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Disclaimer: I don’t own My Chemical Romance and all of the members in the band.

Next Morning

That morning Frankie was hysterical.

“OH MY GOD!, WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO DRINK THIS STUPID COFFEE THAT I MADE FOR GERARD?? HE OBVIOUSLY ISN’T CUZ HE’S NOT FUCKING HERE! YEAH SO, I MADE THIS STUPID COFFEE THAT NO-ONE IS GOING TO EVEN FUCKING DRINK, AND OH FUCK I BURNT MY FUCKING TOAST!” Frankie yelled as he banged his fist on the counter. Everyone else was freaked out, mostly by Gerard’s disappearance, but also by how Frankie was acting. Hearing the yelling, Anna rushed downstairs.

“What the hell is going on?” Anna cried with swollen eyes, it looked as if she had been crying.

“I MADE FUCKING COFFEE FOR A DUDE THAT AIN’T EVEN FUCKING HERE!! FUCK! OH YEAH AND I ALSO BURNT MY TOAST! WHY ISN’T GERARD HERE? I WANT HIM HERE! NOO-” Frankie’s loud scream eventually faded down and eventually fell back to a silence when Anna reached out and hugged poor Frankie tight, his head buried in her shoulder, soaking it instantly. Hearing this, Anna obviously realised that Gerard was still missing. Anna shed a tear at the word “missing”. It just didn’t sound right. A few days ago, Gerard was in this very kitchen, laughing his cute little head off, and now..

The room seemed like a murder scene, it didn’t seem like the household that was once filled with laughter and childish games. Bob, Ray and Mikey were collapsed on the couch, shedding an endless amount of tears.

“Ssh, it’ll be ok.” Anna whispered, trying to be calm as she stroked Frankie’s hair.

“Ok? How the heck is this going to be ok? Gerard still hasn’t returned, has he? For all I know he’s out there somewhere and could be-” Frankie’s voice drained off. Even though Frankie didn’t finish his sentence, Anna knew what he was thinking. Her heart sank.

“We-We’ll He-He’ll be back” Anna tried to comfort the poor little soul that she held in her arms, and also herself.

“He’ll be back? How?” Frankie said in a tiny voice.

“I-I’m going to look for him.” Anna managed to say with courage.

“You’re going to look for him? Wha-When?” Frankie asked with deep eyes.

“Today.” Anna said firmly. “To be honest, I can’t take much more of this shit. The love of my life is out there, by himself, somewhere I don’t know a fuck about, and he could really hurt himself and I can’t take that!” Anna cried looking Frankie in the eyes.

4:00pm Anna’s P.O.V.

I set off for my search for Gerard. I took a phone in case I found him and needed to call the guys and money in case I needed a cab.

“Ok, so I’m gonna go now, wish me luck. I need it.” I said to the guys as I closed the front door. None of the others had the emotion to come because they were too depressed to even stand. The cold air struck me as I took my first steps out of the drive. Where am I going to go? Where would I look for him? All I know is that at times like this he’s probably at a bar or something. I rounded the corner of 14th Street. This was New York so it was really hard to find your way around. Gerard can’t have gotten far because he usually finds the first bar he likes and that’s not really hard to find seeing as the city is loaded with bars. I just have to go around looking at basically every bar. Oh crap.

Suddenly all this hit me and tears started pouring out of my eyes. I wish someone was there to hold me, especially Gerard. But that brought more tears to my eyes. I quickly wiped them away, took a deep breath and carried on. I was like a tiny bee in a very large swarm. Man, New York City was huge.


Oh my God where the fuck is he?! It’s 10:30! Gerard, please where are you!

Now I really started to panic. My hard was practically going to jump out of my chest any minute now. I passed another bar and stopped and sighed. Oh so he’s going to be in this motherfucking bar and not in the other, what, 98 MILLION?!
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