me and…fade to black.

Love, Gee x

Anna’s eyes exploded into tears and shoved the note onto the table.

“Wha-Why? Why has he left? What does he mean everything is so hard to bear wh-.” After Anna had shouted, Frankie spilled everything. About the bullying, the hauntings, about the cutting. Everything. He felt that Anna deserved to know, she was Gerard’s girlfriend after all. But somehow he felt that he had betrayed Gerard, sending him into heavier crying. After they’d all heard the news, everyone collapsed into each other’s arms, bursting with gloom through tears.

That night, the household fell into silence, except for the odd nod or “Mm”. No-one said a word when they had dinner, no-one said a word when they watched TV when actually they were worried sick about Gerard, and no-one said a word when they went upstairs to bed.

Frankie lay in bed, shrouded by darkness and consumed in his own thoughts. He was trying to take this all in. Just 1 day ago, everything was perfect; Frankie and Gerard were playing lousy and idiotic tricks on eachother laughing like maniacs, just like it had been for 6 months. Now, his best friend was out there, by himself, probably killing himself inside and cutting away his life. Frankie soaked his pillow with tears.
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