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Chapter One: History Lesson

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Chapter One: What is in a name?

The best trait about her was her will to do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants. At the same time, that was her worst trait because she wouldn't think it all out before she does. She wasn't at all regretting coming all the way to Chicago to room with her favorite guitarist and meet the band. Not at all. She only did regret not letting her parents and brother know she left and where she went. No note did she leave on the kitchen table or whatever other place one leaves a runaway note. The only thing she left was the untidy bedroom of hers in hope that they would remember her. While lying on the bed staring at the ceiling she thought of what her parents could be doing at this moment seeing as it was 7 am in Chicago meaning it would be one in the afternoon in Johannesburg, they must be out looking for her.

Joe Trohman thought he was brave for letting a somewhat stranger from another world stay in his house for a while. He thought it was more brave that a girl younger than he traveled thousands of miles just to start a life of her own. Joe knew what she was dealing with; all the emails and the phone calls where he could actually hear her parents screaming in the back round told him a lot. He realized she wasn't just a fan who was trying to get his attention by a sad story. His first letter from her was just a friendly greeting; telling him about her love for music and the band. For some reason her letter out of all 340 stirred him up a bit and he actually replied to it. From then on, nature took it's course and they became friends.

After almost two hours of staring at the ceiling contemplating what to do next, Rebecca got out of bed and brushed her teeth. She grinned at the mirror, checking out her white teeth. Satisfied, she walked downstairs into the kitchen and straight to the fridge. Looking inside she thought if she never knew she'd not think this was a bachelor's house. Everything was sorted in place; the milk, juice and small bottles of water were all in a line by the inside of the door. More bottles of water were clustered neatly on the bottom tray of the fridge. Rebecca wasn't used to seeing so many bottles of water in a fridge simply because back home it was senseless to buy water. On top were bottles of different drinks and on the tray above that was all the food and fruits, mainly strawberries and raspberries. She did however not miss the neat corner of beer bottles at the bottom. She laughed at herself thinking how "bacheloric" that was.

"You never told me you were a health freak Joseph," she said in mock as she heard his sock padded footsteps. She looked up at him as he leaned in to look inside the fridge.

"Are you talking about the water?" he asked. She nodded. "Oh yeah I'm trying this new water health regime thing where it consists of me drinking gallons of water a day," he mocked. She laughed at his use of satire. He gently pushed her away from the fridge and started taking things out.

"Are you going to make me breakfast Joey?" she asked sweetly, adding a smile for effect. He looked back at her and raised his eyebrow.

"Don't try getting all sweet with me miss. You're lucky you're a guest for now," he said moving to the counter with raspberries and bread. It was now her turn to raise her eyebrow.

"For now?" she asked. He nodded, putting two slices of bread in the toaster.

"Well it's not like you'll be staying for like two weeks or something shorter," he replied, popping a raspberry in his mouth. She did the same, then remembering she wasn't at home. He realized her almost discreet blush and waved her off with a smile. "Don't worry, you can make yourself at home."

"Thanks, but you might want to take that offer back," she smiled, shoving another raspberry in her mouth. Becca always took that offer seriously; she'd even change the channel while you're watching the TV. Not because she was rude, but mainly because that is exactly what she did at home. Then again, nobody at home would care to argue with her because they were busy with their own problems.

Problems. Not even a house full of smoke could suffocate the people in that home than the problems they had. Let's go back to the beginning...

Thandi (pronounced tun-dee) and John Smart were high school sweethearts since grade ten and twelve. Thandi always thought John was a major womanizer since she'd see him with his arm around a different girl almost every week. Every time he'd pass her or stand by her she would give him a dirty look. All he did was give her a smirk. Thandi was one of the few black South African citizens to be allowed in a multi racial high school. Her parents worked extra hard to put her in the best school they could find, and to her dismay she had to be in the same school as John. John was a very polite young Caucasian man who never looked down at people who weren't like him. But for some reason he found it amusing when he saw the look of annoyance on Thandi's face whenever she saw him with someone else. It meant something to him. She cared. He'd purposely put his arm around the girl who was walking beside him as soon as he saw Thandi. Two years later and a dare made an eighteen-year-old John walk up to Thandi and kiss her. She loved it, and when the bell rang for the end of the school day she went up to him and grabbed him and kissed him again. From that day they started dating.

Six years later John proposed to her. Even though the apartheid regime was not as harsh, their parents strictly forbade their marriage. However, John and Thandi went on and got married and three years later they welcomed their baby girl Anna to the world. Two years after her was Scott and then little Rebecca came to the world three years later. The Smarts were a happy family.

Years rolled by and things started going haywire. Rebecca's parents would fight constantly over the same shit every year: their in laws. The Smart children would always stay out of it since they had nothing to do with it, but it did get to them sometimes. Mostly for Rebecca. Being the youngest she never really understood what her mommy and daddy were screaming about, so she found comfort in her older sister Anna.

Anna left the family when she was eighteen. She told her parents she would prefer to study at Cape Town because it had the best university for film major. In all honesty, she just left to get away from it all. Since then, Rebecca's relationship with her sister slowly diminished until she never heard from her again.

Her only refuge had left her, so the next best thing was to do what her sister did: run.

"Becca...Becca...BECCA!" Joe gently shouted at her daydreaming form. Becca snapped out of her daze and looked at Joe, smiling in embarrassment at daydreaming while the rock star was talking to her. She did tend to do it a lot.

"Sorry Joey, I tend to daydream a lot," she admitted. He laughed softly, catching her eyes.

"It's fine dear, I do that a lot too. Speaking of things we have in common, we should have a great talk about ourselves," he said. He was busy smothering butter on the four pieces of toast. Rebecca grabbed one and perched herself on the chair opposite Joe.

"I think we know each other pretty well," she said, taking a large swallow of her small breakfast.

"Becca tell me you didn't lie in the first few letters," he said rhetorically. She smirked, knowing fully well there were something she lied about.

"Yeah okay I did," she admitted, making them both laugh.

There was a small silence that Joe took advantage of to look at her. He smiled at her mannerisms; how she'd keep blowing at a strand of hair that would always fall back in attempt to make her frustrate her. Or how she'd always lick the sides of her lip every time she took a bite of her toast. He always thought she was cute, since the first picture she sent him. But Joe was not going to jump into anything with her this fast. He didn't want the same thing to happen again.
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