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Mikey has an, err, 'discussion' with Frank.

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Okay. this chapter is really short. I know. I apologise, and next chapter will be up as soon as possible. =) Thank you to who reviewed, I love you all.

Mikey’s POV
I walked down the hallway, trying not to make any sound at all. I felt as if I was nothing, as if it didn’t matter anymore. I had known this girl only three weeks and already I had fallen head over heels and had my heart broken for her. I closed my eyes for a few moments until I reached the staircase where another student purposely shouldered me, sending me back a few steps.
I didn’t care. I kept my head down, fixing my glasses and kept going. I should have made a move before him, I know I should. I felt like kicking myself in the face.
You’re an idiot Mikey. Face it. It’s all your fault. I told myself as I got to the bottom of the steps. I moved toward the other flight of stairs, going up to my own dorm. You know that feeling you get, when you try as hard as you can not o exist? But no matter what you do, someone always notices you? I felt like that as another kid shouldered me. I don’t know what I did, maybe it was the way I dressed. Or maybe the people I hang out with. Who knows. Tomorrow’s school I guess, so I can start focusing on education. I scoffed as I reached the landing. What am I talking about? I’m already at the top of the class. I walked as quickly as I could until I reached my room, where I quietly opened the door and pushed it shut.
“Mikey, finally you’re- what happened?” I looked toward the other bed as Bryar stood up to walk over and hold onto my shoulders. I’ve never liked anyone before her, well, not as much anyway. I felt my eyes water up and I faught hard against them to keep them back.
“Dude.. are you okay?” He asked, stopping down a bit to look into my eyes. I shut them and put my hand up to remove my glasses and wipe my eyes.
“She’s with Frank Bryar, He was too fast for me.” I said quietly, feeling fresh tears spring to my eyes. Here I was, a 16 year old boy, crying over a girl.
A beautiful girl.
A girl I fell for.
“Mikey, come over here.” He led me over to my bed, where I sat down and leant over, putting my head in my hands and letting the tears fall. I can be so pathetic sometimes.
“Look at me.” I said, wiping my nose on my sleeve and feeling Bob take my glasses out of my hand and sat them over my knee.
“C’mon mate.. it’s alright.” He said, putting an arm around me and patting my back. What guy cries like this? I stopped suddenly when I heard a knock at the door and Bob quickly stood up, handed me some tissues from the dresser and answered the door.
“Oh hey Frank.” He said. I froze from where I was and let the in my hand just fall to the floor. I could hear Bob talking to Frank, but all I was concentrating on was my tensing body. I felt my fists clench and my eyes open, I knew my cheeks were flushed and at the moment, it seemed like all my grief was gone.
No, I was upset.
I was angry.
I stood up and walked to the door, flinging it open from Bob’s grasp and leaning against it slightly to stare at Frank.
“Yes?” I asked. He frowned and moved a bit closer to me.
“I came to see if you were alright, you looked upset when you left.” He said, putting his hand up to scratch his head.
“You think!?” I snapped. He stepped back a bit.
“Sorry, I just wanted to see if you were okay, that’s all.” He said.
“Oh I’m just fine, having the one girl I liked stolen out from underneath me from some loser who never comes out of his room nor smiles at anyone because he’s too caught up in his own little depressing world. Tell me Frank, why are you depressed? IS IT because you’re such a loser? Or IS IT because you ruin so many people’s lives that you just one day wondered what it’d be like to ruin your own!” I yelled, throwing my hands in the air and moving into my room toward my bed. I turned around to see Bryar giving me a shocked look and Frank looked really hurt. He walked inside and toward me, bringing his arm up and pointing at me.
“You don’t know ANYTHING about me or my mind. So how about you just shut it, okay? I don’t know what I did to deserve that Mikey but fuck it if that’s how you’re going to react then I’m glad Keira’s with me, because we wouldn’t want someone yelling at her 25/7 would we?” he said. I felt my body tense up. I was at boiling point, and I snapped. I brought my fist up and punched him square in the jaw. He stumbled back a few steps out of surprise, I doubt I hit him that hard. Heck, he was as strong as ten of me, so I automatically regretted it. Bob walked over and held onto my shoulder.
“That’s enough Mikey.” He said, sitting me on my bed and walking over to Frank to look at his jaw.
“I’m fine bob, no really I’m fine.” He said, regaining his posture and walking toward the door.
“Frank..” Bob started.
“I’m fine.” He said, walking out the door and slamming it behind him. I looked up at Bob who’s face had changed completely.
“Why the hell did you do that?” He asked. I shrugged, feeling suddenly upset again. What was this? I felt like I was on a fucking emotional rollercoaster. All from liking a girl. Fucking hell, I’m not doing that again.
“I don’t know.” I said, putting my head down and slumping into my hands. I heard him sigh and start pacing, knowing he’d be rubbing his forehead.
“You’re just lucky Mikey that Frank wouldn’t harm a fucking fly or you’d be dead.” He said. I nodded again, and let my body fall back onto the bed. God I’m an idiot.
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