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"Freaks tend to attract other freaks."

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Had to reupload this chap, sorry. Frank talks to his dog, Paisley get into trouble, Skank-B-Gone, and promises

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Paisley awoke the next morning, smiling inside and out. Looking out her window she knew it was going to be a good day; the sun was shining bright for 7:20 in the morning. Quickly she got ready for school and on her way out the doorshe grabbed a bottle of orange juice. That morning she'd be meeting Gerard and Mikey at Sumner's Grocery, which was pretty much the designated halfway point between her arpartment and their home.


"Who are we waiting on Gerard," Mikey asked for the fourth time.

Gerard turned away from the direction he was gazing and scowled," Ask me that again and I swear I'll beat your brains out."

Mikey rolled his eyes. He and Gerard both knew that that threat rung hollow.

Several minutes passed by and Paisley could be seen powerwalking down the sidewalk.

"Paisley? We're waiting for Paisley?"

Gerard spun on his heel.


Mikey shook his head and adjusted his glasses, "No, I just thought you didn't like her."

Gerard had turned back around to meet Paisley with a small kiss which she readily returned.

"Morning," she said.

"Morning," he replied

Mikey watched the show of affection with an open mouth and wide eyes.

"Mikey, staring isn't polite," Paisley teased as she slipped her hand into Gerard's.

"Oh. Sorry. So you two are, uh, friends now," he asked slightly confused.

"She's my girl," Gerard said proudly.

Mikey nodded and genuinely smiled, "It's about time. I was starting to worry about you, bro."

Gerard frowned as Paisley laughed.

"Let's go get Frank,"Gerard mumbled.


"Ok Jersey, you've got to go home now," Frank said to the puppy at his feet, "Gerard and Mikey should be here anytime now. You know, I wonder how Paisley is doing; If Gerard apologized. Maybe she won't quit hanging with us. She's pretty cool."

Jersey looked up at her owner and tilted her head. Jersey turned and watched a trio of people walking towards them and began wagging her tail.

"What the hell," Frank asked as he saw Gerard and a girl holding hands.


Frank looked at Jersey and nodded," My thoughts too girl."


As the trio got closer, Frank's jaw dropped when he saw it was Paisley's hand that Gerard was holding.

"Um, am I having an out of body experience," Frank asked, confusion showing in his green eyes.

"No, your not. Gerard and I patched things up. We're together now," Paisley replied as the quartet began the rest of their trek.

"When? How?"

"Yesterday. How? How do you normally get a girlfriend? You ask them."

"Mikey, are they kidding?"

Mikey shook his head.

"So you guys are fine with this," Paisley asked?

"Yeah. I mean it's kinda shocking that Friday you were enemies nearly and now your stadning here holding hands," Frank replied as the four of them crossed the parking lot.

"Ray's here," Gerard said motioning to the beat up black Toyota.

Paisley looked at Gerard questioningly. He replied catching her look, "He'll probably be like the other two. Shocked but happy."


Ray was sitting on the front steps as the foursome rounded the corner. Seeing Gerard and Paisley he smirked. Standing up he met his friends.

"Hey guys," he said giving Gerard a smug look.

In return Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Let's keep walking. The bell's gonna ring soon. I don't want to walk into Harden's class again later and have to turn right back around and go sit in the office."


The quintet walked into Chemistry class a minute before the warning bell rang. The last to enter were Paisley and Gerard, still holding hands. Gerard led her over to his desk amid the other students whispers.

'Is that the new girl?'

'OMG, is she holding HIS hand?'

'Are they together now?'

'Psht, prolly. Freaks tend to attract other freaks.'

At this Paisley turned around and looked the group of gossipy girls up and down before replying.

"Could someone help me," she said loudly attracting everyone's attention, "Could someone possibly lend me a can of Skank-B-Gone, because there are some serious skanks hovering to my left."

Several people sniggered, including her friends.

Coach Harden looked up from his desk and narrowed his eyes at Paisley.

"Mrs. Walker.They may have permitted that kind of talk from the slum school your from where unnaturally colored hair is accepted, but we don't permit that kind of talk here at Richard Lennon Prepatory. Another outburst like that and you will be sent to the adminstrator. Understand?"

Paisley looked at Coach Harden like he'd grown a third head. Before she could answer , Gerard gently placed his hand on her thigh and shook his head. Paisley sighed and replied, "Yes sir."

Coach Harden looked back down at the papers he was grading.

