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Grounds action.

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I woke the next morning to my alarm. How exciting, I know. I groaned and hit it hard, hearing it crash onto the floor. Great. I sat up in bed, rubbing at my eyes and yawning. I hate Mondays. I got out of bed, and ready for lessons as usual. Putting a couple of clips in my hair as a finishing touch and trudging to the adjoining door. I knocked twice and waited, hearing some silent yells from inside.
“Don’t open it yet! I’m not even dressed!” That was Frank.
“Hehe. Like she’d mind.” That was definitely Gee.
“Gerard, okay, I’m good. Open the door.” He said. I stood, arms folded as Gerard opened the door, grinning.
“Why good morning.” He said. I mumbled a good morning and waved at Frank who smiled back.
“Woah, what the hell man.” Gerard exclaimed, pointing to him. “You haven’t smiled in fucking ages.” He said. Frank shrugged and walked over, giving me a hug. I smiled and poked my tongue out at Gee from over his shoulder.
“Oh that’s slack too, why does she get some and I don’t?” I laughed and pulled away.
“Gee, you’re an idiot.” I said,
“I know.” He said, grinning.
“Oh I meant to ask, did you find out what happened with Eloise that day? It’s been driving me kinda crazy.” I asked. He nodded and gave a sympathetic smile.
“Yeah, her dad’s been ringing her and telling her just not to come back home. She doesn’t have anywhere to go for school break and apparently he just keeps on ringing and reminding her. It’s a bit slack really.” He said. I nodded and frowned.
“Far out, is there anything we can do?” I asked. He shook his head.
“I wish.” He said sadly. I half smiled and patted his shoulder.
“Maybe we can cheer her up and watch a movie up here tonight?” I asked. He grinned.
“That’d be great.”
“What’s happening?” Frank asked, walking up and fixing his tie. My eyes widened as I noticed a fairly large bruise on his cheek. Frank noticed I was staring and suddenly realized what it was and shook his head in a ‘not now’ way. I sighed and walked back into my room, picking up my shoulder bag.
“You fucktards ready now?” I asked. Gerard nodded and walked out, leaving me and Frank alone. I laughed as Frank playfully flipped him off as he shut the door.
“Okay, what the fuck happened to your face?” I asked, putting a fist on my hip. He shrugged and sat down on his bed.
“Nothing man, it’s fine.” He said, slipping on his shoes. I walked over and pulled his shoe out of his hand, sitting it on the floor and kneeling down in front of him so I was level with his eyes.
“It’s not fine. And I worry about you Frank.” I said. He looked into my eyes and blinked.
“Why?” He asked. I froze at his tone of voice, the way it sounded. It was as though he had no emotion, like he had nothing left inside of him, like he was genuinely asking why someone who even think about caring for him. I placed my forefinger and thumb on his chin, holding it up as I spoke to him.
“Because you’re amazing Frank. And... I love you.” I stammered over the last few words, not sure how he would take them. I may have only known him a short amount of time, but fuck it, I do love him. He kept on looking into my eyes and without warning leaned forward and pressed his lips against my own, holding onto my face gently. I kissed back, running a finger down the back of his neck and then slowly I pulled away, feeling my cheeks go red.
“I love you too.” He said, pecking me on the lips once more before picking up his shoe again.
“Nice Mr. Iero, but what happened to your face?” I asked. He smirked at my wit and put his foot back down to lace up his shoes.
“Mikey has PMS.” He said, looking up to my shocked face and nodding solemnly. “It’s sad, I know.” He said. I tried not to laugh and pointed to his cheek.
“He did this to you?” I asked. He shrugged, standing up and walking over to the door to pick up my own bag for me.
“Why would he do that?” I asked, starting to get a tad pissed off. Frank stopped and handed me my bag, looking down at me and sighing.
“Look, I’m not going to lie to you. Mikey has feelings for you Keira, and that’s pretty unusual for Mikey, considering he’s not into that scene of things.” He said, picking up my hand and walking to the door, closing it behind him as I thought.
“So he punched you because he likes me and I like you?” I asked. He nodded, keeping his gaze in front of him and leading me down the stairs.
“That’s so stupid!” I exclaimed, letting go of Frank’s hand to throw my hands in the air. He sighed and took my hand again.
“Darling, we’re boys, that’s just how we handle shit.” He said. I nodded and let go of his hand again.
“But still..” I pulled my hands up to kind of clench them and release my anger, only to hear Frank chuckle and grab my hand again, lacing his fingers through mine so that I couldn’t escape again. I looked up at him and smiled, moving closer toward him.
“Boys are stupid.” I said. He chuckled again.
“Would it be stupid of me to right now ask you to go out with me?” He asked. I laughed.
“Well it’s random I’ll give you that, but I thought we’d already covered that?” I asked. He nodded and shrugged.
“Just though I’d make it official.” He said. I grinned.
“Of course I would.” I said, moving my head and kissing his shoulder.
“God you’re short.” He said. I scoffed.
“Look who’s talking.”

For the rest of the day we just hung out, considering that day we had all our lessons together. Ray was shocked again when Frank turned up to lunch, but was soon body slammed by Bob to the floor.
“What the fuck man?!” He yelled, rolling over on top of Bob and straddling his waist to hold him to the floor. Natalie walked up laughing, tapping Ray on the shoulder.
