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I'll be your angel

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short short chapter, sorry :/

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The light dissapeared but in its place was a young woman, she was wearing a long victorian dress and her pale skin seemed to glow. Tom and Franks jaws dropped and their eyes grew wide. "Holy shit." Whispered Tom.
"Who the fuck is that?" Asked Mikey. Helping Gerard sit up.
"I'm Lilly and I'd appreciate it if you all watched your language" The woman answered.
"Your Lilly?" Asked Gerard, staring in shock at her. She walked over to him and knelt down, touching his neck.
"Are you okay?" She asked. Gerard nodded. She took one of his hands in hers. "I'm sorry Tom did those evil things to you Gerard." She whispered.
" okay" Gerard mumbled. Lilly smiled as she got up before glaring at Tom.
"You may be able to forgive him so easily Gerard but I will not." She said. Tom fell to his knees at her feet and grabbed the bottom of her dress.
"Lilly! Oh Lilly I'm sorry, I should never have done those things. I just loved you so much and I wanted my revenge -" Lilly pulled away from Tom with a look of disgust on her face. "If you truly loved me you would have known I would never have wanted any of this. Lord knows your going straight to hell Thomas!" She cried. Tears fell down his face. "Lilly cant you forgive me?! Please! I love you so much! I swear I do!" He sobbed. A small look of sympathy crossed Lilly's face.
"Even if I could forgive you Tom, that does not change the fact that you have done evil things. Theres nothing I can do, I was only given a chance to come here and save Gerard because I've been assigned to be Franks gaurdian angel and that means I protect him and all he loves. I've done that job and now I have to go back, I was only given a small amount of Time." Even as she said it Lilly seemed to be fading.
"NO LILLY! YOU CANT DIE! I LOVE YOU!" Tom shouted. Lilly closed her eyes and gave a sad smile.
"Oh Tom if only you could have meant all those Toms you said it when you were alive. But you never did." She whispered. Tom shook his head.
"No. No I always did. I always loved you." He whimpered.
"Will you prove it?" Asked Lilly, fading quicker. Tom nodded frantically. "Then go to hell Tom and if you serve your time there I might believe you" She whispered before turning to Frank, Gerard and Mikey and smiling. Frank gave a sad smile back and then she dissapeared. Frank looked down at the floor. He had lost her again, she was not his love but she was his friend. One of his best friends and he missed her already. "Frank! Look!" Cried Mikey, Frank turned his head to see Tom staring in horror at his hands which were glowing red, soon the red spread over the rest of his body until he was glowing all over. Frank, Mikey and Gerard watched in awe as he opened his mouth and screamed, but no sound came out although the light wavered as if vibrations had been sent through it. As he screamed, flames engulfed him and when they suddenly dissapeared he had gone with them.

A/N: Yeah. Sorry its so short but I couldnt be bothered to update but I didnt want to leave you all on a cliffhanger so this is just to let you all know what happened and also, the next chapter might be the last one, if not then the one after that. But its definitely coming to the end now people.
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