"Don't we do work in here," Paisley asked Gerard, not knowing that the 'skanks' were up to something.

"Eh, sometimes. He honestly doesn't care what we do unless we're being observed by one of the administrators."

"Oh," Paisley replied. Before she could say anything else, she was pulled off her stool backwards by her hair.

"Bitch, don't you ever call me and my friends skanks again," a tooth-pick thin girl with fake boobs and blonde hair said.

"Ok then," Paisley replied wincing, "Skanks-in-training."

"Oh that's it sugar," an equally skinny red head said slapping Paisley.

By this time the whole class, including Coach Harden, was watching. Gerard tried to get up and help Paisley but one of the jocks held him back.

Paisley rolled her eyes.

"That was supposed to hurt," she asked dodging the girl's open palm. Before the girl could swing again, Paisley's fist made contact with the girl's jaw. It was then that Coach Harden decided to take action.

"That's it, Miss Walker. To the office. Miss Braden, take Miss Lawson to the nurse."

Paisley stood staring at Coach Harden, who was filling out a write up form. Glancing over at Gerard she saw that he was nearly livid.

'Not at me I hope,' she thought.

Frank's mouth hung open, Mikey swore, and Ray had his head in his hands.

"Now Miss Walker."

Turning to him Paisley took the sheet and looked him in the eye.

"How is it that I get sent to the office for self-defense and all she gets is to go to the nurse when she attacked me first? Now we know how fair your class is. "

With that Paisley walked out of the room.


"Damn that was so not fair," Frank said as he and the other three walked off to their second period classes.

"No shit Frank. When are we ever treated fairly? That skank started the whole thing. Then her stupid boyfriend was holding me back or I was would have pulled Paisley away from her. I swear, one day their gonna get what they deserve," Gerard replied.

His friends nodded in agreement.

"I'll see you guys later. I'm gonna pass by the office to see if Paisley's still in there or not."

"OK. See you at lunch," Ray replied.


Gerard continued down the hall and stopped in front of the front office's large glass windows. Paisley sat in a black cushioned chair with her head in her hands. As soon as Gerard spotted her, he tapped on the glass. Paisley glanced up from her postition and smiled seeing Gerard. Gerard didn't smile.

"You ok?" He mouthed.

Paisley nodded and looked down at her watch. Looking back up Gerard she mouth back.

"See you at lunch," she motioned eating and pointed towards the steps where they ate.

Gerard nodded and hurried back up the hall to his second period before the bell rang.


Lunch time rolled around. By the time all four guys had made their way out to the front steps, Paisley already sat there drinking a Dr. Pepper. Upon seeing, the quartet ran over to her and sat beside her and at her feet.

"What did they do to you," Ray asked?

"Are you gonna get suspended?"

"Are you eating Cheese-It's?"

Everyone turned to look at Frank as Ray hit him upside the back of the head. Frank shrugged it off and took a few of the chips.

"They didn't do anything to me Ray. They pretty much gave me a warning. I guess since I'm still new here they decided to give me a break. That and my test scores apparently make the school look good. No I'm not getting suspended, Mikey. Not yet anyway. Frank Iero, you are NOT eating my Cheese It's!!!"

Frank put the bag next to Paisley and pretended to pout. Paisley laughed and extened the bag back to him.

"Only kiddiing. Have as many as you want, just be sure to leave me a couple handfuls."

The whole time this was going on, Gerard was staring at Paisley with a frown.

Paisley sighed.

"Gerard, your face is gonna freeze like that if you don't change your expression soon."

"Don't ever do that again."

Everyone looked at Gerard.

"I mean it Paisley. Those kids can really eff you up if your not careful. They've been doing things to us for the past three years, but trust me payback is hell. In the mean time, I don't want you getting hurt."

"Gerard, those girls can't fight worth a flip, I mean did--"

"Paisley, seriously. They can't fight, but their boyfriends can."

Paisley looked horrified.

"You mean some of those guys would hit a girl for messing with THEIR girls?"

Everyone nodded.

"Promise me. Scratch that, promise US you won't say anything to those girls that will cause you to get hurt. I mean that whole Skank-B-Gone thing was good, but things like that will you get you in trouble."

"I promise I will keep my mouth in check."

"Good," Gerard said kissing Paisley lightly on the lips.

"Paisley, can I water-fall your Dr. Pepper," Frank asked as Paisley handed him the bottle.

Gerard rolled his eyes as Ray hit Frank again.

"Way to ruin their moment, Frank."
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