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Make a decision, you might get what you want

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A/N: Heylo dear readers!! I just thought I’d mention that the next few chapters will probably go from what’s happening to Gee to what’s going on with Frank and Mikey – Like the last few ones have been. Hope you all don’t mind that, it might seem a bit samey…(?) Though now I’ve said that I’ll probably end up not doing that at all =/ I just dont know cos' i make this crap up as I go along so you know about as much as me about whats gonna happen in the next few chapters.
Heck, what do I know? I'm just the author. Anywho, heres the next chapter so err...enjoy! :)

"Cute" Muttered Tom as he looked at Gerards doodles. "Though I was expecting something a little more proffesional, after all - your supposed to be an artist." He added before screwing up the paper and throwing at across the room. "I draw what I want. No matter what people expect" Snarled Gerard.
"Alright, no need to get arsey" He grinned.Gerard threw him a glare and turned away.
"I want to see Frankie." He snapped. Tom walked over to Gerard who was still sat in the middle of the floor and sat down behind him, placing his legs on either side of him and slipping his arms round his waist. He rested his head on and his shoulder and smiled. "I know you do" He said. Gerard clenched his jaw and tried not to swing round and smack him. 'Dont annoy him - then you can see Frank' he thought to himself. "Well...when can I see him? How long have I been here?" He asked.
"You've been here for two days" Said Tom.
"Really?" It felt so much longer.
"And you can see Frank...hmm...You know what? You can see him tommorow" Said Tom, tightening his grip on Gerards waist.
"Really? I can see him tommorow!?" He cried happily. Tom nodded.
"Uh hm. Only...You have to do something for me first." He added. Gerard tensed.
"What?" He asked. Tom grinned to himself and slipped a hand under Gerards shirt and up to his chest.
"Now that really does depend on how I'm feeling..." He smirked. Gerard bit his lip and tried to remain calm, urging his heart beat to remain slow. If Tom could see how stressed he was making him it would only encourage him. "Whatta you say Gerard? You gonna do something for me first?" He asked, removing his hand and replacing it round his waist. " depends what it is I have to do." Mumbled Gerard. Tom smirked.
"Ah ah ah Gerard, it ruins the fun if you know what you have to do. You either swear you'll do something for me, or you decide you wont. What you decide will tell whether you see Frank tommorow." He said. Gerard hated how obvious it was that he was enjoying himself and he just wanted to turn round and strangle the prick, but he couldnt kill him. Damn mortality, it was fucking up everything. Tom ran his fingertips along Gerards belt buckle and blew on his neck. "So what do you say Gerard? Tell me quick or I'll get bored and leave, and there'll be no Frankie tommorow" He teased. Gerard sighed and looked down at his knees.
"A - alright...I swear I'll do something for you...whatever it is." He whispered. He could feel Tom smiling widely.
"Oh Gerard you really do learn quickly." He said gleefully. Gerard bit his lip. "Do you want to know what it is you must do?" Tom asked. Gerard slowly nodded his head. "Well Gerard, go stand by the wall and remove your shirt...I will return in a moment." Tom got to his feet and left the room. Gerard stayed where he was for a moment as angry tears filled his eyes. He could just imagine what it was he had to do. Was it too late to back out? No! He had to see Frank. He just had to.
Slowly he got to his feet and pulled off his shirt, he took a deep breath to calm himself before going over to the wall Tom had pointed at and leaning against it. Soon Tom entered the room holding a phone. Gerard eyed it with suspicion. Tom walked over to him and pocketed the phone. He looked Gerard up and down and ran his hands over his chest and torso. "Your not too bad looking Gerard" He smirked. Gerard glared at him. Tom leaned back and smiled. "Alright then Gerard, face the wall and place your hands on it, about a shoulders width apart and above your head if you please" He said, Gerard turned around and placed his hands where he had been told. "Perfect." Tom stood behind Gerard and placed his hands on his hips, leaning forward he kissed the back of Gerards neck and moved down to between his shoulder blades and then down his spine. Planting kisses all the way. He did the samed moving back up and began kissing and biting Gerards neck as he slipped his hands round his body and began to undo his belt. Once he had undone it he pulled it off in one swift movement. Gerard bit his lip as he felt the tears building. "You know what Gerard -" Tom whispered hotly as he began to undo Gerards jeans. "I'm going to enjoy this, revenge is so sweet, and I can finally get Frank back. Oh yes, I'm going to enjoy this very much" He whispered. "If this is revenge then your sick" Gerard snarled.
"Oh dont be so pathetic" Tom laughed as he pulled off Gerards jeans, followed by his boxer shorts. Then he stood back and admired the back of Gerards body. "Beautiful really, I dont think you could ever be as beautiful as Lilly but I dont think its fair to compare you both since your a man and she was a woman" Tom said, as he pulled the phone out of his pocket. "Guess what Gerard?" He said. Gerard didnt reply and Tom stepped back close to him as he pulled off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. "I'm about to call Frankie...want a word with him?" He asked. Gerard gasped and made to turn round but Tom pressed his body against him so he couldnt move. He then began to dial a number.

