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Heaven help us

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Gerard lay on the floor, tears had dried on his cheeks and he had fallen asleep from emotional exhaustion. He had managed to pull the duvet off the bed and curl up under it before sleep took over but he hadnt been able to get dressed. He had been left feeling hurt, tainted, dirty...
He was woken when the door banged open but he didnt open his eyes, though he did pull the duvet tighter round him. "Come on Gerard - wakey wakey rise and shine!!..Whats the matter? Dont you wanna see Frankie?" Tom cried, Gerard gave a sad sigh.
"I'll be out a minute...just let me get dressed" He mumbled. Tom folded his arms and smirked.
"No...I think I'm gonna stay riiiight here" He said. "And remember Gerard - dont annoy me or no Frankie." He added. Gerard groaned and got slowly to his feet, holding the duvet round him like a dress. Tom chuckled as he watched Gerard trying to get dressed without removing the duvet. "Now now Gerard, theres no need for that really now is there? Its not like I havent seen you naked before" He said casually, Gerard bit his lip and swallowed hard.
"I dont give a shit" He snarled before managing to pull on his jeans. After getting his shirt on he reluctantly threw the duvet back onto the bed. Tom grinning the whole time. "Alright - " Gerard sighed. "Can we go see Frankie now?" He asked. Tom nodded.
"A deals a deal Gerard baby." He said, opening the door and standing aside to let Gerard pass. Gerard stepped out the door into a large sitting room, the sofas were deep red, the walls were black, the floor was wooden and a large but empty book case was against one wall. Tom hooked his arm round Gerards waist and led him him through the living room into a small, dark hallway and then out of a heavy wooden door and into a forest. Gerard looked around, stunned, for a moment. Tom lived in a fair sized, expensive looking the middle of the woods. "What the...?" He mumbled but then he was soon being pulled along through the trees.
Tom walked fast, Gerard could barely figure out where they were going until finally they walked out of the trees and onto a street Gerard had never seen before. It took them about 10 minutes walking from there, through a lot of alley ways, to get to Gerards street.

Frank was pale, his hair was a mess, his eyes were red and swollen and he still looked like he was in a state of shock. It was 5 to 12 and neither he or Mikey were saying a word. Every few seconds Mikey's eyes would dart to the clock and then drift slowly back to the blank TV screen. 4 minutes 30 seconds...4 minutes 19 seconds...
Until bang on 12 there was a knock at the door. Franks head snapped up and he stared at the wall infront of him as if it would open to reveal a secret door. "I'll get it" Mumbled Mikey and he walked over to the door. Frank sat on the sofa, just staring at the wall. Would Gerard be happy to see him? After all, he hadnt been exactly kind to him when they had talked on the phone, even though it had been so obviouse Gerard was upset. And now...he had let Tom r-...he couldnt even think it.
"Frankie..." The voice was weak, timid. Frank turned and looked at the pale and shaking Gerard.
"Gee -" Frank got up but was shoved back onto the sofa by Tom.
"Ah ah ah Frankie. Dont make a move just yet" He warned. "Mikey - sit down" He ordered. Mikey stayed where he was next to Gerard. "Mikey...If you dont sit down then I will kill your brother." He snarled. Mikey looked at Gerard and he could tell from the look of fear on his face that he wanted Mikey to sit down. Mikey sighed and touched Gerards shoulder before going to sit beside Frank. "Did I say you could touch him?" Asked Tom. Mikey went pale.
"N - no" He said quietly.
"Then why did you?"
"I...I just -"
"For that mistake Gerard must now be punished" Tom grinned and siezed Gerard by the hair before throwing him against the wall. He landed heavily on the floor, making no sound though his eyes were open and tears fell down his cheeks. "GEE!" Frank and Mikey both got to their feet and Tom spun round to face them.
"STAY Where you are or he gets hurt again!" He cried. Slowly they sat back down. "Good. From now on if the slightest thing annoys me, then I hurt Gerard." Tom warned. Frank and Mikey looked at eachother in fear but didnt say a word. Tom walked over to Gerard and pulled him to his feet. Gerard flinched as Tom brought his hand up to stroke his cheek. Frank and Mikey watched in pained silence as they say how Gerard trembled with fear from Toms touch. Tom wiped away Gerards tears and slowly brought his lips to his. Gerard tensed but Tom pulled him into a tight embrace so he couldnt pull away. But Gerard wouldnt kiss back, he screwed his eyes shut and kept his lips tightly closed. Tom pulled back and kissed the side of Gerards mouth before staring him deep into the eyes, holding his chin with his hand. "Tell me Gerard, would you die for Frank?" He asked. Franks jaw dropped and Mikey frowned slightly.
"I -" Gerard began but Tom placed a single finger over his lips to silence him.
"Think carefully about it" He whispered. Gerard tried to look over at Frank but Toms hold on his chin prevented him. "You dont need to look at Frank for the answer" He teased. Gerard stared at Tom for a moment before whispering. "Of course I w -"
"GERARD DONT SAY IT!" Frank shouted. Toms head snapped to the side to look at Frank.
"SILENCE!" He yelled. Frank shut his mouth and silent tears trickled down his cheek. "Oh Frankie that was a very silly mistake." He snarled before kneeing Gerard in the ribs and throwing him to the floor. Frank gave a noisy sob before clamping his hand over his mouth, tears began to slide down Mikey's cheek as Tom placed his knees on either side of Gerards waist and leaned over him. "Now. What was your answer Gerard?" He asked. Wiping another tear off Gerards cheek. Gerard stared up at him, shaking and crying silently. "Well? Come on now Gerard baby tell me your answer" Tom whispered.
"Frankie..." Whined Gerard. Frank wanted to run over and grab Gerard but Mikey had a firm grip on his shoulders to stop him, Tom would only hurt him if they tried to help. "Frankie I love you" Gerard turned his head to look at Frank who had his hands over his mouth as tears ran down his cheeks.
"That doesnt answer my question Gerard" Snarled Tom. Gerard ignored him and gazed at Frank with hurt eyes. "GERARD!" Snapped Tom, bringing his hand down sharply to slap Gerard hard against the face. Gerard yelped in surprise his head snapped to the side from the force of the blow. "GERARD!" Yelled Frank pulling out of my Mikeys grasp and racing to him. He fell to his knees and shoved Tom aside. "Gerard? Gerard are you okay?" He cried. Gerard slowly brought his face round to smile sadly at Frank. "Frankie" He whispered. Suddenly Tom grabbed Gerard and dragged him to his feet. He kicked Frank in the stomach and sent him flying across the floor. When he sat up Tom had Gerard in a strong embrace, one hand on top of his head, nails digging into his skull. Frank had seen it so many times before, with just one quick twist of Toms hand, Gerards neck would break and he would die. Instantly. "Tom..." Frank whispered, shaking his head, eyes wide. Mikey was crying as he looked at his brother squirming in Toms grasp. "That was a very bad move Frank. You've left me with no choice." Tom hissed.
"Tom please dont! Dont do this! You've had your revenge now let him go!" Frank sobbed.
"NO FRANK!" Yelled Tom and he twisted his hand sharply to the left, Gerards head turning with it. Everything suddenly seemed to go in slow motion. Frank yelled out, Mikey dived towards his brother, Tom twisted Gerards head half way and then a blinding light filled the room and Toms arm was pulled sharply away from Gerard. Gerard fell to the floor, he curled up and shook as he sobbed. His neck had got a crick in his neck from the speed of the twist but it hadnt gone far enough to break it. Mikey landed heavily beside him, Frank crawled over and then a female voice filled the room. "TOM! DONT - YOU - DARE!!"
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