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Dead In The Water

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Gerard and Casey go to the beach...... and find more than crabs.

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Beep! Beep! Beep! BEEP! BEEPBEEPBEEP! The beeping stopped when Casey's alarm clock was thrown across the room by a hand sticking out from the blankets. Stumbling out of bed, Casey scratched her head, messing up her hair even more. 'wow, that concert was damn great' she thought to herself as she made her groggy way to the shower.

One hour later, Casey was on her merry way to Gerards house. She raced up to his room, stopping by Mikey's rather messy room to say hi. Continuing on, she heard a muffled thump from his room. Followed by a moan. Casey gasped and opened the door faster then the blink of an eye. Then she laughed. Gerard was still asleep. On the floor of his room, wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. She jumped on top of him, and a muffled "AYE! get off me!"

She opened up a little hole so she could see his face, which was covered by lots of black hair and a couple lint balls.

"Gerard! do you ever wash this blanket? you have lint balls all over your face!"

Gerard simply mumbled something and turned over, bumping his head on the bottom support rail of the bed.

Casey laughed "Gerard, you know im not going to let you sleep, and the bruise your sure to get wont let you sleep either. cm'on! get up!"

Casey practily dragged him along the hallway to the shower.

Thirty minutes later, after much Getting-Gerard-Ready-Like-A-Three-Year-Old trouble:

"Gerard, hurry up! I had enough trouble dragging you out of bed this morning!" Casey yelled.

"Fine, im coming!" Gerard shouted back.

"this will be so much fun!" Squeled an excited Casey.

Gerard mumbled something that sounded like "Well, i would have rather just stayeed in bed...."

Casey slapped his arm playfuly before running ahead to a little bike rental shack.

"um, we'll take two of those bikes you can drive around on the beach with please!"

"Coming right up miss!"

"Come on gerard! stop lagging behind!"

"fine! but your the one who got me up so early!"

"Your my boyfriend! im allowed to get you up early!"

"Well fine, but only cus i love you so much."

Ten minutes later, Gerard and Casey were on the edge of the beach, racing each other and exploring the beach.

"GERARD! look! theres a little bend! i bet it leads to a seperate beach! come on!" Casey called exitedly.

The merry couple raced to the bend, turning into it.

"Oh, gerard. this is beautiful" Casey breathed. It was a small but cozey beach, completely deserted. There was also a little tide pool area. Casey and Gerard ran over, Casey arriving first.

"OH MY GAWD GERARD! GERARD!!!" Casey screamed.


Gerard raced over to Casey, barely catching her before she fainted.

OHHHHH! creepy scareyness! i wonder whos body it was? well, hope you liked it!
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