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"Your girl."

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Oh heck yes, fluff: short sweet kisses, hand holding... Please R&R xoxo Dani

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Paisley's alarm went off at 10:30 Sunday morning.

"Damn," she said getting out of bed, "I missed church and Gee will be here in 30 minutes."

She began gathering her clothes and such and ran to the shower. Ten minutes later she stepped out, dried off and began dressing. Not sure what Gerard had in mind, she decided to keep it casual and comfy with a Green Day t-shirt, worn jeans, and checker board Vans slip-ons. Once satisfied with her outfit she brushed out her long brown and violet streaked hair.

"Violet's beginning to fade. I'll need to touch it up later," she said to her self as she pulled her hair back into a pony tail.
Glancing at her watch she swore. It was 10:55. He'd be here soon. Hurrying, she quickly went into her bedroom and grabbed her purse and turned the lights out. Just as she shut the door, there came a knock on the front door. Paisley walked down the hall and into the living room. The sight that greeted her when she opened the door almost took her breath away.

Gerard's outfit was slightly formfitting with a black blazer, fitted t-shirt and equally tight jeans. His long black hair was still slightly damp.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," she replied kissing him not quite on the lips.


"Mmhmm," Paisley said stepping out beside him and locking the door.

Nodding, Gerard motioned for her to follow him to the parking lot where he led her to a black Ford Mustang.

"Wow. Nice car," Paisley said opening the door and getting in.

"Yeah," Gerard replied from the driver's seat, "It's my dad's. He let me borrow it."

"So, where are we going?"

"Is there anything in particular you wanna do?"

"No. How 'bout you show me places you like to go. You've lived here most of your life, right?"

Gerard nodded, "Ok."


"Ok so on your side coming up is another pizza place me and the guys like to go to after school and the arcade is right beside it. Then a little farther down is a comic book store I like to go to. I need to check back here in a few days to see if they have the new comic in I've been waiting for."

"Why don't you go now?"

"Their not open today."


"Yeah. But right now I wanna take you somewhere that I like to think of as my place. It's just a little spot I found several months ago that I like to disappear to sometimes to think."

"Oh ok."

Gerard looked over at Paisley who glanced right back.

"Hey is your hair streaked with violet?"

"Yeah. It is. I need to do it again, it's beginning to fade. You like it?"

"Yeah. It's pretty cool. I might do that some day, add color to my hair."


"What's red?"

"No, I think that when you do, you should use red. And do it right back here," she said picking up several tufts of hair on the back of his head, "Just there."

"I'll keep that in mind."


"Yeah. We're here, but we're going to have to walk a little ways, that doesn't bother you does it?"

"No, it's fine."

"Ok," he said locking the doors. Paisley waited at the front of the car till he was done. Once he was he came up beside her and began to pick up her hand, but stopped.

"Would it bother you if I held your hand? I mean your not used to walking through here and you might stumble, but with me holding your hand I can guide you."

"Sure," she said sliding her hand into his.

"Ok, good. Let's go," he said as the two of them began walking through a wooded area.

Ten minutes later they came to a little clearing next to a small lake.

"Here it is,"Gerard said sitting down, motioning for Paisley to sit next to him.

"I like this. Your right, it's very quiet," she said sitting down.

"Yeah, I like to come here and sometimes I'll bring some paper and pencil in case I get inspiration to write a song. Becuause when it's quiet like this, it's obviously easier to think."

"That's very true," she replied.

As the two of them sat and talked, Gerard's hand found Paisley's. Gently he lay his on top of hers causing her to look down.

"Gerard, where do we stand?"

"Uh, Paisley, we don't. We sit."

"Smart-ass," she muttered, "No you know what I mean. Relationship wise. Friends? More than friends? Less than lovers? What?"

"Considering I've only known you for barely three days?"


"What would you like to be?"

"Your girl."

Gerard nodded.

Several minutes went by and he looked over at Paisley who was busy playing with a blade of grass. With his right hand he lightly touched her cheek. Turning her head she looked at him.

"Would you like to be my girl," he asked face barely an inch away from hers.

"Yes I would," she replied closing the gap to place a small kiss on his lips, much like the one he'd gave her the day prior.

Pulling back they shared a small smile.

"What will the guys say," Paisley asked?

"I think they'd be too shocked to say anything," Gerard replied truthfully.

"I think your right," she replied giving him another small kiss. Turning, the couple looked out the little lake; his arm around the middle of her back, her head resting on his shoulder.