The phone ringing startled Frank and he gasped. "Calm down its only the phone" Said Mikey, picking it up. "Hello?" He asked.
"Is this Frank?" Someone asked. Mikey frowned and looked at Frank before putting it on speaker phone so they could both hear.
"No. This is Mikey" He answered.
"Ah yes, of course you are. Do me a favour Mikey and get Frankie for me" The person said. Mikey looked at Frank and handed him the phone, Frank held it in the palm of his hand and Mikey stepped closer so he could hear better. "Hello?"
"Frankie! How good it is to hear your voice" Cackled Tom.
"Of course"
"Where Gerard!? Is he there with you?" Cried Frank.
"Of course he is. By the way, did you recieve my little picture?" Asked Tom. Frank tensed and his eyes grew cold as the memory hit him hard.
"Yeah...yeah I did." He snarled.
"Did you like it?" Chuckled Tom. Mikey threw Frank a 'dont rise to it' look but Frank ignored it.
"Fuck you Tom! I want to talk to Gerard!" He demanded.
"Of course, of course. Here you go" Frank waited for a matter of seconds before he heard the familiar voice of Gerard.
"Frankie?" He sounded scared, worried...upset. "Oh god Frankie are you really there?"
"Yeah" Said Frank flatly. He was sure he heard a small sob before Gerard spoke again, he sounded like he had started crying.
"Oh Frank you dont know how good it is to speak to you!" He cried.
"Really." Said Frank coldly. "Wish I could say the same Gee but...I...Oh Gerard what the fuck was with that picture!?" He asked, unable to stop himself.
"W - what picture?"
"The one of you kissing Tom."
"What?...Oh god! I knew I heard a camera! Frankie I swear he forced me!" Cried Gerard. Frank swallowed hard as tears filled his eyes.
"I...I wish I could believe Gerard but it didnt really like you were being forced, in fact you looked like you were enjoying it." He said quietly.
"Frankie, please I was forced, you have to believe me - I love you!" Cried Gerard. Mikey gave Frank a pleading look and he looked down at the floor. "Frankie?" Gerard sounded like he was crying. "Gerard...I...I dont know if I can believe you." He whispered. Mikey looked down at the floor sadly. He believed his brother.
"F - Frankie...P - please." Begged Gerard.
"Weeeell! I think thats quite enough of that!" Came Toms gleeful voice. Mikeys head snapped up as did Franks.
"Tom? Let me speak with Gerard!" He ordered.
"Sorry Frankie, I only rang to let you know me and Gee will be down at about 12 in the afternoon tommorow, cant talk now though - we're a little busy" Frank looked at Mikey and frowned. "W - what do you mean your busy?" He asked. There was a small pause as Tom chuckled and Frank could hear Gerards uncontrollable sobs. He felt like his heart would break. And what Tom was about to say was just going to make it even worse. "Why Frankie...I'm gonna rape your precious boyfriend".

A/N: =O Oh my god! Whats going to happen!? :) Review and you'll find out. ^^
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