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Clean me off, I'm so dirty babe.

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Mikey went home soon after, he looked like he was in a state of shock and said he just wanted to get to his place where everything was relatively normal. After he had left an awkward silence followed. Gerard was sat against the wall, blood on his forehead, and bruises over his body. He looked sadly down at his feet, and Frank sat indian style infront of him. "I...I'm sorry Gee..." He whispered. Tears in his eyes.
"Its not your fault" Gerard replied, his voice cold. Making Frank feel a stab of pain in his heart.
"I...I should have helped you, I should have tried to find you. I should of... I should of done something" He cried.
"There wasnt anything you could do." Said Gerard, still not looking at him, Frank felt the tears building up even more.
"I...I'm sorry I thought that picture was real...I should have trusted you." He whispered.
"Yeah. Well. You know the truth now."
"And I shouldnt have been mad with you on the phone."
"Its in the past now."
"And I should have done something when he said he was going r-"
"Well thats in the past too!" Gerard snapped harshly, looking up to glare at Frank who flinched slightly, looking hurt and confused.
"Gerard I was only trying to apolo -"
"I dont care." Gerard snarled, looking back down at the floor. Tears spilled over onto Franks cheeks.
"Gerard I'm sorry. Please dont be mad at me." Gerard made no sign of having heard him. "Gerard I love you" He whispered, his voice wobbling as the tears fell. Gerards face softened though he didnt look up. "I...Frankie I dont know what to tell you." Gerard whispered. Frank forcefully brushed the tears away.
"I can understand if you dont love me anymore Gerard." He said softly, he got to his feet and walked towards the door.
"Where are you going?" He heard Gerard ask.
"Just to get a tissue." He mumbled.
"Frank, stay with me?" Gerard whispered. Frank stopped and turned round. Looking in confusion at Gerard. "Please?" He added, tears in his eyes. Frank nodded and walked back over and sat down next to Gerard. "Sorry I snapped at you Frank..." He whispered, not looking at him.
"Its okay" Frank mumbled. Gerard looked up at Frank, tears sparkling in his eyes.
"Its just...What Tom did...He...It just left me feeling so...dirty and tainted and...and..." The tears began to fall and his breathing became short and sharp as he began to sob. "Oh Gee!" Cried Frank, pulling Gerard into a hug. "Gerard its okay" He soothed, feeling choked up himself as Gerard cried into his shoulder. He held Gerard tightly, remembering the times when Gerard used to be holding him tightly after Tom had hurt him. "Shh, its okay Gerard. Its okay." He whispered. He felt Gerard shaking his head. "No Frank, its not okay. Its not okay anymore." He sobbed.
"What do you mean?" Asked Frank, feeling sick.
"What he did to me Frankie. He's left me tainted, its like he can never leave our lives because he's left me with this memory. I wont ever be able to forget it Frankie, I cant pretend it didnt happen because everytime I do its like I can feel him doing it again and -" Gerard broke down into tears and was once more cradled in Franks arms.
"Gerard. Oh god Gee, I dont know what to do." Whimpered Frank as he cuddled Gerard into him.
"Cleanse me..." Whispered Gerard, he didnt look at Frank as he said it. His lips barely moved, it was almost like he didnt know he was saying it.
"But how?" Asked Frank. Gerard looked up at him.
"How what?" He sniffed.
"How do I cleanse you?" Said Frank, raising an eyebrow. Gerard looked confused, then thoughtful. Frank began thinking too. Clearly this was the sort of thing that couldnt be cleansed by soap and water. It was something that was more mental than physical. But it was sort of both aswell. How could it be helped? Hypnosis? Sprirtual healing? And then the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. He looked over at Gerard who had seemed to have reached the same conclusion. "I...I think you need to take away the memory he gave me by..." Gerard stopped.
"By replacing it with one stronger." Frank finished. Gerard nodded. "I...Well, what memory should we make? I have an idea but, I dont think you'll want to after everything he did..." Frank mumbled. Gerard smiled and gently kissed Frank.
"Believe me. I want to." He whispered against his lips.

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