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The Usual Prologue

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All I can say is it has Joe, because I am not sure where it is going but I had the idea in my head for a while

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“Flight 321B from Johannesburg to Chicago has landed. Flight 321B from Johannesburg to Chicago has landed.” The voice of a woman said over the speakers.

You hear a lot about kids running away from home only to come back again soon because they miss home and they realised their mistakes or their parents with the cops would find them. But you never really hear of someone running away from home to another city let alone another country.

Rebecca Smart travelled over the seas to escape more than the madness. She couldn’t take the arguments and the fallouts of those arguments. Her parents didn’t know what to do with their relationship, causing Rebecca to suffer emotionally and mentally when hearing the cries of the individuals late at night. Then there was her brother who was a guileful drug dealer and even addict. Rebecca would pray every night her brother Scott would make it through the nights he’d be out dealing or when he was home going crazy with the heroine needles. She never really thought it’d take leaving the country to get away from it all. She tried running off to her friend’s house but eventually her father called Mrs. Stevens and asked for his daughter to come home. Mrs. Stevens having no legal rights over Rebecca had to send her home. That is the life that she led.

Another reason for her decision to come all the way to the United States of America was made by her continuous chatting over email and later on eventually phone calls with him. She’d listen to his band’s albums everyday just to hear him chug at his guitar. There was something about him that caught her attention that she even had to send him a fan mail. Luckily for her, he replied and from then on a friendship blossomed. Now all that was needed was to meet him and get to know him more personally.

Rebecca walked out the plane and through the terminal. She honestly thought the plane would never land in Chicago with all the delays and stops they had to do thanks to the horrible fog that was playing around in South Africa. Lucky for her, it would be summer in Chicago so leaving in June was a smart move for her. Having no idea where she had to go, he promised to meet her at the end of the terminal. Just as he promised, he was there. She stood still for a moment, taking a memory snapshot of him. She couldn’t believe she was finally meeting him. She walked up to him and into his open arms. They hugged as if they were long lost friends who hadn’t seen each other in ages. He finally let go and looked at her.

“Hey Rebecca,” he greeted her shyly. She smiled, biting her lip and greeting him in the same manner.

“Hey Joe.”

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