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"C'mon, angel, don't you cry,"

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A/N: Can someone find the MCR lyric in the story? Just a little curious to know if you know your MCR :]

"Your what," Gerard asked looking at the picture again.

"My self-portrait," Paisley replied matter-of-factly.

"You drew this," Gerard asked, "Of your self?"

Paisley handed him his glass and rolled her eyes.

"That's usually what a self-portrait is dip-shit."

Gerard's lip twitched as she called him that.

"You should definetly do something about that twitchy lip. Seriously, smile. Smirk. Do something other than frown. That's all you ever do," Paisley said sitting in a chair while motioning for Gerard to do the same.

Gerard smirked. Yup, Paisley was definetly herself again. She was back to being a smart ass, but he preferred it that way.

"Hey sorry for bringing up your uh, family like that,'Gerard said.

Paisley took a sip of her coke and shook her head.

"It's ok. You get things out in the open. That's how you start to heal. That's why you came over here. Right?"

Gerard hesitated before answering, "Yeah I guess."

Paisley raised her eyebrow.

"By the way, I accept your apology."

Gerard nodded and the two sat in near silence, their breathing and the clock being the only sounds, for several minutes before Gerard spoke up.

"I guess since you've pretty much explained in a nutshell why you need to heal, I guess I should," he said as Paisley tilted her head, "My grandmother. Elena Lee Rush, she died several months ago. She's the one who taught me to draw and sing and all of that."

Paisley nodded, "Oh. So she and you were very close then?"

Gerard nodded with downcast eyes, "Yeah, I mean it's not like she and Mikey weren't close, but we just had a special connection. You know? It still hurts to know that's she not here any more and that--", he broke off.

Paisley nodded and looked down at his empty glass, "You through with that?"

Gerard nodded, eyes still down, and handed her the glass.

Getting up she took their glasses to the kitchen. On her way back she saw Gerard sitting on the floor, next to the window, just staring. Sitting down next to him she noticed tears running down his face. It only took her a moment before she realized what she should do. Gently she pulled him to her, letting his head lay on her breast. Gently she ran her fingers through his hair.

"C'mon, angel, don't you cry," she whispered as a tear ran down her cheek.
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