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"Soft lips, gorgeous eyes, and a beautiful smile."

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Gerard and Paisley sat in the same spot for the longest, all the while talking in whispers as though someone were asleep in the next room. Gerard shifted slightly and as he did he glanced at the clock.

"Shit, it's two o'clock. Mom's probably worried near to death. Lemme call her real quick," he said standing up.

Paisley quickly missed his closeness.

Ten minutes later Gerard was back on the floor beside Paisley. Looking in the other's eyes, the answer to an unspoken question arose. Gerard lay his head back up on Paisley's breast and she resumed running her fingers through his hair.

"Man I feel horrible for treating you so bad yesterday,"Gerard said, "Your okay."

Paisley smiled and a giggle escaped, "Your not too bad yourself Gerard."

Looking up from his position Gerard replied, "If you want you can call me Gee."

Paisley nodded and repeated after him, testing the nickname out for herself.


Satisfied, Gerard nodded and turned his gaze back to the window and the happenings outside. Or more like the lack there of.

"My nose is fine."


"Yesterday you asked me how my nose was and I'm telling you. It's fine. It bled a little in between first and second, but it wasn't bad."

Paisley let out a laugh.


"I guess."

"Why do the jocks hate you?"

"I'm different. All my friends are."

"Well duh. How boring would it be if we were all the same?"

Gerard looked up at her, "Pretty damn boring."

Paisley nodded. Still running her fingers through his hair, Gerard closed his eyes and settled against Paisley. Suddenly she stopped. Gerard opened his eyes and gazed up at her.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it feels, uh, nice."

Paisley smiled.

"Ok, but why don't you lay your head on my lap. You look tired."

Gerard nodded and shifted into a laying down postition on his back, resting his head where Paisley motioned.

"I am tired," he said closing his eyes as Paisley began playing with his hair again.




"Mmhmm. I thought about you all last night. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about how I'd treated you and how disappointed my grandmother would be if she knew how I'd acted. Guilty conscience."

Paisley nodded, "How did you find out where I lived?"

"Ray gave me your address. No clue how he found out."


Gerard bit his lip.

"Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

Paisley shook her head even though Gerard's eyes were closed and he couldn't see her action.

"No. Why?"

Gerard took a deep breath and opened his eyes again.

"I was wondering if maybe you'd like to hang out. You just moved here recently, right?"

"Yeah, I found this apartment two weeks ago and moved in several days ago. Sure. That'd be great."

"Really? Wow your pretty fast and the whole forgive and forget thing, huh?"

"You learn to be, because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Someone could get shot, run over by a car, anything."

Gerard nodded. She was right. Looking down at his watch he cringed.

"Hey Paisley, I hate to cut this short. I like discussing things with you, but it's almost three and it'll take me almost two hours to get home."

"Oh ok. Here," she said gently lifting Gerard's head so she could stand. Once standing she extended her hand helping him up.

The two walked over to the door. She opened the door and he stepped outside onto the 'WELCOME' mat. They stood there for several minutes in silence before Gerard looked up and met Paisley's gaze.

He leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips. Stepping back he began walking down the stairs. She followed him. Once he was on the last step he looked over his shoulder and actually smiled at her.

"See you tomorrow around 11. I'll come by here."

Paisley smiled, "Yeah."

Gerard got on his bike and rode off.

Paisley walked back into her apartment and giggled, "Soft lips, gorgeous eyes, and a beautiful smile."
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