“Keep the hell away from my man bitch.” She said. Ray pouted.
“But he’s so sexy.”
“I know aye.” Bob said, raising and lowering his eyebrows numerous times. I laughed and fell back onto Frank’s legs, closing my eyes and tried to reach for my straw from my can of coke blindly. I heard Frank laughing and I hit his leg.
“It’s not funny!” I said. He smiled and leant over, moving the straw over to my mouth.
“Thank you.” I said, after taking a couple of good mouthfuls.
“You have no idea how cute that looked.” I heard Eloise say to my left. I laughed and rolled over onto my stomach, so my chin was resting over Frank’s legs and I was facing her. Eloise had apparently been pushed out of her previous group after that little break up with her boyfriend whatshisname, and then making out in public with Gerard didn’t really help her situation. She didn’t care though, Gerard was happy to have her in the group and so was everyone else.
“Did Gerard tell you about tonight?” I asked. She nodded and leant back against his neck.
“What movie did you want to watch?” She asked. I frowned, putting my head on it’s side and facing Frank.
“What do you think?” I asked. He shrugged.
“I have Edward Scissorhands if you want to watch that?” He asked. I gasped and smiled.
“I love that movie!” I said.
“Amen to that.” Eloise joined in. Gerard nodded.
“Fucking awesome movie.”
“Agreed!” Ray said. Everyone went quiet and turned to look at him.
“What?” He asked.
“You’re a douche Ray.” Gerard said, throwing an empty can at his head.
“Okay, not fair!” He said, throwing it back, but missing Gerard and hitting Eloise on the shoulder.
“I’m so sorry!” Ray said, putting out his arms for the can back so he could have another shot. Eloise smiled and chucked the can, hitting Ray square on the nose. Gerard laughed and kissed the top of her head.
“That’s my girl.”
“Oh, oh, I see how it is.” Ray glared, pretending to despise everyone as he looked from Natalie who was sitting in Bob’s lap and playing with his hair, to Gerard who had Eloise lying next to him with her head on his shoulder and back to Me as I lied over Frank’s legs and he absent mindedly played with my hair.
“Ray’s a loner!” Bob yelled, and all of the guys turned and looked at each other.
“Oh no.” Ray gulped.
“STACKS ON!” They all yelled in unison, I felt Frank gently push me off as he launched forward for Ray, getting to be the first on him. I laughed as Ray was pounded to the ground and looked at Eloise and Natalie who were both shaking their heads and laughing too.
“Why the hell isn’t Mikey getting this?!” Ray yelled from underneath Frank, who was now quite casually straddling Ray backwards and playing with some grass.
“I don’t know… where is Mikey?” Gerard asked, looking around. I shrugged and saw the others look around in confusion too.
“I think he’s still up in our room.” Bob said, raising his hand and setting Natalie back on his lap.
“Why would he be there?” Gerard asked. I looked at Frank who was looking at me and we both looked at Bob who sighed.
“You’re both the fucking same I swear to god.” He said, shaking his head in his free hand. I giggled and nodded at him to continue.
“Gee, I think you of all people would know Mikey liked Keira.” He started. Gee nodded, rolling his eyes.
“Who wouldn’t know that?” He asked. Bob nodded.
“See, Frank didn’t. Well, I don’t blame him. He doesn’t come down to lunch and he’s not in the same class as the both of them so he wouldn’t know. But yesterday after Mikey came back from his trip to your dorm, Frank came up to apologize and copped a punch.” He said nodded. Gerard frowned and moved a bit closer to Eloise.
“That’s stupid.” He said.
“I told you!” I exclaimed, leaning forward to poke Frank in the leg.
“I told you, I told you.” I repeated, continuously poking his leg. He laughed and moved off Ray, who was swearing under his breath and held onto my hands.
“I said darling, that that was how males handled things like that. Gerard isn’t a male, so therefore wouldn’t know what being a man was all about.”
“AYE!” Gerard exclaimed, looking around for the can again but copping it the face from a giggling Ray.
“Not fair!” He yelled, moving Eloise off to tackle Ray again.
“Oh I feel extremely wanted here.” She joked, crossing her arms.
“Awwww bubbi.” Gerard said, kicking Ray in the chest as he crawled back over to Eloise.
“I love you Ellie.” He said, kissing her.
“Now who’s the cute ones?” I asked, biting my tongue and smiling. She smiled, still looking at Gerard and raised her eyebrows.
“You want a coke?” He asked, monotonic.
“Yes, I would love some.” She said in the same tone, as they both stood up and grabbed each other’s hand.
“Yes, we’re going to go.. get some.. yeah.” Gerard stuttered as they jogged off toward the building. I laughed and rolled back over onto Frank.
“Gerard’s gonna get some.” I sang, reaching for my drink. He stopped my hand and rolled me off him, moving so he was on top of me now.
“Thirsty?” he asked, smirking. I nodded, smiling as he leant down and our lips met, except this time with a bit more passion to it.
I think it took about 40 seconds max before it turned into a full on make out session on the ground. Frank pulled away for air and I breathed deeply, looking to my right so see Ray leaning up against the tree. His knees were pulled up to his chin and he was pouting. It didn’t take long to see that Bob and Natalie were in the same position as us, and I smiled.
“Oh well this is just typical.” Ray said, putting his head in his arms, making us all laugh.
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