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Forever and eternity

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Gerard and Franks lips didnt relent their soft kissing as they fell onto the bed, clinging tightly to each other. Frank was gentle as he moved Gerards shirt up and over his head. Gerards body was coated in cuts and bruises and Frank felt a tug on his heart as he looked at him. Gerard tugged off Franks shirt before he was pushed gently back onto the bed. Frank straddled his hips and leant down to soothe the cuts and bruises with his warm tongue. Gerard closed his eyes and placed his hands on Franks back, Fank lightly taking Gerards flesh between his teeth before kissing that spot and continued working down Gerards body.
Frank pulled back and rolled back onto the bed so he could pull of the rest of his and Gerards clothes, before leaning back in for another kiss. Their lips connected and hands roamed. Frank was so gentle, almost as if he was scared he could break Gerard if he moved too fast, pushed down too hard. It made Gerard put all his trust in him, he knew Frank would never hurt him.
Frank gently spread Gerards legs and began stroking him as he raised his fingers to his mouth. Gerard sucked and bit Franks fingers until they were coated in spit. Then Frank moved his fingers down to Gerards opening and began working a finger into him. Frank watched Gerards face, making sure he wasnt hurting him. A second finger followed the first and Gerards lips parted slightly, Frank slipped in a third finger and Gerard bit his lip. Frank thrust his fingers slowly in and out of Gerard before deciding he was ready.
He spat into the palm of his hand and wrapped it round his erection, he pumped his hand back and forth, coating himself in his spit before looking at Gerard for consent. Gerard nodded and Frank placed his hands on either side of Gerards torso as he slowly began pushing into him. Their bodies were pressed tightly together and the heat was climbing. Franks hot tongue licked the side of Gerards neck as he stopped half way to allow Gerard to adjust before sliding in the rest of the way. For a while they remained motionless, both of them getting used to the feeling of being so close. So connected. Frank rested his forehead on Gerards and their lips joined for a moment. "Ready to make a memory?" He asked with a smile. Gerard smiled back.
"I've never been more ready." He answered. Frank quickly kissed Gerards lips before pulling back and slowly thrusting back in. He tried to remain at a speed that wasnt fast but not too slow, he didnt want to hurt Gerard but oh god, it felt so good. It was hard to control him self, especially when he picked up a little more speed and he heard a sweet moan tumble out of Gerards mouth. This urged him on and he allowed pleasure to take over his mind, the feeling of his body pressed against Gerards was amazing. He just wanted to touch him and look at him, he couldnt get enough. Gerard moved his hips in time with Franks, creating a steady rhythm between them, a rhythm Frank locked in his memory knowing that it would become theirs. Something they would both remember and love, something that couldnt be taken away. "Frankie...Un....Frankie..." Gerard moaned down Franks ear, causing Franks lips to part and a moan of his own erupt from his throat. Frank picked up some more speed, gaining confidence and hit something inside Gerard that caused him to arch his back and shout out his name. "Frankie!". Frank knew what he had hit and pulled back before thrusting back in and hitting the same spot. Gerard moaned loudly and the sound was music to Franks ears, it made him get closer to the edge and he moved ever faster. He wanted Gerard to climax first. He wrapped a hand round Gerards arousal and pumped it in time with his thrusts. Gerards hands clutched the bed sheets as he bucked his hips and arched his back. Frank squeezed Gerards member and ran a thumb over the small slit,Gerard groaned and writhed beneath him. Trying to hold on, not wanting it to end. Frank leaned forward and nibbled Gerards ear lobe before whispering. "Let go baby, cum for me." Gerard groaned and Frank managed to thrust twice more before Gerard gasped and came hard into Franks hand and over his chest. His abdomanel muscles clenched repeatedly round Franks cock causing Frank to moan and cum into Gerard. He rolled his hips into Gerards until he couldnt anymore. They clutched eachother as their bodies quivered during the orgasm, and then Frank pulled out of his lover and rolled to the side of him. They wrapped their arms round eachother and regained their breath. A bond seemed to have been formed between them, they felt closer than ever. And Gerard realised with a pan of happiness that he no longer felt dirtied by Tom. Frank had changed that.
After a while Gerard brought a hand to the back of Franks head and pulled him into a soft kiss filled with love. Frank moved closer, closing the small gap between them and they held eachother tightly. When they pulled apart they smiled at eachother, blushing slightly. "Did it work Gee?" Asked Frank nevously. Gerard nodded and Frank smiled,kissing again.
"Your amazing Frankie." Gerard said after they pulled apart. "I love you so much. You make everything okay again." He whispered.
"I love you too Gee, and I will forever." Frank whispered back. Gerard laced his fingers into Franks.
"For eternity." He smiled. Frank smiled back and before they kissed again he whispered.
"For eternity."

The end.

A/N: So. That was the last chapter. wipes away tear. Hope you all liked it and thankyou to everybody who read and reviewed this.
Love you all.
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