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Wake Up Call

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Casey wakes up, and they are now going to the mourge (idk how to spell it!) please rate and review if you like this story at all! Im always open to advice!

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"Oh, gerard. this is beautiful" Casey breathed. It was a small but cozey beach, completely deserted. There was also a little tide pool area. Casey and Gerard ran over, Casey arriving first.

"OH MY GAWD GERARD! GERARD!!!" Casey screamed.


Gerard raced over to Casey, barely catching her before she fainted.

Casey blinked several times before regaining conciusness. 'Why am i in a... hospital room?' she thought to herself. "Casey? Casey! your awake!" Gerard suddenly appeared at her side.

"Gerard, w-what happened?" Almost immidiatly, everything came rushing back to her. "Oh. I.. blacked out?"

"Yeah. They couldnt reach your mum, so i stayed here. And Mikey's gone off to get some coffie. He nearly panicked when he found out..."

Casey sat up. "Gerard?"


"What about the.... you know. corpse."

"Oh.. they got it... but, er, uh... they want you to go and look at it. see if you recognize it."

"why would i recognize it? we just stumbled on it!"

"I know, but its what the police want... They said they would take you to the mourge in about an hour."

Casey sighed. "fine.. but its not like im going to know who it is."

"I know, but at least your not alone. They want me to go too."

Casey gripped Gerard's hand. "I love you."

Gerard made sure no one was coming down the hall and then layed down next to Casey. "I love you too." He smiled at her and they both fell asleep.

An hour later, a nurse walked in and found them in the same exact spot. She smiled and woke up the couple before leading them out to the car that would drive them to the place where the body lay.
I should have the next chapter ready by tomorow if not later tonight.... Wow. i just hate it how nearly every story i have ever attempted to write turns out horrorish.... oh well. Hope you liked this short, short little chapter! I cant wait to write the next one..... until now, dinner awaits!

PS- if you look at the chapter titles, you will see most of them are songs. this gives you a good idea of what music i listen too, lmao!
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