By the time the two of them decided to leave, it was around one.

"Uh,hey, I'm guessing your hungry," Gerard said as the two of them walked h and in hand back to the Mustang.

"A little," Paisley replied as he stomach growled rather loudly, causing them both to laugh, "Ok, maybe a lot."

"Ok. Does pizza sound good to you?"



Gerard took Paisley to the pizza joint closest to his house. As they walked toward the door, he put his arm around her shoulder.

"Does this bother you, would you rather me hold your hand," he asked somewhat unsure of himself, "I'm not really sure if I'm going too fast or what. Your the only girlfriend I've--," Gerard rambled.

Paisley smiled cutting him off, "No your fine, and your not going too fast. Just do what you feel is right. If you do begin to quicken the pace too much I'll let you know."

"Thanks," he replied opening the door for her.

"You CAN be a gentleman then, Mr. Way," Paisley teased.

"That and it just felt right," he teased back.

As the two of them walked in, the waitress who had served the guys Friday did a double take. 'Is that really Gerard Way, arm around some girl and teasing her,' she thought.

"Could we have a booth in the back please," Gerard asked the waitress.

'Yup, it's him. I'd know that voice anywhere,' she thought.

"Of course. Follow me," the waitress said picking up two menus, "Here you go. What would you like to drink?"

"Water," Paisley said.


"I'll be right back."

"What kind of pizza do you like, Gerard asked flipping the menu over.


"Ok, that's good. You think a large pepperoni would do?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Their waitress brought them their drinks and Gerard gave their order.


"Yum, this pizza is delicious."

Gerard nodded as he took a bite of his.

"You said that you drew and wrote songs right?"

"Yes. Would you like to go to my house and I show you?"

"I'd like to, yes."


While Gerard paid the bill, Paisley sat out in the Mustang contemplating the past couple of days.

'Already have a boyfriend, and I've only been here a week. Three other friends. Now I need to get a job so I can buy a car,' she thought as Gerard opened the driver's side door.

"You ready," he asked breaking into her thoughts.


The drive to his house wasn't very long.Only about ten minutes. Gerard pulled into a driveway next to a two-story house.

"Yeah, we're here."

Gerard and Paisley got out of the Mustang and walked into the house. Gerard stopped inside the door to hang the keys up.

"My room is in the basement," he said as Paisley followed him to the back of the house and down a flight of stairs.

"Wow, it's kinda cold down here," she said as Gerard flipped a set of lights on.

"Here," he said taking his blazer off and handing it to her.

"Thank you," she replied as he walked over to his desk and began rifling through some papers. Once he found what he was looking for, he spread them over the desk.

"Here you go," he said stepping aside so Paisley could see his work.

Paisley's jaw dropped as she looked over his drawings. Most of them were slightly morbid, but in their own way beautiful. Scanning through the papers she came across an unfinished song.

"What's this," she asked beginning to read it.

"What," Gerard asked looking over her shoulder. Realizing what she was reading he snatched it out of her hand, "You don't want to read that."

"Maybe I do, you didn't give me time to get started," Paisley replied almost indignantly. Truthfully she had actually read the first two lines and they peaked her interest.

Gerard shook his head, "No."

And with that, he took the paper and folded it over several times. Turning with his back to her he went over to the wall and stuck it in a book. When he turned back around she was sitting on his bed with her arms crossed over her chest.
Gerard sighed and sat next to her.

"Paisley, trust me you don't want to read it.It's pretty effed up. I'm not okay."

Paisley dropped her arms and pulled him into a hug.

"I want to help you. I told you this Friday. You do need help, but I can't help if you won't let me."

Gerard rested his forehead against hers and picked up both of her hands.

"I want you to help me, I just don't want you reading that."

Paisley made eye contact.

"Ok. I won't."


The clock on the wall started chiming.

"It's three o'clock," Paisley said, "I need to get home so I can get my things ready for school tomorrow."

"Ok, hey we'll go out the basement door that way we won't have to go up the whole flight of stairs."

Paisley stood and followed him out of the house.


Gerard parked in the apartment complex parking lot thirty thirty minutes later.

"Do you want me to walk you to your door," he asked?

Paisley shook her head, "No thank you. I'll see you in the morning then?"

"Yeah, Mikey and I'll meet you at Sumner's. From there we'll pick Frank up."

"Ok, bye."

Paisley and Gerard leaned towards each other and gave the other one a kiss.

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